AT&Tmultiple fraudulent accounts allowed, despite freeze on credit report

L Nov 18, 2019

Last May, I received notification of a Hard credit inquiry on my name for AT&T wireless. Since I didn't open an AT&T account, I immediately called AT&T and asked them to close it, and remove the hard inquiry from my credit. The account was closed promptly, but the hard inquiry is still on my account to date.

The same day this happened, I froze all my credit reports. The AT&T account was opened using my name and SSN. I thought that freezing my accounts would protect me from further abuses.

Last week, I noticed my credit score dropped 30 points due to an account under collections. The account was for an AT&T Uverse account. After being bumped around between 4 different phone numbers, I was finally able to speak to an AT&T/Uverse Fraud expert. She confirmed that 3 days after the day I called AT&T wireless to report the first infraction, someone was able to open an AT&T Uverse account using my name and SSN. I don't know how this is possible since I had already notified AT&T of the fraudulent activity, and my account would have been frozen by that time.

Now I'm being told I need to physically mail all sorts of sensitive and personal information (such as my SSN / passport / drivers license) to dispute the fraudulent account on uVerse. I'm miffed that even though AT&T clearly did not do due diligence on this application, all the burden is placed on me to resolve it, and I'm being asked to further put my personal information at risk by physically mailing sensitive information? There has to be a better way to handle this, and I simply don't understand why the burden is put on the consumer to prove their identity when earlier fraudulent activity was already noted. I'm not sure if it was the same person who tried to open both the wireless and uverse account, but it sure is upsetting to have to put all this effort in to fix something that AT&T clearly was extremely lax and careless about.

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