AT&Tcancellation of service

L Sep 30, 2019

I was told by a sales rep I have a month try out period if I add a new service and want to cancel it, i should not be charged for anything. then I added Internet 25 & Uverse TV bundle package. after installation, I found out the room I really need TV service cannot be accessed by cable. so I need cancel the TV service, but if I cancel the TV service, the internet charge will be jumped up to $60/month instead of $40/month, which is not attractive at all based on the internet speed, So I am thinking to cancel everything, since i cannot get any promotional price at all for the internet service. then the agent told me I will be charged for a early termination fee. what? why the sales rep said I should not be charged for anything during the adding service? Now I will be charged for the early termination? it is ridiculous! Sales rep is cheating the customer to attract them to get the new service! During the phone, i tried to find some help from inside of ATT, but the agent kept saying I am sorry and once i cancel the service, the system will automatically generate the early termination fee, bla bla bla, keep repeating and do nothing!!!

So, as customer, we can just take whatever we are given, take whatever we have been cheated for, and do nothing at all????????????????????????????? what type of company AT&T right now is!!!

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