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M Aug 13, 2018

They have the best staff all soooooo very nice and helpful compared to my 3 year experience going to affordable dentures I wish I had gone here first they cost a tad bit more but omg soooo worth it im really happy with their services I def recommend this location!!! Awesome staff!!
Well I must come back and edit this review I have been back will b 4 times now for these dentures the teeth just keep popping out not even eating anything they just falling out this is now the worst experience ever then they want me walk around without a front tooth for days as opposed to getting me an appt right away this is extremely embarrassing to be just talking and your tooth pop out OMG!!! If they don't give me a completely new pair I'm sueing for all the back and fourth across town driving every two or 3 weeks a tooth pops out. So now they black ball me from all Aspen centers due to me being upset over this issues so people beware if aspen makes multiple mistakes and u ask for a new pair of dentures they black ball u so if u on fixed income and this all u can afford I feel sorry for you. I can see saying I can't go to their office but all that's abserd. The Best experiences turn into the worst and I get the punishment.
Marketplace, Goodletsville office

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