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AT&T Inc.

575 Morosgo Dr NE Rm 14f67
United States - GA30324-3300

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 331 0500(Wireless Mobile) 8 16
+1 800 901 9878(Wireless GoPhone) 4 4
+1 800 288 2020(Digital TV/Internet) 36 45
Work days:
Mon12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Customer Service

Wireless Mobile
Customer Service:
+1 800 331 0500
Order New Service:
+1 888 333 6651
Check Order Status:
+1 877 782 8870
Support for Travel Outside the U.S.:

AT&T Complaints & Reviews

AT&T Lg Shine / poor customer service, drop calls

My phone, LG Shine, from AT&T has been dropping calls and turning off the phone by itself even though it is full of charge. When I try to call out, phone says that "CALL ENDS"...never rings, I can't even receive calls. I tried to call a same number 85 times before it finally connected...

palisades collection,LLC/AT&T wireless / account not mine$936.24

Never purchased a cell phone. How can I owe money for something I never purchased? When was this purchased? Where? Can I see the contract and signature? Does att&t need customers that bad to open an account without proper ID? I'm not paying for something I never purchased. The only cell...

Vesta AT&T / unautorized charges

I had a go phone, but I donot have it anymore because it got stolen offshore where I work at-I no longer have posession of this go phone---for the last 2month sI was charged 74.22usd, by Vesta at&t.I want my money refunded.I also want Vesta at&t to quit using my bank account number to take...

AT&T U - Verse / no rewards

I cannot find anything on rebates & rewards. I have been fooled into getting a service that I don't think is any better than what I had. I also did not find any rewardcenter web site. This is a scam as for as I can see. If you cannot send me my reward as you promised I will never...

AT&T U - Verse / returning of their equipments

During December 2007, I enjoy their TV and Internet service (less than a month). Due to a personal matter, I canceled this service. But it was the beginning of a nightmare not over yet. I called them several times from January to February or March to return the Hardware provided. In all...

AT&T Wireless / overcharged & interrupted service

I bought a Samsung Blackjack II in February from an ATT Wireless store in Lewis Center Ohio. I was very specific with the salesperson that this phone needed to work in Europe as I was traveling there the next day and would be traveling back and forth several times this year. She assured me...

AT&T / customer service

Customer Beware!! AVOID AT&T. Crooks, liars, incompetent bumbling fools...A company so large, one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing. With the flip of a switch, they turn off your service, then act like there's a technical difficulty too complicated for the...

AT&T / customer support

My experience has been horrible. I am to the point of canceling everything. I just recieved my new phone pantec matrix yesterday. Today i spent two and half hours on the phone trying to get helpl. Nothing has been solved. First I tried to come on att.com and email but apparantley the...

AT&T Wireless / fraud and scam

I have had a plan for many years with AT&T Wireless that includes rollover minutes - i.e. I have 900 minutes a month on the plan and whatever I don't use each month rolls over to the next month. I just realized that I have accumulated 4, 240 rollover minutes, so to save myself some...

Vesta AT&T / fraudlent charges

On the same week, I noticed a debit from my checking account from Vesta AT&T. Then I checked my other checking account and the same charge was there as well. How can this happen???

AT&T DSL / the equipment rebate run-around

This company offers a rebate for purchasing a modem or gateway from them when ordering DSL through their online website. After repeated call backs, multiple phone numbers, and "mistakes" made on their part of handling the rebate offer, I still have not received redemption! Please get these...

AT&T Rewards Department / reward cash back

Per request, I am requesting the status of my of my reward rebate. All information requested on behalf of at&t consumer services; dept. #cpn07n2032230707c, p. O. Box 1250, milan, il 61264-1250 has been mailed and/or sent. Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advanced. Mrs. Karen s. Jackson

AT&T Wireless / poor service

I have been a loyal customer since 1998(Bellsouth mobility), for the last 3 years I have had poor service, droped calls or calls that just go blank (yes just like the commercial) what's the point of staying connected if you can't hear the other person!!! I changed my phone 3...

Sbcglobal AT&T / cancellation scams?

Once you sign-up for an sbcglobal.net, just try and cancel it! Wait on the phone for hours. Get hung up on. Get transferred. I highly suggest that nobody ever obtain an email address from this company and pay for it. Good luck if you ever wish to cancel it. You'll get transferred to India and they will cut you off!

AT&T / charged me for a modem I didn't purchase and will not return my money

They need to stop ripping people off & give me the money they owe me & countless others. I think a class action suit is due! Blue collar crime has gotten by with a slap on the wrist for too long .They rip people off for millions of dollars .never pay the peole back & never have to do a day...

AT&T Wireless / at&t billing

I purchased AT&T phones for my son and daughter. I know big mistake but they are both older and have started small families and I wanted them to be able to keep in touch and use the phones when they are out on the road. We kept getting erroneous bills that were far higher than the quoted...

AT&T / rebate

I signed up for new service with AT&T on 09/03/08 and was told because I "was a valued new customer", I was eligible for a $100.00 cash back rebate that I would need to redeem online at www.att.com/rewardcenter. This link does not exist and when I call into AT&T, I get no resolution...

AT&T Prepaid Phone Card / pricing is not what it seems to be

I bought an AT&T Prepaid phone card at Walmart, that said 1, 000 minutes in large numbers for $40.00 and discovered, as I used it that I did not actually have 1, 000 minutes. On back of the card, in small print, it gives the actual rates for instate calls, which was, for Florida, 5 minute...

AT&T Support Plus / did not use service-hasn't refunded

I received disc to install AT&T internet. When I called to register, AT&T rep said windows 98 wasn't supported and connected me to AT&T Support Plus. They wouldn't talk to me unless I gave them a credit card number, (which I was informed I could find the terms of the agreement on...

AT&T DSL / customer service

***** STAY AWAY FROM AT&T DSL, The customer service is completely useless ***** I've just got of the phone with DSL customer service for the 8th time in 5 weeks (over 8 hours, with over 6 hours just on hold). After trying to get DSL installed, and finally (after 4 weeks) getting a DSL...

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