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outages, drops and other fun things

I've had AT&T dsl with no phone line for 4 months now. The first 2 months were plagued with outages and drops, I had my basic modem replaced 3 times and finally the last tech guy that paid a visit, my 4th visit in less than 2 months, gave me a 2wire modem for free. Same problems existed with that modem as well, dsl would drop 6-12 times a day, mostly at night, and speeds were consistently slowing over time according to numerous speed test I have done many times daily. Then about 3 weeks ago all the problems disappeared, only to resurface the last 3-4 days. The last tech suggested I bump down from 6MB service to 3MB, I was going to do this today, Saturday September 12, but nobody was around to do it in my midwest market, had to wait til Monday. A few hours later I noticed my download speeds dropped to 1MB an dhave stayed there for the last 5-6 hours, actually the last 3 or so days speeds have been very low, so I called again today about this being I forgot to mention it on the earlier call about changing packages. I finally get through to a human after 20 minutes of BS with the automated crap and begin to tell the ATT person my issues. Before we could even get to the speed problem, she informed me a new order for 6MB service has been placed in my name. HUH? She said records show I placed an order for 6MB service, something I have already had for over 4 months, on Friday September 10th. WHAT!? I asked for more info and she couldn't give it to me, she said I'd have to wait until Monday to talk with someone. She said the only thing she can see is that 6MB service was ordered under my name and number, but she couldn't tell me to what address or any other info, only that the activation date is September 16th. lol What is next with ATT? I'm almost afraid to think of that. So now instead of just having occasional dsl drops and awful download speeds all weekend, I now have to wonder what the hell is going on about this mystery service being ordered. After 4 months I'm about to give up already, if the speeds, drops and this new order are not resolved first thing Monday morning, I'm done with these ###ers. Back to Charter I will go, then after they go bankrupt I will have to go with clearwire, not as fast but reliable and cheaper.

Last speed test:
Download Speed: 1319 kbps (164.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 657 kbps (82.1 KB/sec transfer rate)

The normal down speed is around 5200 kbps/Up 660 kbps, so it seems the download speeds are only effected by whatever is going on. BS!

1 minute ago:
1316 kbps down
658 kbps up

  • complyou Sep 13, 2009

    Speakeasy.net/speedtest/ pic

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  • complyou Sep 13, 2009

    I guess I'm going to have to read up on how to upload pictures on here.

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  • complyou Sep 24, 2009

    UPDATE. I opened a maintenance ticket Friday and a tech came on SUNDAY! A Sunday. He spent over 3 hours on the street, then another 3 hours at a AT&T sub-station. There was nothing wrong with anything! He then called many different departments while he was here after 6 hours of ###! From 8am-2:30pm he worked his ### off for nothing. He then talked to those different departments, he, a AT&T tech, got transferred around and fed ### just like you or I would of been. The tech got so frustrated with AT&T he left a few times to go beat on his truck and yell at some people on the phone. So from 2:30pm-4:30pm he was on the phone with AT&T and finally it got resolved. It had nothing to do with software, hardware, lines, phone jacks, viruses, modems, boxes or sub-stations. It was INTERNAL! Some computer somewhere had me set at the lowest basic package, and mind you this switchover was days before I even called to switch from the 6MB package to the 3, the tech nor the person who finally figured it out could say why I was switched. Just fricking frustrating. So now I'm back at my 6MB speeds and AT&T has credited my account for a free month of 6MB service. Let's see if we have any problems with that next! lol AT&T's main problem, NO COMMUNICATION BETWEEN DEPARTMENTS.

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  • complyou Sep 24, 2009

    current speeds

    5, 621 kbps download

    671 kbps upload

    That's more like it.

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  • Ja
    Jacob Lee Mar 04, 2010

    I mean come on what is up with at&t and all of its outages I have not been able to connect to the internet for 2 weeks here in Mississippi! What is wrong with this company? I don't know but if this is not fixed soon I will be switching to Comcast or America Online.

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doesn't want to honor rebate agreement

I had Clearwire internet and was at the end of my contract and I couldn't wait to get rid of it due to horrible service. After doing some research I decided to go with ATT Elite DSL, I already had satellite service with Directv and was getting rid of my home phone so I only wanted internet service. I was told that the Elite DSL wasn't offered in my area but if I went with the Uverse package which included tv service then I would be able to get the Elite. This really never made sense to me but I thought ok because my Directv was starting to get ridiculously high. I saw a pattern where every two to three months the the bill kept creeping up. Only problem was I still had a few more months left in my contract with Directv. The ATT rep on the phone (Matt) told me if I went with the Uverse package I would get a rebate of $200. Since I knew I would have to pay a termination fee with Directv but unsure of how much...Verizon charged me $200 to terminate with only a few months left...I asked the (Matt) how long it would take to get the $200. He said normally it takes a few months because they want to make sure that the customer stays with them and does not cancel. I told the (Matt) I can't wait that long because I have to pay Directv's termination fee and I don't have the money right now. I told the (Matt) I would just have to wait until my contract was up and then I would call ATT Uverse to hook up service. (Matt) then tells me he is going to talk to his manager (John) and see what they could do for me and asks me to hold on the line. He comes back on and tells me that his manager (John) has ok'd to have my bill credited with the $200. I wanted to make sure this is correct to I said to (Matt), so my first two months I will not be bill correct? (Matt) says yes that is correct. (Matt) tells gives me his manager's (John) number and tells me to call (John) if my credit does not show up on my bill but assures me that the credit would show up. I get my first bill..NO CREDIT! I call (John's) number and get a woman's voicemail. I'm thinking oh great here we go but I left a message anyway. I decided not to wait around and called the main number. I got transferred 4 times and had to explain my situation 4 times! So I explained the problem again to the last person I was transferred to (Shelly). She's checking notes and doesn't see anything in there from Matt stating that my bill would be credited $200...Gee...why doesn't this surprise me! ...So Shelly asks me to hold while she tries to get a hold of someone to confirm what I told her. She comes back and of course can't get ahold of anyone. She tries to offer me $100 off my bill and the remaining $100 to be redeemed online. I told her NO! That was not the agreement! I tell her that (Matt) said his manager (john) ok'd it and even gave me his number in case I was charged. So she asks me for (John's number)...You would think they would already have this person's number! So again she puts me on hold, comes back and still can't get ahold of anyone...or so she says! She tells me that she left (John) a message to call me and that he would be calling me by the end of the day...No returned phone call...The next day...No returned phone call. Now I'm pissed! I am going to call them one more time and if no results I'm going straight to the BBB and out local news consumer advocate. I call (John's) number and the same woman on the voicemail answers this time. She tells me this is not (John's ) number and she has no idea who (John) is!!! %#[email protected]&&(**($^*!!! I told her well (Matt) the rep that set me up this account told me to call (John) at this number and ran down the whole freaking story again! She says well there isn't a (John ) here but there is a Juan. What the [censored] is wrong with these people!! So she tells me that she will have (Matt) call me back. I told her he better and he better call by today or I'm taking matters into my own hands. So far it's been an hour and no return call. I'm not going to sit and wait around and play games with these people. When I am done typing my complain here I am going straight to the BBB. Screw ATT UVERSE!!!

