Aspen Dental Managementunethical behavior-payment issues - no product delivered - unhappy patient

B Nov 17, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

I saw this ad on TV and decided to go get my teeth clean and use my dental insurance that has not been used for the entire year for me and my husband.

Aspen Dental
Jennifer Call, Office Manager, [protected]
Madugula LLC
9997 SE 82nd Ave. Happy Valley, OR

I went in on November 8, 2017 to get preventative maintenance. After x-rays I was told to come back on Friday, November 10 to get teeth deep cleaned because of periodontal disease and fitted for a partial for upper teeth. I did sat down and talk to the Manager about a financial plan. She used all my dental insurance benefits and I still owed more. I had to fill out for Dental First to cover the rest of the payments. This amount was $1600 with monthly payments of $46.00

My husband had an appointment November 10, 2017 at 8:30 am and mine as 8:00 am. All his dental insurance benefits were used too. He had a remaining balance of $500 because he had to get deep cleaning too. We both talked to the manager at the time and she wanted us to pay the $500.00 and I said no because my insurance should have covered most of the cleanings. She said that it did not. What she could do is add my husband's $500.00 to my Dental First plan which was $1600 and it would be $2100 and continue to make monthly payment of $46.00. I said yes that is a good and would work for us.

My husband came back on Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 11:00 am to get cleaning and I came back at 4:00 pm to pick up partial. I arrived at the front reception and was advised that I owed $500.00 that was not covered. I had no idea of what she was talking about and said that I did not owe any money. She told me to wait and talk to the manager. She was stuck in traffic and on her way in to the office. I had to wait about 15 minutes.

I went back to her office and talk to her and she said I owed $500 because it was not covered. She put that on my Dental First for my husband and it took the balance from the $1, 600. I was confused. That is not what she told me she would do. She then called and tried to get an increase on the Dental First in which it was denied. She offered me to pay $167.00 monthly by three months to get paid off.

I am very upset for the following reasons:

1. The Manager lied to me.
2. This is unethical behavior.
3. As a patient I was treated wrongly.
4. The Manager does not even have a heart to apologize for her error.
5. The Manager does not care if I got the partial or not.
6. The Manager did not try to hard to help in my situation.

My Desirable resolution:
1. I would like to receive my partial as soon as possible.
2. I would like the $500.00 added on to my Dental First payment plan. As that was the original plan as discussed.
3. I would like an apology to show you care and make the situation right.
4. As being in an customer service position - ethical standards are important to hold to your honesty and integrity.

Thank you.
Brenda Mead
12025 SE Stevens Rd. #71
Happy Valley, OR 97086

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