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+1 800 331 0500(Wireless Mobile) 1 4
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Customer Service:
+1 800 331 0500
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+1 888 333 6651
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+1 877 782 8870
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AT&T Complaints & Reviews

AT&T Mobility / AT&T cancellation glitch

In December of 2007 I thought I cancelled my contract with ATT Mobility, as we got very poor coverage in our local area. I asked to port my husband's business number to our new carrier, Alltel. Even though I asked what to do if Alltel was unable to port the number, I was never told I...

AT&T Mobility / Waiving early out fee is a fraud!

When I moved from Victor, Colorado, where I'd had no service for the entire two years I lived there, the customer service representative named Shanara told me all I needed to do was fax her my new address and something with my new address on it, like a utility bill, and my early out...

AT&T Wireless / Massive overbilling by ATT

I opened my wireless bill to find that I had been charged for over $3000 dollars for wireless internet that no one in my family used. It was charged to my daughter's telephone which did not even have a functional viewing screen. This charge came to me 3 months after I had the internet...

AT&T / Deficient & incompetence

It is really pitiful and unfortunate that one of the ex-best telephone companies in the usa has arrived to this point of inefficiency. My husband and i spent more than 3 [three] hours in the telephone trying to talk to someone who may help us to transfer our telephone services to a new...

AT&T(Formerly Bellsouth / Fraudulent bill charges

The bill for $115.04 is not correct because aas was stated to me that the #(205)853-1281 has been in service since 1994 and it has been charged to us. We know this is wrong because we didn't have this number or live at the address listed for this bill. We lived at 1919 24th St.N. and...

AT&T Rebate / Here is what I did- and I got some response

THE FOLLOWING IS A COPY OF THE COMPLAINT THAT I FILED WITH THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION, THE BBB, AND ALSO GA DEPT OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS. I made this complaint to the following companies on 3/18/08. As of today, March 26, I have had two calls from AT&T Consumer Relations Dept, who say that...

AT&T Wireless / Terrible service!

I purchased a Sony Walkman phone 29 days ago and now some of the keys are unresponsive. I have only used the phone in normal conditions and at one time in a slight rain storm when I had to walk due to having no signal in the area to an area that had signal to get help. I have talked to...

Afni / AT&T - Cingular / Afni collection for paid AT&T bill!

I paid an AT&T Cell phone account in full for my son in 2005. Over $500 because he closed account before his contract ran out. Received paid notice from AT&T. Reason he closed is because he could not get service in our area with this company, proven at that time our area was not in...

AT&T Long Distance / Scam and fraud!

On Feb 16, 2008 a sales representative contracted out by AT&T was going door-to-door in my neighborhood. The representatives name was Robert Collins and his Sales Rep ID# was SCA7VN9W. He showed me a ton of paperwork and informed me that he could significantly reduce how much I pay each...

AT&T Rebate Offer 2007 / Rebate not received!

I'm just adding to the list of AT&T rebate complaints that are already online. Again just another case where the rebate never made it to me. I followed up and kept track of my forms and still nothing, no recourse, and nowhere else to go. Submitted in September. Customer Service...

AT&T / Never received rebate!

I ordered AT&T's high speed internet as part of a package on 8/31/07. As soon as I received my equipment I connected it and returned my rebate card with the sticker attached exactly as instructed. This was approximately September 7th. I began checking the status of the rebate in...

AT&T Business Line / Billing issues!

I own a company that uses AT&T business line services, from the conception of the company until now I have made every payment on time and usually a few weeks before it is physically due. I have not received a bill from AT&T since the beginning of January when I paid them yet another $150...

AT&T / Terrible company!

For several months we have gotten the enhanced services on our phone bill. We have questioned it, and asked that it be removed from our bill. but it has fallen on deaf ears. we never signed up this. my father spent 27 minutes on the phone last month with at@t to no avail. Also they are...


Well i was supposed to have what you call dry loop dsl service, which is just dsl no voice, about 4 weeks ago. Their coustomer service is so slow and nobody acts like they really want to help you. the techs kept saying that they went to my hose and nobody was there when i had people...

AT&T / Sbc / Call to India - $7.00/Minute

When I joined with AT&T, they told me the rates to call to India, which was less than $0.40/minute. We made some calls and when the bill came, the rate was $7.00/minute. The same day I called the customer service and complained. The guy who was answering the phone, assured me that the...

AT&T / AT&T-Will not honor agreement

I am writing to inform others of how bad AT&T has treated me as a customer. I will start at the beginning. I use AT&T phone service but previously got my internet service from the local cable provider. Although I was on the “Do not call” list, I received approximately 8 calls from AT&T sale...

AT^T Hignt Speed Internet / promised rebate $50.0050.o9

ordered HSI late August 07, paid on my bill of 9/0l/07. Sent in documentation and have not received the $50.00 rebate.+ I have spent many hours on the phone and also attempted on serveral occasions to call l-877-258-1447, they in turn had me call 1-800-453-7638 and they told me to call...

AT&T / Yellowpages & Internet Advertising

For those of you who have entered into any agreements with Bell South / AT & T for advertising or web site services, I feel your pain. Ever feel like you made a huge mistake? So do I. We entered into an agreement for yellow pages ads and website design. Not only did the yellow page...

AT & T / Phone service plans!

I have been a customer of AT & T since 2005 in the area in which I live now. Previously I was with AT & T in another area so in other words I have been with them for awhile. I called the other day to get my phone service transfer to our new address with is just a transfer of service. I...

AT&T / AT&T service sucks! Billing me for cancellation when I am within my 30 days to switch.

Just got a bill from at&t where they are billing me for cancellation of service. I got line from at&t on 12/21/07 and switched to verizon on 1/17/08 therefore i am within my 30 days. The customer service said they dont know if i am within my 30 days, i have to call another number(1866-9014965) on monday to...

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