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Ever since SBC merged and became AT&T, I haven't been able to access my home phone bill detail over the phone. A recording answers the call and then in a most helpful sounding voice offers to direct my call. The problem here is: the voice wants me to speak, instead of choosing from different number on my telephone dial pad. Apparently the "voice" cannot "hear" deep voices, such as mine. So, every time I have tried to just check on my balance, after several minutes of trying to deal with the "voice", repeating myself, waiting, screaming things like "I want to check my bill!", I am finally told I will have to speak with a representative. I work unusual hours and therefore when I call, there are no customers service representatives available and I am then told to call back.

Now compare this to the good old days with SBC when I could dial the number, which I knew by heart, and basically punch in the various numbers that would route me to my balance information in about one minute at the most. It was like playing a simple little piano song on my telephone dial pad, and it was quick and easy.

I expect their answer to my dilemma would come in some euphemistic manner, stating it is just so easy to access their site on the web these days. Well, why though? What if I don't want to access their website with a big excited foolish smile on my face? I already know why they are trying to motivate me to use their website! They want to cut costs on their overhead by decreasing their customer service representatives and increase their profits, while my telephone bill continues to increase!

There was a time, long ago now folks, when the customer came first. Now this is working in reverse. The company comes first and the customer is forced to do all the work that the company formerly paid their employees to do.

This kind of thing is happening everywhere. For instance, we no longer walk in and out of a grocery store for a quick little trip to buy some milk. We may need to walk two blocks once inside the store just to get to the milk! And that's after we've already walked a block from the only open parking spot in the parking lot that keeps growing. Why would anyone need to exercise in this day and age? Just go shopping and I'll bet that little pedometer will chalk up a couple miles in no time!

I think we consumers are fools and the only way to combat this is to quick running around like a bunch of "Pollyanna's" and quit getting excited about learning how to cope with some of this brainwashing. I think we should openly state we are angry and refuse to be happy about it until we the customers come first... again.

Thank you.


  • Da
    Darlene Larrison Sep 19, 2008

    Today is Friday September 19. I was calling to check on the bill I received which is incorrect. Per Automated system was told about a 10 minute wait. I actually waited and one hour and a half . I finally gave up.
    Your customer service stinks!!! no one should have to wait that long. Consider hiring more people!!!
    Thank you for wasting my day. Maybe I'll consider another phone service instead.

    Unhappy customer

    Darlene Larrison

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  • Ca
    Carmella Rodriguez Oct 03, 2008

    I am a new customer and have ordered products and any upgrades are pro-rated and I am charged in advance and they do not tell you that when they offer these bundles or special services to you. AT&T will nickel and dime you to death. I have never been charged for any upgrades in service for anything. Where to i write my complaints. All there phone reps tell you something different and your confused and still they do not tell you what your being charged for. Highway robbery and I have been robbed. Help

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  • Ru
    rubel Oct 14, 2008

    I have been trying to have my phone disconnect from August 25, until October 14, 2008 I am still receiving bills saying I owe them. I move to indiana on August 25, 2008 as of today date October 14, 2008 we receive a bill amount of 340, 51. We'll someone please help us. With money short we can't afford to pay two phone services when we are living only place at a time. while i am typing this e-mail I have been on the phone for 45minutes From 4:00 until when they drop the phone(hang up)

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  • Je
    JESSICA DAVILA Oct 16, 2008

    I disconnected my service for the Dish Network with ATT since I had the bundles back in August and changed to only internet service and the basic phone service(I was paying $99 just for the phone service). And then I received a bill from ATT for $395.00 from $275 was for the Dish Network. I called ATT 3 weeks ago they said will investigate and cal me back but never happened, then I received another letter saying that my service will be disconnect if I don't pay the full amount. I called today and took me almost 2 hours to be able to talk with somebody since every time after 20 minutes waiting for somebody to answer they transfer me the call was lost (or they hang up), The rep told me that the bill was from Dish Network and not ATT, so I call Dish Network and they told me don't have in their records that I owed any money to them and that I have to talk with ATT. I called ATT again and they tell me the same story and transfer me to Dish Network, at this point I am ready to kill somebody and ask my lawyer to send a letter. Finally I talked with a rep that understood my frustration from Dish and he called ATT and was on hold 30 minutes and have to talk with at least 3 people and finally he will talk with a supervisor, and I said he will because we are still on hold while I am writing this. At this point he is as frustrate than me, he said I can adjust nothing because doesn't show that you owed us and I am trying to make them understand. I am still waiting...

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  • Je
    JESSICA DAVILA Oct 16, 2008

    Does anybody knows a phone number for complaints?

