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We made a payment to Cingular just as or before they changed over to At&t. They said it did not go through and could not give confirmation. We tried again with a different credit card and received confirmation. They then took $166.99 from both accounts and only credited our account with one payment. We have followed their instructions of sending them bank statements from both accounts and the bill and they agree that they have done this. To solve the problem they forward on the info to billing and we get notification back that complaint is unfounded.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Nov 13, 2019 1:38 am

Every month I have to call in because my bill changes from what I was told. No-one seems to care. I can spend 1 or more hours each month. They state that they DID correct the problem - but as usual the person didn't. I just can't believe how they lie all the time.

I had a contract that stated I had 3 business days to cancel. I cancelled on the 2nd day but they charged me $177 for monthly service - my monthly service was suppose to be $99. Even though I cancelled and many people at AT&T said it has been taken care of ... I received a call this morning from an attorney that handles collections.

SO mad. But I'm going to fight it. I won't be pleased if it was reported to the credit bureau as I'm tired of them scamming me. I have other friends who have gone through similar instances whey their bill keeps getting higher from what they signed up for.

Question: IS there any class action law suits going on?

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Oct 18, 2017 1:38 am


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Aug 08, 2017 1:38 am

AT&T used to be great, but over the past few years they have turned into extortionists- out to get your money by any means possible. Cell sevice and customer service have gone downhill. No wonder so many are leaving. Their representatives will lie to you about anything they can just to keep you another month- and after you figure out they scammed you, it's too late and you have to pay. Do yourself a favor and steer clear of this company with shady business practices. There are much better providers out there who offer better coverage and phone plans.

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I agree, there is no customer service! They have no desire to assist and fix problems, they have told me they cant help until I pay the a bill I dont owe before they can supposedly help me. I paid a bill I did not owe, they sent me new bills. Same saga.. I cant seem to get any customer service to resolve.
I will never have ATT again.. Nor Direct TV. Nor landline. No bundles again, they told me one thing, and billed me in error and refused to fix

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Mar 02, 2017 1:38 am

My AT&T bill was higher this month. I called them and them and they said that during frequently updating that this amount was being billed to me because it had showed up on my old Cellular One account as a $28.00 fee for a phone that I had purchased from Cell One a couple of months prior to the AT&T buyout from Cell One. I broke this phone in May. Took it into AT&T and they said there was nothing that could be done because the transaction had been made thruCell One. When I purchased the phone the contract included insurance on the phone incase it got lost, stolen or broke. I was told that I would have to purchase a new phone. So I did. Now suddenly I am being charged for this phone but they will not honor the contract because they do not have that paper work pertaing to the insurance but they sure do supposedly have the paper work pertaining to how much I owe! They are telling me that I have to pay an extra $28.00 per month until Sept. of 2018 to satisfy the agreement but yet they cannot provide me witih documentation. This is a rip-off! They are wanting me to pay the money but will not fullfill the rest of the contract with Cell One pertaining to the insurance. Also they have told me that I signed a 2 year agreement with them and I DID NOT! I signed nothing with them when the switch was made from Cell One to AT&T! I want to drop them immediately but it will cost me close to $800.00 to close my service. What a rip-off. Does anyone out there have any advice for me?

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Feb 17, 2017 1:38 am

I switched from AT&T and then got a bill for $217 for termination of contract. I never signed a contract and told them I wanted to see it.
I was told I had signed electronically and should have my paperwork. They had to prove nothing So to keep my credit score and not
drag out a fight I paid to switch.

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Dec 01, 2016 1:38 am

att is total slime. Just sat in on sales mtg w at+t fiber reps trying to sell $15, 000 per month internet access to one of my customers. Had great time destroying them, had customer use Comcast (much cheaper but equally ethically challenged). I told them the $38 refund, they refused to pay would be the most expensive $38 they ever took . I lost $38, at+t lost $180, 000 annually. I am just getting started-this is fun ruining the at+t salesmen day.

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May 10, 2016 1:38 am

Does anyone have a good phone number contact email etc for AT&T I want the top guy to hear my experience. They need to use it as a teaching tool to train those horrible mouthy representatives for AT&T

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Feb 03, 2016 1:38 am

Republicans and Democrats, be they elected to serve in the House or Senate, may disagree and be divided on a great many issues affecting the U.S.--but the ONE thing that brings them ALL together: Corporate Greed.

I estimate, and this is a conservative guess, about 90% of Congress hold mega-million$ in stocks from business titans like AT&T, DirecTV---and/or their countless smaller subsidiaries. For the past two or more years, AT&T and DirecTV have been involved in this effort to pretty much phase out Dial Up and DSL internet services---by "aggressively guiding" their customers into accepting this "U-Verse" system, purportedly rife with technological issues.

