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E Aug 17, 2018 Review updated:

On 08/13 I contacted ATT and requested assistance with lowering my bill. The representative I spoke with advised of specific promotions that could be applied to my service and offered services for 1 year.

Home Phone: $25
Internet: $30

I contacted the office back on 08/17 regarding my services and was advised there were no notes in regards to my previous discussion. I attempted to explain my concerns to two representatives who placed me on hold in excess of 15 minutes. One representative also advised in order to have a call pulled a request would need to be placed with corporate and ok'd by the president.

I called back a 3rd time and spoke with Aries (A0719K) who advised he was unsure of what had been previously communicated however would transfer me to someone who could assist. He transferred me over to John (JT287X) who could assist with my direct TV however was unable to locate the promotions regarding my phone and internet.

I have been a customer of ATT for several years and have changed all my home services to your organization. I have NEVER been treated so disrespectful as I was with the first two representatives I spoke with today. From not taking my concerns serious to placing me on holds in excess of 15 minutes. I would like to see something come of this as I am still very disturbed by the service.

Please contact me to further discuss this matter
Earnestine Poe


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    9wood Aug 17, 2018

    they have no interest in lowering your bill
    they will claim some offer or promotion and mysteriously that "gets lost and no record of" as you got with the calls after you were told of offer
    and of course they will stick you with a new contract and oops too bad your in a contract now

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