Ashley Furniture Industriesrepair and customer service

N Aug 01, 2018

I had the most horrendous experience with Ashley Homestore in Hazleton, Pa and their customer service in Northeast Pa at the phone number [protected]. About a year ago I purchased a leather couch and love seat from Ashley furniture in Wilkes Barre, Pa. While purchasing the furniture set, I was talked into buying the 5 year protection plan very heavily which now I regret completely. This extra couple hundred dollar protection plan was a complete scam. Within 4 months of having the couch I noticed the stitching on one of the arm rests were coming undone. I ignored it for a while and eventually gave their customer service a call when it had gotten worse. I had to jump through hoops by sending them picture after picture of the couch which I don't even believe they ever looked at. They finally got back to me and said they decided to have an outside contractor named Jose and Jose only to come to my house and look at the couch. Jose was only available 2 days a week for a couple hours during the day. I made it clear that I worked during the day and would not be taking work off to meet with this Jose. They insisted no other option was available and I am pretty much out of luck. I told them I purchased the extra protection plan that was stated to replace your furniture at no cost for any problems. Ruth Ann at customer service told me that it was only an accidental plan I purchased and it would not cover a manufacturer problem. Ruth Ann then told me that their products at Ashley Home store are made very poorly in a factory line and was probably just stitched up very quickly. When I told Ruth Ann that I was disappointed in that because I paid good money for the couch, Ruth Ann stated "You should be happy we are even gonna replace just the arm for you because you only paid $700 for your couches." I felt offended and insisted to Ruth Ann that I would not be disrespected by her. She told me to take it or leave it that they would take apart my brand new couch and replace the arm rest. I would advise nobody to ever purchase from Ashley Home Store in Northeast Pa EVER!!

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