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I waThat telephone s happy with Virgin/Sprint and was accepted for Assurance Low Income Phone and other than some minor hiccups had no complaints. Enter T-Mobile now handling all customer complaints from the Philippines and at first Sprint Assurance phone wouldn't work. So as I was told that Virgin / Sprint Assurance are no more we'll send you a replacement UMX phone with a t-mobile Sim card. From day one most calls did not come in and my hospitalized wife was worried that something happened to me so I called the T-mobile assurance tech line and first day was told turn off the phone remove the battery a minimum of 15 minutes and restart phone that worked for one day and tech line said again shut your phone off pull out the battery 15 minutes put battery back in and start your phone with power and volume up button and go to reset phone which will reformat your drive and remove everything. At this point again a call to tech line and was told we'll get a replacement phone the same as you have which was fine by me as my phone had a custom carry case and gorilla glass on it. Surprise got an e-mail saying wait for FedEx tracking number followed up the next day on backorder. At this point was told you should have a tracking number from FedEx which has never come. When I call in now have just been fed BS & Lies as suddenly all I heard was it's the USA Company's fault. My wife is hopefully about to be released from hospital and I took a fall and had a MRI and now waiting for Orthopedic Surgeon for my Surgery to rebuild right shoulder rotator cuff. Does anybody even care at T-mobile? I'm retired as an Automotive Engineer and worked for Jaguar Cars of America and Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motorcars as a Field Service Engineer and have never been so frustrated as I now am!

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May 13, 2022 7:25 pm
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File a complaint with the FCC. The more people who do the more likely action will take place. I read in 2020 Tmobile had to pay 2 Mil for charging the government for service that wasn't used also file with


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