Aspen Dentaldentures and and never following up

W Nov 15, 2018

Me and a friend went in Aspen Dental in Prattville..It seemed to be ok at first.But when I has $2, 000 covered by insurance and they told me my upper plate and teeth to be removed was only $1, 200..I was ok with that.I went in they had tge dental hygenist to look at me the first thing she said was I had gum disease..never has any of my other dentist said tgat.she cominced saying you will have to be treated for 6 weeks using our products and a toothbrush I did not ask for but was charged for.Went in another 2 weeks they pulled 2 the worst I ever had felt the pain told tge dentist seemed less about it.finished up told me to see financial person, she told me now I owe $750 more I said I have insurance left she said it doesnt pay for partial toothbrush etc.I told them I never ask for any of that she told me I had to pay she set up payment with a company called gennis..thats a joke..I paid $600 out of my pocket called my insurance they said you wasnt to pay that ..the bill was paid for.I called Aspen complaint center told them the insurance said and the insurance called them and I then only owed less then $80 dollars tgen nothing..but never was refunded the money I paid..Very shady company...And my friend and husband has since had the same happening.Its got to late.they are getting mega bucks and we are receiving goofys teeth..ridicolous..they set in the denture boxes never worn..tge teeth color doesn't match and you cant talk with out sounding like you have crap in your mouth.the wire frim the partial cuts into your mouth.and caused infection.never get phone calls to bring your teeth back for the so call refund if your not happy.You can't get intouch with anybody.. Tgats why we are pissed very unsatisfied and no one can wear these jacked up teeth..Writting the dental board and what ever I need to, we need a class action ready with goofy and tge rest

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