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AT&Tbilling scam

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Ok seriously, if I don't find out wtf is happening to my phone bill, my mom will kill me.
I'm 17 and the only phone internet I use is to check facebook time to time, and I'm only on like 5 minutes at a time.
And I don't know starting when but I started getting these weird texts that said I had renewed my account on some weird site so I was like "oh no I have not".
So I asked my mom to check my phone bill and ask if anything weird had been charged but she said it was fine and there was nothing out of the normal.
So I started ignoring those texts and what do you know, starting on 3/28/2010 at&t started charging my mom extra money for this stuff that I DID NOT USE.
Here are the falling stuff that got subscribed to my phone.

Subscription name Content Provider Charge
Playphone Subscription Pr PlayPhoneInc. 14.99
News Prediction Game Predicto 9.99
Downloads/Alerts 19.99
ATT Navigator Telenav 9.99

The navigator, I might have activated on accident but the other stuff? wtf?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
So guess what. My phone bill jumped up to 210.15 dollars a month. Oh, have I said that I'M A STUDENT???
Oh yea, and my mom is a student too, and she's an imigrant so she can't legally work until I make her a citizen because I was born here so I am a citizen.
so the point is we live off her savings and the money the fam sends us.
And honestly, thats not a lot.
So my mom through a total b-fit and we're going to at&t tomorrow and she'll probably burn the place down if they don't give her some serious answers.
And I've seen a LOT of other complaints regarding the same stuff up there on this site.


  • Ai
    air336 Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The bill is impossible to decipher and the customer reps literally will take 45 mins or more to answer one simple question. She said “just one more moment” literally 50 or more times, seriously it got ridiculous and yes I think they do it to wear you out and make you give up. I really, sincerely do. 45 mins to answer what a charge is for or why two numbers don’t match is ludicrous. It has happened every time I call, and the bill is so confusing I have to call every month. I refuse to let them just charge me whatever they feel like it and not make a simple, readable bill.

    Now I am on hold waiting for a supervisor, for 30 mins. That’s a more than an hour I’ve spent. I know I will get no satisfaction. Her constant “just one more moment” makes me want to scream. And to top it off, she says “is there anything else I can help you with?” You HAVEN’T helped me with ANYTHING, so how could there be something more you can do? I so deeply regret signing up for two years of this. I may pay the $700 cancelation fee, that’s how deeply I feel abused.

    This is scandalous. Please, people do your research, avoid AT&T Wireless if at all possible. You’ll only have yourself to blame if you sign up with them.

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  • Br
    Britjo Jun 03, 2016

    AT&T has started charging me $10 more each month than they did the month before on my U-Verse. Now it's $30 more than what I'm supposed to be billed for. They have not informed me of any increase in my bill. Also, any time I need to call to talk to someone, I get a robot voice with no option to actually speak to a human being. I'm disgusted that I can only talk to someone Monday through Friday during working hours, when obviously most of us are working during that time! With the job shortage in this country, you would think they could hire someone to actually talk to customers on weekends.

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  • Re
    Reviewer99428 Nov 23, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been charged multiple times after cancelling - Each time I call i get told its complete - this last time Chris - Employee number 6233 was rude and unhelpful, I will never, ever use Vesta due to attitudes like this guy had. I hope Vesta AT&T fails miserably. I will be cancelling all my AT&T services moving forward.

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  • Ni
    Nina37 Apr 23, 2014

    I am being bill for a service I do not have with ATT .( FRAUD) I called to get information and the next thing you know I am getting billed. I picked another company because the sales people tell you anything you want to get your service. I have spend 3 hours and many phone calls this company is very screwed up..

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  • Pr
    pricetech Apr 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's not your cell carrier's fault. While it is fraud by any ethical definition, someone else is committing it. Contact att to have the charges removed and the "services" blocked, then contact the FCC as well as any state and local regulatory entities to report what has happened.

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  • Cu
    Customer_Service Oct 07, 2010

    We are sorry to hear about your experience. Please be aware that we at Celebrity Squares take customer satisfaction very seriously and would like to address any concerns that you may have. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at [protected] so that we can resolve your inquiry; you can also contact our customer service at or by sending an SMS message with the word ”HELP” to 258258. Keep in mind, we post our toll-free customer service number on our website and include it in SMS messages we send to your cell phone.

    Please note we use an industry best practice double opt-in to prevent inadvertent or fraudulent sign-ups. To enroll in our service, a prospective member must first submit their cell phone number on the Celebrity Squares sign-up page which clearly explains our terms and conditions including the monthly price of the service and billing to the cell phone. We then send a text message to their cell phone which again discloses the essential membership terms. They then must correctly enter the PIN on our website or reply with a confirmation SMS message from their cell phone to activate the account. The double opt-in process and clear disclosures ensure a high level of consumer protection and satisfaction. If a member wants to cancel the service, they can simply text “stop” to 258258 or call our Customer Service number or go to

    We hope this addresses any concerns you may have; if not please contact us through any of the means above and we’ll take care of your issues.