  • Km
    KMCOOK Sep 11, 2009

    Ok here's a followup...I called (John's) number again because I forgot to get the woman's name that I spoke with and guess what?!!! They disconnected the phone number!!! I am more than pissed now!!! I am cancelling their service and will not pay a time back to them!

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  • Km
    KMCOOK Sep 11, 2009

    I just wanted to follow up. After talking to still another person and arguing for more than a half hour I finally got a call back and ATT Uverse agreed to credit me the $200.

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consistant disconnects from internet

There were 19 disconnects from the Internet starting at 9:30 PM on
Saturday August 22, 2009 to 12:01 AM on Sunday August 23, 2009. There was NOTHING posted on the AT&T web site for maintenance.
The one error message read " Error 676: The phone line is busy
connecting through WAN miniport PPPOE." The rest of the time ATT.net just quit responding and went to an automatic reconnect and repeated this cycle through out the night.
It took close to three hours to view a 1 hour 36 minute 04 second movie.
I have NEVER had this many disconnects when I was using Cavalier of Verizon for my DSL service.
I could leave my computer on and just start surfing; this is not true with this service. I am logging the ‘disconnects’ from the Internet with AT&Tand find that I am experiencing an average of SEVEN disconnects while using the DSL service on a daily basis. The more I use it the more disconnects.
This is UNACCEPTABLE. When I am on the Internet, I need to stay connected. I perform a lot of downloading and movie viewing
I would like to know why so many ‘disconnects’ from the Internet, why I see hour glass so often, and progress bar is running slow. I did NOT have these issues with Cavalier or Verizon for the same system.
NINETEEN disconnects is just UNACCEPTABLE.
I sent an email, through Outlook Express, and it was propmptly returned to me reading to log the service issue on the 'my member services' on the web site! GREAT IDEA! Why not log a complaint on the web site when the issue is staying connected to the Internet.
I finally sent in the issue, through the web services, along with the amount of disconnects and the Network diaganotics and then I when emailed back to call customer serivce when this happened again.
Well of course it happened again. I telephoned customer service and naturally got a call center where English is not the primary langauge. Why does the voice prompt say 'For assistance in English please press one?' The telephone agent was of no use! I am a help desk technician. Of course I knew to power cycle BEFORE I telephoned a call center. I only wanted a different server to use to connect and stay connected to the Internet. He did not understand that premise. You know! The basic one of routing to the Internet with a different IP adress.
The Internet is quite important in my house hold. Paying a higher price for services rendered is a SMALL price to pay! I'm going back to Verizon.

warranty scam

My daughter obtained a Palm Centro phone with an updated contract I signed (5-phone family plan) in June 08, just as AT&T was taking over Cellular One. I had received good service thru Cell One, & their family plans were a bit cheaper than other companies. I was in the store for 2 1/2 hours, patiently waiting while the beleagered staff tried to navigate the impossible computer system changes. Then, some guy from the home office took credit for the 5-phone sign-up, leaving the local sales people with zero credit for their time...
The phone was problematic from the start...much as I read other Palm Centros have been.

At month 11, my daughter decided to take matters into her own hands and call the company about her phone. She was instructed to mail the phone back & a new one would be issued. She had a new phone before I even knew what happened. Shortly thereafter, Julie's old phone arrived...with an arrow sticker pointing to a tiny crack in the plastic housing on the corner. It came with a bill for $250, citing "abuse". Due to the exhorbitant fee, I returned the replacement phone asap via UPS & requested that the company not charge me. I then purchased a new phone for her for about $100 online.

Two weeks later, while on vacation, our phones stopped operating properly. I called AT&T & was told that I must pay the $250 charge for the Palm Centro to keep my service intact. I explained the return of the replacement phone, & the gentleman on the line advised me that it takes 2-3 weeks after the warehouse receipt of the phone to have it credited to the bill. I had sent the phone 7/10, it arrived 7/14, this was about 7/28. I agreed to pay by phone with the understanding that I would then have a credit by the next bill (my bill averages $220).

Long story short, I have never received a credit, have emailed several times, spoken by phone several times, and have been told that: 1. They do not charge for the replacement phone, they charge for the damage to the original phone (which would never have been returned to the company...it was my property). 2. Although I never authorized the sending of the replacement phone, my daughter had enough of my information to make the transaction on her own (she never signed a contract or had her name on anything). I inquired whether it would have mattered if she were an 8-year-old(?) 3. The company now denies that the replacement phone was ever received at the warehouse (thank goodness for UPS Tracking).

Do yourself a favor...DO NOT SIGN UP FOR AT&T CELL SERVICE.

rewards offered by sales representative

I recently spoke with an att customer service agent RE upgrading my internet service and local long distance residential home phone to the att U-Verse.

