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+1 800 331 0500(Wireless Mobile) 6 13
+1 800 901 9878(Wireless GoPhone) 3 4
+1 800 288 2020(Digital TV/Internet) 33 43
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Mon12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Customer Service

Wireless Mobile
Customer Service:
+1 800 331 0500
Order New Service:
+1 888 333 6651
Check Order Status:
+1 877 782 8870
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At&t Complaints & Reviews

AT&T Fastaccess Dsl (Worldnet) / at&t worldnet dsl is not at&t dsl

Called AT&T Worldnet DSL service as DSL stopped working. Was told DSL didn't exist on my number, even though provisioned 1/30/04 till 9/08 and charged on my credit card. AT&T DSL migrated me from AT&T Worldnet to AT&T Yahoo/Verizon without approval or request. Latonia @ 210-821-4105...

AT&T Uverse / service

The worst decision I have made in years was to change over from Dish Network through ATT to the bundle of U-verse internet, digital phone and cable TV. We have had nothing but grief. Their technical support is non-existent, or puts you on hold for days. It is all miserable

AT&T U - Verse / rebate scam

Lets see. I signed up for U-Verse back in July and it was installed 8/2/2008. I thought I was getting some great deals such as $200 cash back, as well as $25 for paperless billing. I might actually get a good product/service and not have to pay through the nose to get it. Well what in the...

AT&T Wireless / at&t wireless employee harrassing customer

I have a friend, a woman, who went to an AT&T Wireless store last Saturday for some assistance transfering service to a new phone. Later that day she started getting harrassing text messages on her phone from a number she didn't recognize: "You're Hot!" "Hey Beautiful" "Hey...

AT & T / I suffer from at&t mistakes

My husband is now unemployed. All I asked was please put his cellphone under my account so I can get my corporate acct discount applied to both phones. They SCREWED it up... they put MY phone under his name. I get the bill and I now owe more $ because his old company had a lower discount...

AT&T Wireless / fraudulant contracts

When I originally signed up for contract cell service, they said the area code we were moving to had coverage. There is zero coverage in our neighborhood and for 7 months at about $100 per month and 4 phone calls to ATT to complain about no service we have been told there is nothing they...

AT&T Long Distance / charged for operator assisted call

Run! Do not walk from AT&T's services. There Customer service is completely incompetent Zombies. AT&T's new slogan should be "if it wasn’t for the customers, this telecommunications business would be a lot easier". I am convinced that AT&T is SCAMMING folks for millions of...

AT&T Mobility / website not accessible

A web site is not working whenever attempting to access through their LaptopConnect. This was attempted at 9/16/2007 and 9/17/2007. Not working means that the browser returns with an error message stating that the server is not available. However, I am able to see the website on a PC next...

AT&T Wireless / rebate

If a rebate deal on a phone is enticing you to sign up with AT&T wireless, or to renew your service commitment, think twice. On not one but two occasions, it is failed to send me, after months of my phone and service purchases, forms to obtain rebates. On both occasions, I have had to call...

AT&T / my bill

Wow! I am so glad I left AT&T. My bill was reduced by about 30% with a company called Bullseye Telecom. This cute rep came in my office talking how she could make an improvement with our telecommunications. She did and we no longer throw our money out the window with AT&T whom I hate...

The New AT&T / lions of thief's

I recently subscribed to the packages of 3 services combined. I was told that's 95.67 a month for Phone, Satellite, DSL and also told me taxes are included... my bill came for $ 325.oo where's the 95.67 deal... I can't understand why the Law allow this huge monsters to rip...

AT&T Rebait Program / mail fraud, wire fraud, bait and switch

The rebate card came with a $100.00 credit on it supposedly I say supposedly because the card has been declined at every retailer except the first one a Chinese resturant. It you go to the web site however for the rebate program they say the card is good and still has $78.00 on it. I read...

AT&T DSL Internet / service disconnection

I am Customer of ATT since July 2008. The main reason to select ATT Internet services because in my community there is no other Internet Service provider and only ATT services are availble. In these three months of service I have got three Account Numbers 9Don't know why ) and above...

ATT / bad service

Be very careful when accepting sales pitches from AT&T customer/internet service representatives in respect to their methodology when giving you dollar credits to compensate you for upgrading your services. In my case, the AT&T Internet service representative made his pitch wanting me to...

AT&T Wireless / return not processed

It been two months since I returned a bluetooth device purchased on the AT&T Premier website. I was given a return label and asked to ship it, which I did. I even found that AT&T received it at their facility in Fort Worth Texas. Ever since then, I've been on the phone with AT&T...

AT&T / they lie about rates then charge what they want

I am very upset and outraged about the way I have been treated in recent months by AT&T. A while ago an AT&T rep asked me if I would like to upgrade to the highest DSL speed at no extra cost. I agreed. Instead, he added a 2nd DSL line to my account! Every time I get a bill I am charged...

AT&T / no action or concern on stolen phones

In February, 2008 my ATT/AT&T TILT phone was stolen. The HTC 8195 is pretty much the top of the line at ATT/AT&T with the IPHONE so the cost was above $400. Several weeks after buying it my phone was stolen- the perpetrator answered it several times the next day. This phone is serial...

AT&T Rewards / bogus rewards center

ATT representative said that after I ordered high speed internet service I could log in to ATT reward center after September 2nd 2008 to claim the $50 cash back rebate. I waited until September 2nd and logged in to find out the site said simply my reward had expired. BOGUS BOGUS BOGUS and a FRAUD from A T and T!!!

AT&T / charges for lost cell phone

About a month ago, I lost my cell phone, and thought that I lost it in the house, well, to my surprise, a black woman had gotten a hold of it and was using it. The AT&T Company was billing us for the usage for the phone. After telling them for about 1000 times that the phone was not in my...

AT&T / they lied to get contract

May 2008 - Purchase an air card from AT&T wireless. May 2008 - Receive air card. Doesn't work. Call customer service, they can't figure it out. Went to local store. Turns out it just wasn't activated. Thanks for wasting my time (3 days) and gas with ignorance. May 2008 -...

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