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Ashleys Towing / vehicle

Dec 13, 2018

My car is registered through Washington (Military) but when they sent me my registration they only sent me one sticker which in Washington it's acceptable so Im like ok that's on the DMV but I can get a replacement which will take couple days since it's coming from Washington all they said...

Ashley's Towing / UNLAWFUL TOWING!!!!


I live in a gated community as well and this is not the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, but 4th TIME they tow one of my cars. I was doing my daily routine headed to the grocery store and then to the bank which I have a reciept showing I left at 4:09p.m. I parked my car outside my driveway to put in the...

Ashley's Towing / Unlawful Towing


Ashley's Towing company are scandalous crooks with unethical business practices. They stole my vehicle today claiming the were authorized to tow it, though they refused to enlighten me as to who gave them this "authorization". My legally registered vehicle (plates, tags, the whole set...

Ashley's Towing / Awful company


Very shady, not surprising for a towing company. Ashley's Towing towed my car yesterday in front of my apartment complex for having expired tags. Who do these guys think they are towing someones vehicle in front of their home for expired tags. If they had called the police well they...