I was offered (att) free installation for cable internet and home phone as we used Comcast for digital cable.

I was told we would receive a lot more digital channels on all of our tvs instead of the Comcast package that we get the digital on demand on the main tv and the rest would get limited channels and not the on demand feature.

I thought what a great deal for all three services in one less expensive bill with free installation.

Upon the completion of the set up and appt for this installation I was informed I would receive for my recent upgrade and change a cash back reward (visa gift card ) as another thank you for being a att customer.

I was told I would receive 250.00 cash back Visa card and would expect to receive a flyer in the mail for this gift offer.

I just received the flyer in the mail and having a terrible time trying to access the site (getmyrewards.att.com)

Finally after going in to so many websites complaining about the att offer, I now know I too am very disappointed with att and their fraudulent offer.

When I first called att to install the internet high speed through DSL (which I still have to return to att and pay for the shipping and handling costs to return since I upgraded) I was also told about the rewards gift for getting high speed internet installed and told the reward would be 250.00 gift card and they would send the information by mail so look out for it and make sure to log in and register to claim this gift.

Well somehow I was able to actually find this website but the offer that I qualified for was for only a 50.00 Visa gift card 200.00 less than the rep. had told me.

Is this common practice to lie to the consumer to sell a product/service?

I would think with all the complaints (I see many more complaints) we would be able to do something about this and file formally.

Thank you for your time and please let me know if we can resolve this issue?

Summer Wion

  • Sa
    saa10000 Sep 10, 2009

    Go to att.com to find the rewards link. It's lisited under "Rewards Center"

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  • Ou
    out of pocket money Sep 11, 2009

    ditto, i was told i was getting 125.00 and yet to be able to get on the darn website for my now 75.00 rebate, yeah very disappointed too.

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  • An
    Ann Sottek Sep 18, 2009

    I feel that [email protected] needs to apologize To their customers. They have misled us to believe that we would at some point get money back, but have made it very difficult. When you have a good service to offer, why is it necessary to lie to us? I am very disappointed.

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  • Na
    Nancy58 Sep 22, 2009

    I also was lied to by the AT&T sales person on the phone "just to get the sale*. I ordered the triple bundle because my comcast bill was going sky high. I was getting the Direct TV with my triple bundle and the landline service and the DSL. When Direct TV got to my house they told me they are seperate contractors from AT&T and that ATT basically promised me the moon just to get the sale. They upgraded me because I told them what ATT promised me, I told them I am on a fixed income and that I switched because I can't afford the price of Comcast anymore. Why would I switch to pay the same thing?? Direct TV was great working with me. BUT ATT I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN. THEY SHOULD NOT GET AWAY WITH FALSE ADVERTISING, I WILL BE WRITING MICHIGAN'S STATE'S ATTOURNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE ABOUT THIS. Even on my landline it still is not right, and I can't get to my refund they promised me either.

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  • Je
    jeff 636ft2 Oct 05, 2009

    same has happened to me.I found the website just fine and was disgusted to find the fraudelent offer i was offered to accept at&t service. iwas promised $250.00 to find that it was actually $50.00. I was scammed along with thousands of other at&t customers,

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  • Tj
    tjk213 Dec 20, 2009

    I also was promised $250 but only got $150. Also can't find the web site at all.

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rude customers

Rules to the at&t wireless consumer*

1. Dont call in to customer service yelling!
2. Always check you rollover balance!
3. Look at the bill before you cal in assuming you have been over charged!
4. Dont kill the messanger!!!
5. Dont lie!! Things happen, we really do understand. We and consumers also.
6. Dont claim you shold have a wireless phone insurance. (If you didnt ask for it and you havene been paying for it then you dont have it. This goes back to rule 5 because if there was something on the bill you were paying for and you really didnt ask for it you would hacw called in to have it removed asap!
7. Asking to talk to a manager is ok. Reps are not threatened by that.
8. Accept responsibility for you own actions!
9. Stop under estimating your children. Thgey kow more about cell phone than you do!
10. Pay you bill on time and when you dont expect a $5 late fee (Most states) and its past due 10 days or more expect to be disconnected and expect the $36 reconnection fee!

  • Wa
    WALL STREET TYCOON Sep 02, 2009

    To think that in the middle of Wall Street, iconic for blazing fast need for speed, my AT&T Blackberry Bold 9000 has NO reception, dropped calls, and finally, it says "congestion."

    For the teeny-bopper generation, AT&T was a monopoly, and Uncle Sam broke it apart, but if they keep this up, in the middle of WALL STREET, for crying out loud, they will be out of business, and Uncle Sam will have one less bad apple to deal with.

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att coverage in iowa city, ia


