Aspen Dental Managementbad dentist, pain and management

M Sep 11, 2018

Went for fillings. Had x rays. Insisted that I needed deep cleaning. Went back for measurements. Measurements showed I did not need deep cleaning. Dentest probe cavity with sharp object resulting in extreme nerve pain that went from tooth to temple. Had to see md to get pain pills. Was in pain pills for about 4weeks. Dentest refused to fill cavities threw x rays in lap and told me to go to hospital.

  • Updated by Mary minshen · Sep 11, 2018

    Wanted 2500 dollars for unnessary deep cleaning. When it was no needed after space measuring. Refused to fill cavities and threw me out with my xray and told me to go to hospital. Went thru intense nerve pain after dentest probe my cavity with sharp object for 6 weeks.

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