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F Nov 13, 2019

Assurance wireless lifeline service -
Problem is that phone often does not ring when people call in — sometimes rings; sometimes not. It is inconsistent within the same hour.

Warning - beware of using assurance wireless for california lifeline service, they have a worthless phone system in norcal.
(it doesn't matter if it is "free" to you, if you don't receive the call when someone calls you.)

Assurance service has not been working reliably for me since at least 08/20/18 (first documented contact of problem) and not resolved during all of 2019.

The problem happens:
When all settings are set correctly,
When volume is turned high,
With multiple phones — three different phones of two brands — ans ul40tm and unimax umx u683cl,
Whether the phone display is initially turned on or off (asleep),
During most of 2019 and within the same day or hour,
In spite of +10 attempts to work with assurance cs and tech support (ts).

On the caller's side, they hear rings on their phone and eventually the call goes through to voice mail.

Outgoing calls could always (usually?) be successfully made out from the phone, even when the problem was occurring!

Sometimes the problem spontaneously "clears" itself, but only temporarily for hours or days.

Sometimes I could get the problem to "clear" itself by doing the following:
(1) turning the phone on (from asleep display), or
(2) going into the settings and just looking around, or
(3) going into the settings and switching some setting on and off (but making no real change).
However this was always a temporary fix that only lasted between 10 minutes and 2 days.

Because of this "clearing," sometimes the problem could be demonstrated to ts and was documented; sometimes not.

Often the lower-level assurance cs people would eventually ask for my address, then go on hold to "check the network", and then come back and state that the network in my area was "down"…or "being worked on"…. Or "upgraded"…or "extended".
Then they would instruct me to phone them back "after 72 hours"…. Or "after 3 - 4 days" if the problem still existed.
(can you believe that! I'm supposed to phone them back, as opposed to their phoning me back and checking on their service. And wait for several days of broken service.)

I did follow their instructions several times. But I doubt the network was ever worked on. This was their "call script" routine on how to evade the issue and end the call.

Assurance was never able to resolve this recurring, intermittent problem.
In nov 2019, i'm going to another provider.

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