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J Oct 03, 2018

I have reiterated my story to so many associates over the past year that it is challenging to have hope that any one at att would take it seriously. First, I have literally been on hold for hours and listen to what a valued customer I am. I initially had hope that I would have guidance and tech support to only have my hopes dashed.

Secondly, I will outline my journey and complaints:
- I had difficulty watching TV and surfing my lap tap in my gazebo that is 30 feet from the WAP during the summer of 2017. I have had multiple technicians out, purchased an extender, moved it to multiple location and move the modem with mixed results at best.
- My bedroom TV began pixelating last October while others did not. I tried moving the modem back downstairs without improvement. Again technicians came out and suggested I purchase a smart stick. Some technicians were somewhat knowledgeable and others spoke negatively about the company and the policies. I learned today that they had been on strike which likely coincides with the attitude. This was not appropriate however I just wanted my TVs and computer to work.
- In March I came in and purchased 2 iPhones and inquired about Direct TV Now. The salesperson told me that there was no contract and spoke very highly of the program. I discontinued U-verse, returned all the equipment and was excited to try a new program with hopes of resolution.
- Much to my dismay, my internet speed did not support the streaming, I again was told that I had to make additional purchases for it to work properly...this was after 2 weeks of struggle at home.
- My 2 Apple TV would not support Direct TV Now app and hence I had to purchase a 3rd one. The streaming was a great concept but my oldest TV supported it but the app on the TV but would not support putting in my location and therefore would not work. The newest TV would not up load the app. I was streaming to a TV intermittently through my iPhone or iPad.
-I called multiple times, was transferred to many different departments and told by numerous representatives that "we really don't know anything about troubleshooting Direct Now TV". I was finally transferred to someone who did however that was when I found out that my TVs did not support the apps.
- By the end of April I decided that pixelating was far less bothersome and when into my local ATT store and said I wanted to discontinue Direct TV Now and return to U-verse. Things were somewhat acceptable yet less than ideal but I would not be troubleshooting with ATT frequently.
- The salesperson in the store said he would give me a $100 and $200 gift card for my inconvenience. The $200 card came but the $100 card did not. I went into the store to let them know this and they said they would send it never came.
- I then was reviewing my August bank statement and noticed that I was continuing to be billed for Direct TV Now at $40/month. I called ATT and they said that I had to call Direct TV once again telling my story. They could not cancel Direct TV Now over the phone but I could go to the website and cancel it. I was give the wrong website address and therefore had to go into a local store.
- On 9/23/18, I once again went into a store and told my story. My bill was ~ $721.00. The salesperson agreed to credit my account $200 (the cost of May, June, July, August and September Direct TV Now). I promptly paid my $521 bill.
- Last weekend I was out of state at a conference and returned last night at 9:30 to find all my services were turned off. I again called ATT, requested to speak with a supervisor who was not able to help but could transfer me to other department that handles accounts that have been turned off. I was on hold for 26" only to have a recording say that I was a valued customer but the department was closed and please call back.
- This morning I went into the local ATT store with my story and they (assistant store manager) could not do anything because the account was turned off. He gave me the number for me to call and offer to send out the $100 gift card that was not previously sent but he could not do it at the present time because my account was turned off. I could come back in or call him once it was turned on again and he would send it out.
- I then called the number to have the services re-instated and discussed the reason I did not pay the $200 for compensation for the over payment for Direct TV Now (that the salesperson for 9/23/18 told me). She was helpful but could not turn my services on for 3 - 4 days. I told her this was unacceptable as I needed my phone and internet for work. She appologized and said that was the best she could do.
- I had second thoughts and called back to see if my services could be turned on while the dispute was being investigated. The person immediately turned the services back on.
- My daughter was staying at my home watching my pets while I was out of state at a conference this weekend and missed her first day on the job because she could not call an Uber to get to work because my services were turned off. She struggles with seizures and can not drive and now may not have a job

I have been extremely frustrated and disappointed with ATT. Your sales associated do not understand the products or choose not to share the downside so that they may receive their insentives. I feel that some (2) of the technicians that came out were knowledgeable while others sent me on a goose chase and needing to purchase additional items. Your U-verse department does not seem to be integrated with the Direct TV NOW and results in multiple transfers. The assistant manager today said, "that's just big business, it doesn't matter where you go", "I would suggest that you change to another one and then come back if you're not happy".

One might ask, "why do you stay with ATT?" I question this often but it would open up another host of tasks with changing emails and setting up the secured features on my phone for my work.

I care for patients every day and can appreciate how difficult it is to attain a culture change but it can be starts at the top. I can also say without a doubt, that when our patients have complaints they are addressed promptly and taken very seriously. I hope that I have resolution of my problems and that you would look at this as a way to improve services. Please contact me with the result of your review.

Jane Kotarski

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