three weeks of pure hell

My mother-in-law, who has been an AT&T customer since 1963, was so exited when uVerse became available in her home town of Bedford, TX. She signed up for the entire uVerse package; phone, TV, and internet. That’s when the nightmare began. Three days after the installation, the entire service went down. My mother-in-law was w/o phone, TV, or Internet. We contacted technical support and a tech was going to be dispatched the following day. The next day the tech did show up, late, but told us they couldn’t find a problem and scheduled an “underground” crew to come out the following day. So in the first 5 days of service, the entire service was out for two of those days. My mother-in-law wasn’t comfortable being w/o phone service, so she asked if she could switch the uVerse phone back to a normal phone line. AT&T scheduled that for the following Tuesday, but told us that she would have to pay $5 more a month than what she was paying previously because the plan she had had for 40 years was no longer available. On Monday, the internet went out, she called tech support, and they walked my mother-in-law through resetting the uVerse box, which seemed to work. AT&T didn’t get around to switching the phone until Thursday (remember, it was scheduled for Tuesday), and in those three days, her Internet goes out two more times and her TV goes out once. Resetting the box and waiting 15 minutes fixes the issue each time, but on Thursday, when the phone is finally switched back, the TV and Internet go out again. Resetting the box doesn’t fix it this time, and we call technical support. They say there was nothing wrong with the line and they dispatch a tech. No tech ever shows up, but everything starts working again at 10:00 PM the following day. So, if your following me so far, in the first 10 days of service, uVerse was unavailable for 5 of those days, my mother-in-law and I have spent close to 8 hours on the phone with various customer service and tech support departments, and taken two days off work. At this point my mother-in-law decides to switch back to DSL and just keep uVerse TV. We contact AT&T on Monday and they tell us there would be a tech out in two days to take care of that, but they cannot give her DSL for what she was paying before (the promotion was over) so instead of $14.99, it would be $20/month. We reluctantly agree. We receive a call on Tuesday confirming our appointment for Wednesday, so I take another day off to be there when the technician arrived, but no-one ever shows up. I contact “customer service” to let them know the technician never arrived, but instead of apologizing, they went into a “sales spiel” and ask if we wished to upgrade to a higher speed DSL service for only $14 more a month. They couldn’t tell me why the service department cancelled our original service order, and to make matters worse, they can’t get another technician out there for another two days. I “politely” explain to them that we want the same service as she had before (the same service that was suppose to have been installed today), I reschedule the DSL install for Friday, and I hang up the phone. Not more than 15 minutes later, the uVerse stops working again! We contact technical support, yet again, and are told that they cancelled our uVerse service all together since you cannot have uVerse TV w/o uVerse internet. They didn’t bother to let us know that when we scheduled the DSL install, they just turned it off! So now my mother-in-law has no TV Service, and DSL isn’t suppose to be installed for two more days! We told them that was fine, we cancelled the DSL installation, and called Time Warner.

So to summarize our AT&T uVerse experience; we had the service for 17 days. We were without a phone for 2 days of those days, had to go without TV or internet for a total of 9 days, spent over 10 hours on the phone with technical support and various “customer service” departments, and took three days off work. My mother-in-law is now being charged $5 more a month for phone service, she is no longer getting DSL for $15/month, (she opted to go with Time Warner Roadrunner for $30/month, she figured if AT&T was going to charge her $20/month anyways it was worth $10/month to have more reliable service and to never have to deal with AT&T Technical Support again), and to top it off, has to unhook and drop off all the uVerse equipment to an AT&T RMA Center herself! They couldn’t even send her a box to ship it!

I don’t know if AT&T’s new uVerse service simply doesn’t work, if my mother-in-law’s house is just in a bad area, if AT&T simply hasn’t trained their personnel properly, or what. But if you’re considering switching to AT&T uVerse, I would suggest you don’t, or at least you wait until all the bugs have been worked out. Or better yet, move to an area where Verizon FIOS is available! :-)

  • Ra
    Raychel30 Oct 08, 2009

    I've had a horrible experience as well. I've had it over a year now, and started out really loving it. I understood it was new and all that, the reps on the phone always thanked me for my understanding and explained that it was beginning to really explode and they were somewhat overwhelmed.

    Now, for some odd reason, they've shipped it all overseas, and you just can't get the friendly repair techs at your house anymore.

    Customer service is zero help, and it's a shame because it was a really good program when it was working.

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  • Bo
    Bob Adams Oct 30, 2009

    My opion is from the perspective of a former employee to 2Wire corporation under a AT&T Subcontract. A technical support call center, invision a building with nearly 500 people taking calls from fustrated ATT Uverse customers, Many wanting to know the reason they can't watch that 5 or 6 TV in their home that they had install by Uverse. Wanting to know why they were never told that the most streams of video available in a home was 4 SD (stardard definintion streams) and if they wanted to watch HD (high definition TV) than the max streams would be 2. An lord forbid that they want to setup any recording, every device that is in use or is attempting to use a stream thus cuts those number's down. Now just add on that 18 or 25 MBit internet access and CVoIP and your jamming nothing but trouble onto one tiny piece of copper. Yes they do have it working and advertise how great it is but never tell you about the limitations. As for me I'll never own this junk in my home becase I refuse to deal with their lousey customer service representatives. When I 1st took position with them we were strictly hired as technical experts and would only work on customers troubles, then we were force to promote sales, trying to get customers to upgrade there packages to more channels, or higher speed internet access. I just ask how do convince upset customers to spend more when their not happy with what thay have. The Help desk situation is so unstable that their hiring in over 40 people every 2 weeks, continously, and not neccessaily techncally minded people, their now call Customer service representatives. I think ATT has along way to further development of Uverse and really need to step up to the plate and being honest with its customers. And no I'm no longer working for them any longer.

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As with other (previous) complaints, the website <getmyrewards.att.com> does NOT exist. I attempted to go there to redeem my reward and was rewarded with the following:
"DNS error occurred. Server cannot be found. The link may be broken."
And I'm supposed to "Hurry!" and "must redeem by: 09/16/2009"?!? What a great way to thank me "for being a loyal AT&T customer." More like a joke or would that be fraud?
Has anyone called the [protected] number that was in the fine/tiny print on the flyer?

  • Al
    Alex Jul 18, 2009

    My business consist of 5 locations with internet in each location. I was sending e mails to my customers thru AT&T web mail, as this is the web mail I was given at the time from support, I asked them what is the situation in sending e mail to my customers who have purchased from me, and they indicated, there was no problem.

    About a month ago a person by the name of Tom from the e mail abuse department contacted me, and we discussed the situation, and I informed him that I remove all the customers that do not want to be in my list and he looked at my web site, and made some suggestions which I adhered to.

    Then the other day my internet was cut off, I was told to call a # 919 3198265 and they would deal with it.

    There is a voice mail which says they will return the call in 24 hours, so I had to send my staff home and the next day I came in I still did not have internet.

    So I sent them home again.

    Eventualy 20 hours later a lady by the name of Vivian returned my call, and informed me I am abusing the emails, so I asked for recomendations, she had no suggestions. So I did my own research and I went to sighn up for GKG.NET and they where great in informing me, what my limits in e mailing my customers.

