Assurance Wirelessnegligence

I received their smartphone less than a month ago which they provide for free and it has given me constant problems such as not dialing any phone numbers unless I turn off the thing and back on just to do that alone. I contacted Assurance Wireless and they have neglected to repair the phone much less replace it all because I don't have ANOTHER phone on to which call them about tech support. I had already talked to one of their employees and they did anything they could do about it such as resetting it and it still does not function properly. Assurance Wireless will not try and fix my device unless I call them from another phone which is utterly ridiculous. They already tried to find the problem and had failed. They simply refuse to help me any further, especially when I am living in disability and do not have the luxury to pay for phone services. I feel like this company simply takes advantage of the less fortunate.

Oct 09, 2019

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