    Customer Service
    Celebrity Squares

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  • An
    AnnM6 Jul 12, 2010

    I just spoke with AT&T wireless about $19.99 calls on my bill. Just noticed it this month but it goes back 4 months. AT&T reversed 3 months indicating they were not able to reverse anything past 90 days. They referred me to which is a bogus website with no information. How do you put a stop to companies like this preying on their customers?

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  • Tr
    trs29golf Jul 10, 2010

    We have had the same problem. Not just with At&T it happened when we were also with Verizon. It is not the Cell companies that charge they come from the particular application when you input your phone number and carrier. I just got off the phone with At&T and they credited me back immediately. Also set me up with purchase blocker and pin number. I had it happen with Flycell and it has happened through Facebook. So if you get to a website where you are looking at ringtones and downloads and they ask you to register with you phone number and carrier be cautious. This is when you will get the charge from your mobile carrier. Keep in mind it is not them charging it is a 3rd party.

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  • Ro
    Rosenherman Jul 07, 2010

    We're getting them too. We're in our mid-50's and only use the phones for calls and text. Never ordered something over the phone. Voice mail sometimes doesn't get delivered for a week. AT&T simply stinks.

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  • Tw
    T Wells Jun 07, 2010

    I received a bill for 19.99 for I have no idea what it is. I complained and they issued a "refund". It is interesting only ATT has this issue. ATT is probably is the jam on this one. I am canceling my account.

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  • Sc
    Scott McC. Jun 03, 2010

    Easy solution. Call AT&T at 800.331.0500 and explain the situation. They will refund all charges and drop all monthly subscriptions for you. If you want they will install a (free) purchase blocker on your phone so that will not be a victim of these scams.

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  • Su
    SUEJohn Mar 29, 2019

    @Scott McC. Sounds like a perfect world to me. I've been trying to get bogus charges dropped for 4 months. AT&T even created a "reference" number for my complaint...they just chose to ignore the complaint. Different rep, manager not available, need more time, need more data. Any excuse each rep can find. In one day I talked with 7 different people. Does that sound like an easy solution? Its not even a HARD solution. THERE IS NO SOLUTION!

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  • Sc
    Scott123 Aug 28, 2009

    AT&T doesn’t allow the consumer a paper trail to show proof of anything. It’s left to a “consumer said, AT&T said… With no proof, AT&T knows they will win most of the time. This is why you will notice that they can add other things to your bill that you didn’t order to jack up the cost and add money to AT&T coffers.

    You can never speak to the same representative that supposedly fixed the problem. You always have to start over with a new representative. I believe this is a tactic use by AT&T to wear the consumer down so that he or she won’t fight anymore with AT&T and just except the problem and sometimes pay the larger bill.

    You will never receive confirmation of a problem/issue in detail being worked on nor exactly what was to be fixed in detail or that it was resolved via an email, mail, etc. Therefore that leaves you without proof. I had received a reference number but I’ve found out later that they change some of the information on it from time to time. It’s all computer driven leaving you (the consumer) with a leg to stand on when trying to get them to admit to ANYTHING! It’s rigged from the start!

    I would love to take AT&T to court, but I don’t have anything in writing from what I agreed to when first starting up my service with AT&T. I’ve seen enough court shows to indicate that if you don’t have anything in writing, you WILL lose your case. Once again, AT&T wins (though deception) and the consumer loses…

    The best way to kill a snake is to cut off the head. AT&T’s head is MONEY… Therefore, it’s up to us to go to cable, satellite, etc services anything AT&T doesn’t have its greedy hands in. There are a lot of services out there to replace AT&T.

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  • Ke
    Kelkc Jul 29, 2009

    Same thing here. Their customer service is awful.

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  • Le
    Leonard Jun 29, 2009

    Three months ago I signed up for basic residential phone service with AT&T. My first bill had a $7.14 charge from ILD Telecommunications for directory assistance. I have never used or even heard of this company nor have I used any directory assistance. My second bill had 185 long distance charges on it and a bill totaling $96.40. I have never made any long distance calls from this phone. I use my cell phone and Skype for my long distance calls. I spoke with two representatives from AT&T who both put a $97.00 claim on my account. The second representative named "June" said that she had opened the history of my number and found that these charges are identical to ones that were unpaid by the previous people who had this number and that she was forwarding this on to another department. I never heard anything else and after two follow up calls, I was told not to worry. This month, my third bill had a total of 239 long distance charges and another cramming charge from a company called for $12.95. I have never used this service or heard of them either! I did get AT&T to remove long distance from my line. I never even asked for long distance in the first place -- especially not at .33/minute! They also put another claim on my account for the amount of $109.63. One woman that I spoke to yesterday named, "Erin" left me a message on my answering machine telling me that I would have to pay these outlandish charges that now total $225.38. My bill should only be $6.40. I feel that hey are bullying me into paying this bill when it is obvious that something is going on. I have never had such horrible service anywhere.

