AT&Tcharging for addition service that was supposed to be canceled over a year ago

S Oct 09, 2019

Upgraded my iPad mini to an iPad mini 4 last July and followed the directions of the agent to transfer the new iPad to the old number. He actually actives the SIM card as a new line instead of An upgrade on existing number so a new a third new line was added but was told it would be removed as I didn't need 3 lines for only 2 devices. Apparently he never removes the third line so I have been paying an extra 15 months of $13 extra for a line that has never been used nor was ever suppose to be added. The agent I first spoke with removed the line then told me I needed to go to a store for a new SIM card so my iPad mini 4 would work cause it was on the wrong line. Which was an error on AT&T fault in the first place. He told me couldn't help me and I needed to go to a store. After I told him I could not get to a store he finally agreed to send me a new SIM card, but he pretty much told me too bad on recovering any of the fees I was wrongfully charged for. I received the card today and end over an hr with another agent who was much more helpful and after an hr and a half she finally got it working and credited me a measly $40 when I was scammed out of $120. Then after an 1 hr it was saying no SIM card again and I have no cellular service once again. This is a work iPad and just totally unacceptable!!I have been a loyal customer for over 12 yrs and spend over $200 a month for wireless and another $183 for direct tv and I am appalled by the service I have received the past 3 days. The customer service was horrible and screwing your loyal customer out of money is just bad business. I will definitely be looking into other services for both direct tv and my cell service

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