AT&Tatt mobile

R Sep 26, 2019

I called att mobile on July 18, 2019 to upgrade my phone. I was told that I qualified for a buy one get one free promotion. I was told that my husbands number could be transferred to the free phone. Before the conversation was over, the lady told me the free phone would have a new number so my husband said he would change his number. I was told that my average bill would be $165 per month.
I called today to see why my bills are so high; Last month $250, this month $313. The representative Julie told me that I'm paying for two $800 phones, that I did not qualify for the buy one get one free promotion. I asked to speak to someone in management. Someone named Kenzie came onto the phone, she used the word unfortunately a lot and talked in circles. She told me that this could not be fixed. I requested to speak to someone in upper management, she said I would be called back in 72 hours, but unfortunately they would tell me the same thing.

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