The plan is fairly simple: Bait you with a sweet monthly service price for a year----then double the service price, complete with their ever ingenious added charges ( despite their fictional names, the money collected by these charges goes towards "slush funds" for AT&T's political lobbyists ).

You're given 2 options: Package A ( internet only ) or Package B ( home phone AND U-Verse internet---doesn't save you a penny, but they have to try and hope you fall for it. ). What I found interesting: Package A only "saved" me $7---and that does NOT include the inventive charge(s) I'm sure lie lurking, waiting to be imposed on my bill---which by the way, is SEPARATE from your home and cellular phone(s) bill...unless of course, you fall for Package B.

Here's the kicker: Ask how long this offer is on the table; THEY DON'T KNOW THAT ANSWER! They ALSO DON'T KNOW how long it'll take AT&T to totally phase out DSL ( they pretty much wiped out Dial-Up Internet ). Their letter is crafty and cleverly worded: The forewarning says your DSL service MAY BE interrupted **not** WILL BE interrupted if you don't accept either offer.

But oh! Wait, folks---there's more: You avoid service interruption by calling the number on the letter ( "checking in" as I was told I did ) before the dated deadline! And by "checking in", I'm assured I will NO LONGER receive those "aggressive sales calls" from "ATT"

Talk about AT&T and DirecTV SCARING UP business ( I'm sure they used that joke in their high-level board meetings ).

Well AT&T FAILED to scare me. I'm NOT "upgrading" so I can be upcharged! I'm staying with AT&T DSL and am fine it's soon being billed SEPARATE from my home and cell phone(s) bill; might even make the bill easier to understand.

And I pray that MORE AT&T customers stubbornly REFUSE to have their DSL Internet "upgraded AND upcharged" or get pushed into the clever "bundling" RIP-OFF! I figure if MORE MILLIONS of AT&T DSL Internet customers REFUSE this shady U-Verse scare crap, maybe the corporate titan will get smart and BACK OFF---or face another painful class action lawsuit that finds them AGAIN guilty of anti-trust monopolization.

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Nov 25, 2015 1:38 am

Totally Agree we are dealing with scammers and crooks. But the sad thing about all of these issues is our government don't step in, and do something about these companies stealing from the working class citizens. they should be regulate and stop in there tracks. They use Deceptive practice and shady business practice. it is crazy to have to pay amost $6, 000 a year to use cell phone, tv, and internet. that's highway robbery. Directv now that it merge with At&t is using the same practice At&t is use too. us the citizen just need to join together to stop all these crooks from taking advantage of us working class citizen. let's all write a letter to congress and stop these crooks now!

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Jun 19, 2011 1:38 am

To Whom it may concern

In May 2011 I received my AT&T Local phone bill, I got a big surprise when I saw charges for lond distance calls.
I have used IDT as my long distance provider for over 10+ years. I contacted AT&T about this problem on May 6th
after 5 different reps. I finally got to a rep from the AT&T long distance division. Her name was "Tammy" badge#TM5225
she looked up my past billing history and saw I never had an account with AT&T and that IDT has always been my long
distance provider. She then said she said "I will remove the long distance charges of $42.05" She then said it may take
several cycles of the bills for it to be removed. She said also to call the local service and tell them to be sure that my long
distance is switched back to IDT as appearently it was an error at the routing that caused the problem, so I did call and after
another 3 tries I got to a rep who said "OK I will switch the routing to IDT, BUT there is a charge of $1.85 for this service
(I was angry about the charge since I DID NOT EVER SWITCH TO AT&T but I just want to get this problem resolved)
so I said OK to the charge. Before The next bill arrived I went to my AT&T local account online and saw no long distance
charges on it so I assumed all was now OK. Then I received my local AT&T bill and it was OK just the local service
charges so I paid it. The on June 9th I received 2 more bills needless to say I was ANGRY not only was there charges for
$42.05 BUT another bill for more long distance of $37.97 with Taxes it came to $103.86!

I called to the long distance AT&T service rep and asked "What happened to the charges that I was told would be removed?"
The answer was OH that was rejected. WHY I asked :answer, because IDT routed the calls to AT&T, thry do that if they have an overflow. I said you mean my long distance IDT just sends my long distance to AT&T? with out me knowing it?
Answer: I do not know what their policy is in this matter, Sorry sir but all these calls are being charged to your account.

These calls were from April 1st to April 30th. $42.05 + tax, and when I thought it was cleared up I made calls in May1st to
May 24th that I was billed for $37.97 + tax
Total: $103.86
I was also threatened to bills being sent to an out side collections agency.
My credit score has been 800 I do not need this on my credit report since it is none of my doing
Please keep me advised as to progress in getting it resolved!

