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AT&Tdriver ran me and others off the highway

Monday morning, May 18, 2009 at approximately 8:15 am, I was run off Interstate 55 by an AT&T truck driven by a woman. I did not wreck and as I tried to catch up to her she continued her weaving into the other lanes running two other cars out of their lanes. They also were spared from a wreck. I had difficulting identifying the truck because the rear door of her truck was openwhere you normally see a "call this number if you don't like my driving" . The following blue number was on the side of the truck: 8030078. Also, the license number was 67B 9GE and looked to be a Missouri license. I was able to get near enough to see that she was talking on a cell phone and I am quite sure she was not aware of the panic she was creating by weaving back and forth across lanes. I was grateful to leave the highway at my exit near the Busch brewery. I have spent the last 24 hours trying to find some way of communicating to AT&T but as you know AT&T makes it very hard to make a complaint. They need to get this careless person off the road.


  • binder May 20, 2009


    She probably just left the brewery if she was driving as dangerous as you say.

    Well, good thing you didn't get in a wreck since you were swerving in and out of traffic trying to keep up with her. If you were able to get the phone number, I'm guessing you would have phoned in your complaint...on your cell, while driving.

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