    Meanwhile my manager decided in the Charleston to send e mails to her customers, promoting the stores web site. and her internet was cut of immediately, She called support and they said they need to call the same # 9193198265 after 22 hours they returned my call.

    I asked Vivian at the abuse department why was she not warned, and spoken to, and she simply said I do not have to.

    I wanted to talk to someone above her, and she simply said, I am the only person you can talk to and I will decide.

    So the abuse department can do what ever they want, and they will restore internet when they feel like it.
    Instead of helping the small business and directing them to other copany's like GKG, they would rather leave you without internet for 24 hours.

    It would be great for someone at AT&T to be aware what is going on, they need to realize we are the customer.

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Despite having both an Equipment Maintenance Plan ($6.00 per month) and an Inside Wire Protectin Plan ($7.50 per month) I discovered an $80.00 charge for a service call regarding a modem I have from AT&T.
Upon inquiring at AT&T I was told that the plan in fact does cover the charge and that the DSL service department does not have visibility to the fact that I have the coverage so whenever they send a technician on a service call it automatically appears on your bill and you have to contact them to get a credit.
How many people jhust pay the bill?

  • La
    Larry Grant Dec 19, 2007

    In March 2007 I signed up for DSL with AT&T. At this time they were offering a $49.99 rebate for the modem. The rebate postcard that came with the modem said I just needed to send it in and expect my check in 6-8 weeks. So I sent it and promptly forgot about it. Sometime in August I realized I had not received my check and called the rebate customer service center. The individual on the phone was borderline useless, insisted that they had not received the rebate postcard and said that he could do nothing without it. Seeing as I had held up my end of the bargain by sending in the card I requested a supervisor callback. Two days later I receive a call from the supervisor letting me know that the postcard was received and posted to the account of the individual who previously had my phone number. Accidents happen and it seemed that the issue was resolved so I sat back to wait. And promptly forgot about the check again. Perhaps I should by more attention and perhaps a business should provide the services it says it will without continuous reminding by its customers. So now it's December 2007 and after checking the rebate website and finding my check is a month overdue I call the rebate center once again. Another useless individual and another supervisor callback and now they are telling me that even though their website says the check was supposed to be sent on November 8th the rebate was actually denied and they are having trouble with their website. How convenient. So now it has been "escalated" to the billing department so they see if I was really billed for the modem. Never mind that I can pull up my bill in 5 minutes online and show them, from their website, that I was indeed billed. Nope, that won't do and now I get to wait another 6-8 weeks for the billing department to process the claim. Assuming I actually receive my rebate it will have been almost an entire year. Part of that is my fault for not keeping a closer watch on my rebate status. But really, I should be able to trust people to do their god damn jobs properly and fairly without constant supervision from me, the customer.

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  • Su
    Suzanne Gutierrez Dec 19, 2007

    I too signed up with AT & T for internet service and sent in the rebate with everything that they requested. This was around October 2007 when I had some difficulty with my service around the beginning of December I called to get help, no problems there. I asked about the rebate and they switched me to someone else who said that there was a problem with how it was entered and I would have to wait 2 more months for the rebate. I think if I had not had a problem and looked into the situation I probably would never received the rebate... Jury is still out cause I still have not received anything from AT & T...

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  • Sc
    Scott Johnson Dec 19, 2007

    Generally if you make copies of the items you submit for rebates then you can ask for a fax# to send in a) copy of AT&T bill & b) copy of rebate form. It seems like they are not even sure if they got it! So you may need to send that information to them. I don't like rebates at all and I have had nightmares with some companies trying to get rebates. You could consider to contact the BBB to state you followed all the guidelines but never got rebate. Like I was saying if you have copies of the stuff you sent that is the best thing to do.


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  • Da
    Darlene Dekerlegand Dec 28, 2007

    I am experiencing the same nightmare trying to get a $50 equipment rebate. I am going to contact everyone that is having the same problem to see if we can file a class action law suit against AT&T for fraudulent marketing practices. Interested?

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  • Ms
    Ms Puto Nov 26, 2008

    I signed up for phone and internet with AT&T but I cancelled the internet the very next day, they would have to put in a new jack ($50.00) to use the internet. When I got my first month's bill for local phone service only it was $182.00 not only did they not disconect cable they said I had called and requested it again(2nd line I guess) . I got charged for two lines per month of internet plus the full package of phone. I turned them into PUCO-public utilities ETC.. they sent me to the comisssioner of Ohio and on to someone else. They ended up dropping most of the charges( lines packages, equip.ETC) and I cancelled my phone with them as well. You just got to climb the complaint ladder until someone gets sick of hearing you complain(along with explicits!!!).By the way stay as far away from AT&T as you can they ROB you!

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  • Pa
    Pam Mar 25, 2009

    Overcharged, my bills were $600, 700, 800 and the last one $1000 because I was continuoulsy being overcharged and tried to fix it but was never able to. I am a Realtor and need my phone and use it all the time. Yes, I talk a lot but it is mostly business. My family used texting to keep form using my minutes. I have had 2 returned payments because my service would be disconnected at a crisis time in my business and I would make a payment knowing that I had overdraft protection and wound up being returned. Now they will no do anything to help me get my service restored and I now owe $2100 with the early cancellation fees. I have called and toldthem I would stay iwth them if they would just work with me on the balance. Told them I would pay $700 and they stillwont do it. I need to have my service retored despartely and am now having to use a new phone number which is really hurting my business.

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  • Ch
    Charles Rosario Jan 01, 2010

    I have a similar issue with having the Equiptment protection and inside wire. Had a technician fix a phone jack and was charge $110.00!! Calling tomorrow needles to say. Oh yeah and they are late on there 3-4 week promise for a $100 rebate I am due and a $10 5 min call to AZ not i never made. Not happy with the website interface either. YOu have to log in a million times .