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at&t are no good they charge me for data i never used every month i get a new bill they charged me 170$ a56$ 138$ etc etc when i ask they come up with some strange charge net use etc etc

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Mar 11, 2011 1:38 am

Deregulated wiring is considered inside wire maintenance and per their own website (AT&T) they can only charge you if the service was fully functioning upon order. I rented an older home where either the previous owner or landlords cut all phone lines from inside. The guy came out and had a run a whole new line from the box outside to inside, hooking it up to the jack that the cable people installed at no cost. They tried to charge me $85.00 for deregulated wiring. When I mentioned their site stating it had to be functioning before ordered and it wasn't they credited me back the $85.00 charge. I have included the screen shot I took as a just in case measure.

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Jul 08, 2010 1:38 am

I totaly agree with this guy. I also had bad experiences with at&t. We switched our service from Cox communication to at&t and from the start we had trouble. First of all, at&t is so impersonal. They do not care about the problems you have with their service. We called numerous times about our phone not working and after about a week of no service, they sent a computer generated message to our phone that we could hardly hear on, saying they found nothing wrong with the phone. The day after, the phone went completly dead. We called again and was put on hold for almost 45 min. Then they transfered us to another dept. and was on hold for another 20 min. By the time it was over, nothing was resolved and we were so mad, we ended up hanging up on them. Did I mention we had to call them on a go phone that costed us a fortune? Our first bill was outragous. We originally got the bundle service with them. Home phone, high speed internet and directv. But because they broke our contract by not supplying the service they promised, we broke our agreement with them. The installation fees they said would be waved, were added to our bill. They are liers and thieves. They added on all kinds of charges because we dropped the phone service. I wish they would be accountable to someone. They do take advantage of the little people.

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Jan 07, 2010 1:38 am

Hit them were it hurts... FIRE THEM, and then do your ant work, like I will do; I'll discredit them EVERYWHERE
with my family, friends Blogs in the internet, Tweeters AND WITH EVERYBODY, beside I'll complain wit the Better
Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commision and be on the look for CLASS ACTION SUITS and join if possible
against this MF bunch of thieves.

And ABOUT you credit cards, CUT THEM ... FIRE THEM ALSO... and use cash dont feed the monster that is eating you alive.
You are givim them the power to make your life miserable for a few borrowed dollars tha you have to pay back
sometimes TWICE, check your interest rates and calculate how much you will pay for every dollar after 4 years & 25% APR.

My case... they quoted me over the internet service for 1 phone line and internet busines for my small shop,
the quote was that I will pay "aproximately" $ 113 a month... well first month bill came for $ 545.25,
with such amenities like a

6 minutes call to Venezuela for $18.78
then on top of that they charge
$4.21 Federal Universal Service Fund fee;
$4.54 state communications tax,
$$2.72 local communications tax for a
total $of 11.47 in taxes +

$18.78 for the 6 minutes =
Big Total $30.25 for a 6 min call;
that's $5.04 per minute when I could have used a calling card that gives me
300 minutes for $5.00 @ $0.017 per minute.

$50.00 for "activation charge", and
$63.50 for "Service connected 1st line", and
$19.00 for service order charge, and
$57.00 for "Deregulated Wiring"
when the guy just connected the phone line to my place that had been a business place for many years
and has all the installations and phone lines already there, the guy didn't even came inside my place;
Federal universal service fee, and federal suscriber line charge...
and then more for a total of $545.25 for 1 month of phone and internet service...
talking of bait and switch.

WHAT IS ALL THIS ! ! ! who is going to STOP THIS THIEVES ? ? ?

What a bunch of THIEVES and racketeers. and NOW they tell me
that I am hooked for 2 YEARS with THEM and if I change anything
they will let the hell loose on me with charges.

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Jul 27, 2009 1:38 am

I have a big complaint against them and the way they tie up your money in your back account, DOUBLE the amount you authorize when you pay your bill on line. They held twice the amount of the bill for 4 days, before releasing the second "pre-authorized" amount. Then claim they never did it. I filed complaints with the BBB and the Attorney General and they flat out lied to the BBB and told them they never did it, even tho I have copies of the daily online bank statements that I verified with my bank. I'm sick of these big companies doing whatever they want and holding my money by claiming its a "pre-authorized" amount. The gas stations also do this, and charge $75 right off the bat to your card, and hold it for up to 3 days before turning loose of the money, and only charging you the real amount of gas you got. In the meantime, you can't use what they are holding on too until their system reconciles itself with the actual amount of the purchase. Consumers need to complain!

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Nov 15, 2008 1:38 am

Same thing happened to me - took 3 weeks after numerous attempts to clear this up. had to phone at&t several times - go to their stores several times before it was finally cleared up. Your blog is what made them believe what happened.

thank you

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