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  • Al
    ally Oct 29, 2008

    i had long distance and internet service installed in my home on september 9.2008 with att, i switched over from comcast stupid mistake on my part. i recived my first bill for $418.28, when i frist ordered the service i asked for a un limited local and long distance package and the dsl internet well he told me that the local and long distance package was going to be 35$ and internet 19.99. well they ended up charging me 35 cents per min for local and long distance, i went crazy!!! I called customer care and i was transfered from one repersentive to another for about 1hr and half finally someone got on the phone acted like he couldnt hear me at all and had a horrible attitude wouldnt let me barley talk, finally he did some adjustments now i have a bill of 222.00 that i just payed plus another bill for 151.63 that i owe, i am supposed to get 150.00 cash back coupons for switching over its been more then 6wks still didnt recive them, i want to cancel my service but then i loose my 150.00. anyone know if we can report this to the better bussiness burea or if i can do something about this, this is not fare the economy is bad and they are jipping us for are money pleaseeeeee someone help!! thank you

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  • Ca
    carlos Nov 10, 2008

    AT&T Corp: 210-821-4105

    Tell them you have a complaint and they will transfer you.

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  • Li
    Linda Lazarus Nov 30, 2008

    I have been trying to disconnect my service as well. Same thing. Not possible online and their 'Customer Service' is a joke. I am totally disgisted with the service since Bell South was taken over by AT&T.

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  • Vi
    Viv Johnson Oct 27, 2009

    I have been trying for months to have an AT&T Representative listen to me. I have changed my telephone plan several times for a cheaper one, the bill continues to be over a hundred dollars. Each person I speak with pretends to have me on a $40 or $50 something plan. I am convinced they are being sarcastic with me. A few days ago I called and tried to set up an appointment to speak with a telephone manager from my church on speaker phone with others listening to the conversation. I was refused. I have asked if they would go through my file and see where I am being cheated out of my money, because they tell me my plan has changed but it remains high. I was transferred 5 times last week, but no assistance with my problem. At the conclusion of our conversation, they always remember to tell me when someone calls me back to ask about their service, to tell them it was excellent. This leads me to believe the employees are in a contest. (how many customers they can lie to each day) I am so frustrated, this is the last attempt for me.

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  • Ji
    jiherron Dec 22, 2009

    I can't wait to get rid of AT&T home phone service! You are not allowed to discontinue or cancel your service online, and when you call and get through 20 minutes of recordings, and then wait 20 minutes on hold for a representative, only to find out that you must only contact the "Plans and Services" phone number if you are wanting to cancel your service.

    When I get this service canceled, I promise to "GOD" that I will never deal with AT&T again, for ANYTHING! I don't care if they are giving a thousand dollars with new service, it is NOT worth the headaches their people and their business ethics create! I had been receiving advertisements for almost 8 months, saying that "AT&T Uverse is available in my area"..."Call today to start service", so I did. They came and went through my entire home for the locations of the install. I moved furniture and everything necessary to complete the install..."I WAS EXCITED" to be getting a new service.

    Thirty minutes later, I was told that this service was not available in my area, and a representative would be contacting me. Five days later, a representative called to tell me the service was not available in my area..."REALLY?!" was my reply. You called to tell me that? "Yes" he said. "Well, thank you captain obvious" I did not know that.

    They actually have someone who's job is to call and tell you what you already know!!! (WOW...well managed company)

    Now it has been almost 2 weeks later, and I find out that their installer disconnected my phone from the house. So, it has become my job to go through the painful process of getting it repaired, or just disconnect the service. I choose to disconnect the service, (I do not use it anyway) I have been a AT&T customer for 20 years, and figured I would just keep the phone service for the 911 emergency service in the house...$19.93 @ month. It turns out that it is MORE painful trying to cancel service than the headache of getting it repaired.

    Anyway, getting the service disconnected is going to be the best in the long run I believe, because, I will "NEVER" have to deal with this terrible company ever again. After reading all the complaints on just "this" site alone, I know I have made the right choice. I was actually thinking of getting all the services that AT&T offered...thank GOD I found about how terrible they are before getting further involved with them.

    I will do everything in my power to get the word out about AT&T to all my friends, and anyone that I come in contact with, just to save them from the experience that all of us have (and are) going through. In order to do your part, do more than complain in a public forum...tell EVERYONE you know. Create the solution, don't wait for it! AT&T = Poor customer satisfaction!

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  • Ri
    Rita Ricciardi Jan 23, 2010

    At&t home service is outrageously priced and has horrible customer service. I decided back in Sept. to cancel their service, but it is Jan. and I still continue to get bills. I have been on the phone with them month after month and have confirmation numbers which state I cancelled their service, but I continue to get bills. Each month I call they tell me how sorry they are and the service has been cancelled and give you a confirmation #. I called again today 1/23/10 and they said I owe them money. I continue to give them the 3 confirmation numbers I have but it is useless. I asked to speak to a supervior today and she was the worst. She insisted I had to pay put me on hold while she checked records. I insisted I wanted to talk to her supervior but she said she was the manager and would not transfer me. She finally said I did not owe any money, I asked her what changed her mind. She had no answer. I have a new confirmation #. I can't wait for next months bill, so I can spend another hour on the phone arguing about my cancelled account.

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