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scam lies abbout product

I as a manager of Plumbing company received a call from sales manager from At&t about advertising in the online site of the pages. In the negotiations participated another manager from my company and me. The main reason for us to agree to the contract was that the sales manager Ren Johnson 10 times confirmed that we will stay on first page for one year, for the money we pay every month without additional change. Not on the first places but on first page. She promised she is sending package with papers where this is stated. After one week i received a call from another agent offering me to pay 3x more to At&t every month in order to stay on first page. Then i figured out we have been cheated by a crime syndicate. We discussed the problem and that the main reason for us to agree to the contract doesn't exist, which makes it invalid. We offered to them to cancel it or we will go to court. The answer we received was that we can't cancel for one year. Be aware of this racketeering scheme . After a month bill came but no papers. We are on second page and do not get any calls at all. They deserve taking them to court an sue them for the lies they sold me. For their racket business practices. And for racial discrimination.(Due to my accent they thought i don't understand what i am doing.)

  • SPG Consultants Oct 02, 2009

    These Telemarketing companies are getting your company's profile from online, they are compiled by lead brokers also known as the "Chum of the ###". These lead brokers sit on the internet and gather business profiles then turn around and sell them to many different telemarketing offices for an exaggerated price.

    Your contact us page on your website should have the bare minimum on how to contact you. A full contact name is opening the door to how these telemarketing companies are getting in touch with you and your money.

    Example of a bad contact listing on a website:

    D&R Towing
    1234 Cherry Land Drive
    Spring Dale, Florida 98698
    e-mail : [email protected]
    Business: 304-555-5555 Fax: 304 555 5554 cell: 304 555 5556
    Contact: Dennis Flick

    As you can see, for a website to have this information posted, your website has now arranged for your business to be receiving these types of collection calls. Keep it simple by following these simple instructions:

    - Make up a phony name as a contact on your website . This is to see where the call are coming from.
    - Try to set up your contact us page so that the client has to leave their information with you . Example: your company's main email address, not your personal one.If you do not have one, create one just for this reason. There are many choices of email carriers available. Ex: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.

    This is one of many pointers SPG Consultants can help you with when dealing with collection harassment.

    While the government is bailing out the Automotive Industry and while the banks are fighting to get more money from the Federal Government, we as simple business owners, are left to fight our own battles.

    We know that Chrysler needs 3.5 billion dollars to keep the V8 Dodge Charger on the road, and we all know that in the last 5 years the banks haven't made a big enough profit to stay afloat. So while the government and Wall Street debate about their hand outs, business owners have to protect themselves by themselves. To my understanding, there are over 1 million telemarketers across Canada and the US all paying taxes for the money they steal from you. Guess who's making a profit from this money? Yes, you guessed right! The federal government. Corruption is greasing the pockets of the same people we've elected to protect us and to keep the Bernie Madoff's and Earl Jones away from our bottom lines.

    I urge you to visit my website and learn more about telemarketing fraud and how to protect yourself...KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and stand up to fight against this injustice.

    Spg Consultants

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  • Ab
    Able Tapping Oct 03, 2009

    I decided to take a chance on (Berry)Local Insight media and ordered ad space in about 15 different books. I have yet to receive one call in an entire year. I am a very busy business owner and keep pushing this out of my mind for more urgent tasks but while driving to a job I phoned a friend to do some research for me. ZILTCH. I went directly to their website and did a look up in my own town. Nothing.
    I am not there. I have been paying for over 6 mnths for something I don't have. I am in no hurry to pay them.

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  • Re
    rexs Feb 02, 2010

    I am sorry that you are not happy with yellowpages. I was looking online a found a website that you can have a FREE ebillboard. Just go to seekshallfind.com. I was talking to my friend Mike he told me that he setup a ebillboard and he is happy with the site. He told me that you can go on and change any thing and with out calling one person to do it for him. He said that he can upload his business logo or other photos or up to a 5 min video.He said on this site and did not cost him a dime to setup. I hope this helps you? Have a great day.

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reward rebate check

I submitted a rebate form to the ATT Reward Center on 4/4/09 after upgrading my internet to high speed internet. This was supposed to give me a check for $79.99 to offset the purchase of a modem that I got at the ATT store. I filled out all the forms including the serial number of the modem and mailed it in promptly. It said I'd receive a check in 4-6 weeks. A month went by and I called in to check. They said they got my form but it was missing the serial number. The rep said to just read it to him and he'll re-enter it. I did so. The check he said would be in my mailbox in a week. Another month went by. I called again. They said they need me to fax the serial number in to them on a piece of paper. Even though this is the THIRD time I've given them this info, I fax it in along with a copy of the orginial serial number on the box. They said they got it and the check will be there in a week or so. Another month goes by. I call again. They apologize. They said they said it's still processing. Another month goes by. Now it's almost FIVE months since I submitted it.

This is a scam. I think they have no intention of paying and just hope consumers will give up . Don't get taken by any of their rebate offers. It's not worth it.

  • An
    annnoonnenenao Aug 29, 2009

    Welcome to the 18th century... Seriously, you're just now figuring out that mail in rebates are just a scam?

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  • Fa
    F_ANDRES Sep 12, 2009

    I am with you Eric from CA.
    I am in the same situation, third time already, with ATT wireless rebate. After sending all documentation as requested, I got a letter about information missing. After calling and complaining (35 mins phone call) they just apologize and verify my rebate. I am still waiting for my money.

    This is a big SCAM and I do not understant how ATT allow this. We are customers.
    Andres Miami FL

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  • Ca
    Casey Blotzer Nov 04, 2009

    ATT Advertised $200 Rebate If I signed up on line w/3 services...
    and get $30 off for 6 months. They gave me only $100 rebate
    and told me that the $30 for 6 months was $280 total back---they
    falsly advertised the Rebate Offer. I ahve 2 other friends who received
    1/2 of the Rebate also...Shouldve stayed with TimeWarner at least
    they were honest!

