AT & Tcell phone customer service.

D Aug 29, 2018

Tried to change my cell to a new number. Followed prompts online, said new number was available. Got email that my new number was now working. 2 hrs later I had no service. When my daughter tried to call me on the new number, we found out it belonged to someone else..Called AT & T c.s. to try to fix problem, it was suggested I go back to my old cell number. 2 days, 12 different departments. and a total of 3 hrs. wasted with no results. And the last person I talked to said it could be up to 7 days before problem can be fixed. Instead of laying off call centers and shipping calls out of the country because wages are cheaper, reinstate all those people because they have the experience needed and can be understood over the phone. Sorry, I don't speak Hindi.

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