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I signed up with Assurance Jan 26. I never received a phone until April. Was pro. ised a Motorola Pure and got a smaller off brand phone that stopped working after 5 days. Called to report no functioning phone and an order was supposed to have been placed April 12. Apparently the order was never processed. On May 9, I received a letter stating I must use my service every 30 days. Called in again finally spoke to a supervisor, Mary Smith

associate#7875778 who said there had been no follow thru on the April 12 order and that she placed a new order giving me a new order number [protected]. She said call on Wed. And I would be provided fed x tracking number and confirm motorola pure being shipped. When I called Wednesday I had to go thru the entire speel all over, they had notracking number and supposedly escalated to management back office. I was assured I would get the tracking number by email yet that evening. I didn’t. Called several times on Thursday and was put on hold everytime and after a long wait I was cut off. I had been in this process for more than 3 hours. I even talked to a named Eugene who put me on hold and after 20 min disconnected. He had the number I called from and didn’t call back. I tried again at 650pm was on hold for a live person 10 minutes. Shawn answered and sounded lime he was going to actually take care of this ask me to hold so he could escalate and talk to supervisor. Asked him to call back incase of a disconnect and gave him My number… I was disconnected. Since Jan 26 I’ve basically had service 5 days. I was lied to from the start and for whatever reason these folks do not seem to care what happens and nothing is taken care of.

Its Friday May 13. Today was supposed to be the latest date for replacement phone to arrive. It didn't and after talking to Roy, a supervisor said he just ordered phone and promises delivery by Monday or Tuesday. I'll believe it when I see it!

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