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  • Wi
    wilton leon Nov 28, 2010

    i recently call in for my u-verse reward cars for 100 dollars check on it it said not qualfyfied i call when they said the call said you qualfied before they said get this u-verse in your home get a card for 100 dollars well i belive this is a way way to get you onboard i got my phone -tv and internet to get the reward when i call they sais you will get it in 1 1//2 months now 2 1/2 months now i belive it a lie thats not right to do this to people that has been with at&t for over 30 years that is a good way to lose people unless they dont care about their cus tomers that a lot wilton leon att uverse customer p/s thats just wrong they do this i mad

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  • Jf
    Jferr Jan 24, 2011

    Join the club. All mail in rebates are a farce I don't care who offers it. You might as well figure the price you pay for the item had better be better than a competitors because the mail in will never happen. Once at Staples I bought the Tax software and I did get the rebate 6 months later after I told them I would go to the State AG and place an internet site about them.

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falsei equipment rebate offer

This last July, a friend told me about very inexpensive [$10.00/month] DSL Internet service through ATT, with whom I already had a land-line phone account at my apartment. I went to their website, where I located the offer, and entered my info, and I qualified for their " online only" deal which stated that I would need to purchase their Netgear router/modem, and install it myself. [$79.99], and pay for the UPS shipping charges.[$12.99], but that the modem cost was guaranteed to be 1oo percent rebatable, and yes, it was only $10.00 a month.
One of the first downsides to the deal was that I had to wait roughly two weeks for the modem to arrive; but I reasoned that the low cost was the tradeoff.
In about 7 days I received a 'Order Confirmation' letter in the mail. Right away, there was a problem; the letter stated that the Internet Sevice would be charged at $34.95 a month. No, no, I called Customer Service, who told me "Oh, just ignore that; you will get the $10.00 per month deal because you ordered the service online."
On the day the equipment was due to arrive, the afternoon passed without a UPS delivery, so I called them in order to obtain a tracking number. [I regularly receive shipments at my address from both UPS and FedEX]
That's when I'm told that ATT had left my apartment number off of the package ship-to info, therefore it was undeliverable. But UPS offerred to hold the package, where I could retrieve it with the proper ID.[Opeb till 8 pm]
OK, so I drove over to the UPS facility that evening, an 8 mile round trip. I hooked it up, and at about 11PM discovered that the modem was not receiving a signal.
The next morning I called Customer Service to troubleshoot the connection.
I explained the delivery problem, and the Customer Service guy says" Wait a minute; being that your Apartment number was omitted, that alters the signal; you can keep that modem, but we need to cancel that order, and re-issue a new order with the correct apartment number. "Are you ready? An 'activation signal date' TWO WEEKS down the road!
These events replayed over again during the ensuing 15 days; another 'Confirmation Order' with the wrong monthly[higher] rate, confused telephone support staff, and delay after delay to receive service.
Now, 2 months later, I was informed that a Rebate Application form was mailed to me [I have not received anything]...and the final last straw?
A supervisor informed me today that "Internet orders are not eligible for the $79.99
All in all, I was lied to, misdirected, treated to ineffectual, poor customer service, and repeatedly given the wrong information.
Maybe those $10. deals prevent ATT from providing training to competent customer service people...I'd better send them a little extra...

att yahoo yahoos

When at&t absorbed bellsouth, i said, uh - oh. When i saw that at&t email was now powered by yahoo, i said, uh - oh. And sure enough. . . Since last week, about the time i got an email from at&t announcing big improvements, i learned that one of my very important contacts was having trouble emailing me, that her messages to me were being bounced back. Over the years, i've had trouble periodically with contacts who used yahoo, and i myself would not use it. Well, now i seem to be using it - - and it sucks. Meanwhile, trying to contact at&t with my complaint is an exercise in futility.

reward money not being sent

I previously had Comcast cable service and when I received a letter from Comcast regarding an increase in price for its services, I started to look at the competition. I chose AT&T because a brochure discussed U-Verse, the channels that were available, and the "rewards" that were available for choosing different levels of service.

I decided to check out their offerings online and while online there was an opportunity to chat with someone from AT&T. I discussed the changes I was thinking about (U-Verse, internet, and telephone) and she told me because I was choosing a certain level of U-Verse service (the 200 package) the most she could offer was a $100 reward. I told her based on that, I would just stay with Comcast. She then answered back (again in the chat) that she would offer an additional $100 through her department if I chose to switch to AT&T at that time. I agreed and asked if the total reward would then be $200. She said yes so I changed services to AT&T at that point. I was told that I would receive the rewards in the mail within 4-6 weeks.

About 6 weeks later I get a reward slip that I need to login to the AT&T Rewards Center to cash in. Well, the reward was only for $50. So I called AT&T and explained the situation to them and oh by the way I saved the chat with Sally when I signed up with their services where she said I would be receiving $200. They said they would have to look into it and would give me a call. They said that my service was installed on July 30, 2009 and since I've only had the service for a couple of weeks, I did not yet qualify. I told them that my service was actually installed June 13, 2009 and I could provide the backup to show that date if need be. They said that they would look into it and give me a call. Well, they didn't call but they sent a postcard saying I was ineligible for the reward. So I called again and was told that they would look into it and that I should receive a phone call back. This time they left a message on my phone saying I was ineligible. The problem is that neither time did they explain why I was ineligible and when I spoke to a customer service representative, they could not tell me why I was ineligible.

So, I called one more time and was told that they would process 2 separate $100 payments because one employee could not process both. Gheeez. Two days ago I get another message on my phone saying that I am ineligible for the rewards. The only thing is AT&T has never told me why. When I call they just tell me that they have to have an "investigation" to look into it. Hmmmm. I changed my internet, cable, and home phone over to new AT&T services and I did everything the original customer service person asked so that I would be eligible for the rewards.