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  • Le
    Lenny Mar 10, 2009

    In February of 2008, I informed AT & T I was canceling my service with them..they had raised there rates considerably from what I had signed up for. I paid my final phone bill on April 4, 2008 over the phone via their automated phone system. I received a confirmation number for my payment and considered everything finished. One month later I received another bill showing a returned check and returned check fee of $25. along with the original balance. I contacted an 'Ismail' at [protected] and was referred to the accounts receivable department where I again made a payment since my bank account had not been debited for the original amount. I was told that my bank had denied payment so I was liable for the $25. charge. I contacted my bank and they said they absolutely did not deny..there was never an attempt to debit my account.

    Further I got a running account balance showing I had more than enough money to cover the automatic withdrawal on that date and beyond. I faxed the information to a 'Diana' at AT &T's accounts receivable department and was supposed to receive a phone call from a her letting me know everything was taken care of. I never heard anything more, either phone or in writing and assumed this situation was resolved. Three weeks ago, I got a harassing phone call on my CELL phone (that wasn't even connected with the account) from a collection agency demanding payment. I had to look through my old records and find this mess once again has reared it's ugly head. During the last week, I've spent another three hours on the phone getting bounced from department to department speaking to no less than seven individuals. One, (supposedly a supervisor) I had to wait on hold for 50 minutes to speak to. She admitted the mistake and said it should've been cleared up last May. Still, upon further contact and more hold time (30 minutes) this situation is not resolved. In the meantime, there is a collection agency reporting this and affecting my credit. I'm sure if I total my phone time alone with this, it has to be at least eight hours. This is ridiculous. I feel I should be able to charge for my time spent.

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  • Cl
    Clyde Jan 08, 2009

    My mother had a business phone line with AT&T which my sister helped set up the plans and services. When my mother retired I attempted to setup call forwarding for that business phone number. To my surprise a cryptically titled item 'SimpleLink Enhanced MMRC' changed from ~$8 credit to ~$26 charge every month.

    I did not get the full story of what this plan/service was 6 months latter. Every month I would talk to an apologetic supervisor would would offer a few dollars of credit and assure me that the plan was terminated and the charge would not reoccur. Every month brought a bill with the ~$26 charge which prompted another phone call. Once they even suggested that it might take some time for the cancellation to be processed, suggesting that I should ignore the next bill and look for the charge to be eliminated on the following bill. All the while accumulating ~$26 a month.

    I get the full story after I have the account transferred from my mothers name to mine, which seems to have terminated the program. In April of 2007 my sister signs mom up for this program that will provide the ~$8 as long as we are billing a minimum of $45 dollars, which costs ~26 when our bill falls below that figure. This is a reoccurring year long contract, which renewed for a second year in April 2008 after AT&T sent use a cryptic letter explaining what we had to do to cancel in February 2008. At that time I was helping mom with post brain-injury therapies. In May 2008 we reduced our service charges below this limit and incurred the charge. In October 2008, by closing the account, we were charged ~$26 for every month remaining in the contract through April 2009, ~$180. I doubt that my sister would have signed up for this plan if it was fully explained to her. AT&T certainly made no attempt to explain it to me during those 6 months, I suspect hoping to capture another year by running the clock.

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  • Ke
    Keanu Dec 11, 2008

    AT&T allowed this company, who they claim no affiliation, to charge me for a voice mail service I did not authorize. Now I am being charge late fees added for not paying this bill. I feel AT&T is responsible since they allowed this to happen without my authorization.

    I never wanted nor ask for a voice mail. Did not even know it was active until the charge showed up on my bill. I call the phone company and was told by a customer service that I automatically sign up when I opened a website. I continue not to pay for something I did not request. AT&T should be held accountable.

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  • Valerie Oct 09, 2008

    I wrote a previous complaint about AT&T on 8/21. They ported our telephone number without our authorization. At least three AT&T employees - including supervisors- lied to us and told us that AT&T had not ported the number. We even had Time Warner draft a letter with all of the transfer information in it, and AT&T would still not confess to porting the number. We ended up without a landline for two weeks. And THEN, Time Warner charged us $20 to get the number back for us. The way AT&T is allowed to operate and treat people is criminal.

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  • Bo
    Bochar Arch Jul 23, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @Valerie Ho to and file a complaint against At&t. Be very detailed, attach all documents you have, request investigation.
    Do Not bother calling at&t customer service as it an annoying and deliberately useless call center in the Philippines. File complaint with, don't bother with customer service.

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