I feel duped and am completely disgusted with the lack of customer service and the flat out lying by the AT&T representatives that entice you to switch to their service and then do not follow through on their promises. Again, I've saved the chat and I suppose I should send that to the CEO to see if that gets me anywhere.

customer service incompetence

AT&T customer service simply will not resolve issues. They pass you from one rep to another in an effort to frustrate you into abandoning you effort to recover overcharges. I have spent over 4 hours each time I call being passed from department to department without finding a single individual within AT&T who can actually resolve an issue.

It is my belief that their corporate strategy is to maintain income flow by any means necessary. Customers are just revenue streams.

  • Ir
    irene gelman Aug 21, 2009

    We had been automatically paying our AT & T bill,
    till we discovered many fluctuating amounts, & decided to review bill & no longer allow automatic payment. We discovered chgs. never approved for insurance on our cell phone (savingcontact numbers)when we would question these varying chgs, we were chgd. $10.00, ( calling it change of order chgs.) We had other varying amounts, that were not explained. Started leaving our bundling plan, & the fun began.
    On our last bill we cancelled long distance & bought magicJack for long distance calls. WE were never given name of employee or I D # to refer to these changes. Upon review of our bill we found long distance was not removed. Called back 3rd or 4th time & asked for a supervisor, again a generic person
    was told they would hang up on me, if I continued explaining problem, I was never rude, perhaps spoke a little loudly due to frustration. telephone co. connected me to repair (why). it was several hrs. of
    continuous pleading to try to fine out what was going on. I gave them my magicjack phone #, to show I did not have nor need their long distance services, plus my cell phone also has more minutes for us to use, then I ever can. Still has not been rectified, & frustration
    is overwhelming. I am 73 yrs. old. & do not need this unnecessary expense, nor frustration with such a lg. conglomerate. Please help

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double billing

My account number is [protected] and it has been brought to my attention that at&t has sent me to your department for collections. I do not feel that I am responsible to pay this bill twice. I had closed out my bundle package with at&t some time ago at that time at&t sent a forward bill to each company IE dish net work, at&t cell phone center enter net company ETC. I was then billed for each service separately through the private companies. I am now being doubled billed by at&t for said services. This is an unfair billing practice and illegal.

Thank You For Your Time.
Christine Bias.

  • Sc
    Scott123 Aug 28, 2009

    AT&T doesn’t allow the consumer a paper trail to show proof of anything. It’s left to a “consumer said, AT&T said… With no proof, AT&T knows they will win most of the time. This is why you will notice that they can add other things to your bill that you didn’t order to jack up the cost and add money to AT&T coffers.

    You can never speak to the same representative that supposedly fixed the problem. You always have to start over with a new representative. I believe this is a tactic use by AT&T to wear the consumer down so that he or she won’t fight anymore with AT&T and just except the problem and sometimes pay the larger bill.

    You will never receive confirmation of a problem/issue in detail being worked on nor exactly what was to be fixed in detail or that it was resolved via an email, mail, etc. Therefore that leaves you without proof. I had received a reference number but I’ve found out later that they change some of the information on it from time to time. It’s all computer driven leaving you (the consumer) with a leg to stand on when trying to get them to admit to ANYTHING! It’s rigged from the start!

    I would love to take AT&T to court, but I don’t have anything in writing from what I agreed to when first starting up my service with AT&T. I’ve seen enough court shows to indicate that if you don’t have anything in writing, you WILL lose your case. Once again, AT&T wins (though deception) and the consumer loses…

    The best way to kill a snake is to cut off the head. AT&T’s head is MONEY… Therefore, it’s up to us to go to cable, satellite, etc services anything AT&T doesn’t have its greedy hands in. There are a lot of services out there to replace AT&T. I’ve change services and it’s been great! No more problems :)

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  • Ma
    Marquise May 10, 2010

    I called for services in February 2010, I wanted a home phone w/internet after I set up services and paid a $50dollar deposited and was asked to pay $175 for the internet I was given a date of activation. However, I never received the phone or the internet services. Week after the week I called asking someone to fix the problem, final I got fed up and told them I didn't want the services, and I wanted a refund of my deposits money. However, it has been 3 months and I still haven't received any money.

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  • Ro
    RobertLA Dec 22, 2011

    AT&T service has been goofing around the customer's busy life to read all small letter. They never explained to me in regard to the penalty and credit I earned but when I disconnected the line it became more than double of a single monthly bill including the penalty. AT&T wants to kick out the customer forever. I am trying to the way to stop them doing aggressively. I am so unhappy wiht AT&T service and complicated bills. Is there anyone who can understand the bill wihtout detailed helps?

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I recieved a check for 2800 and I took it to my lawyer and bank and it was for sure a fake. I letter do look real though.

total rip-off

they suckered my girlfriend into delivering att phonebooks in the local area, promising wage, milage, and a bonus for correct delivery. the results were a job that one person couldnt do alone, so 2 people, getting paid $1.47 per hour. the milage racked up in in a 1993 ford explorer was 115 miles, because the supplied map was incorrect, at $2.64 per gallon and according to their computer, thats $14.75... not by my calculator. that leaves $71 for labor and bonus. the job took 4 days of 6 hours each day making a grand total of $ 1.47 per hour counting the bonus. with the loss of $36 on the fuel. no matter how you cut it thats A RIP OFF.


I called Cingular to change my monthly billing from the $59.00 to the $39.00 plan since I never use all my minutes and had over 1200 rollover minutes stored up. I was informed that I would lose all but 400 of my rollover minutes because of a new rule that went into effect October, 2009. I was planning to have the rollover minutes augment my new $39.00 plan. I was told by the sales person at Cingular when I signed up for their service that I could change to a lower monthly rate after I had saved enough rollover minutes. This is clearly a case of false advertising and the new rules should apply to customers who sign on after the new rules take affect and not to those who signed on prior to these new rules. How can we take these criminals to task? Why can these companies to get away with this type of fraud. Something concrete should be done about this or else there will be many like me joining the list.

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