i went into store to get my shopping and when i got to till i forgot a few items which were under my bags .the security man spoke to me very arrogantly i am 54 yrs old i dont need to be spoken to like that .i would never steal as i have told my children never to steal .on my way out of store they stopped me again as they found a cover from another item and tried pointing the finger at me .i wont go back in this store till they appologise for being so arrogant or store manager gets in touch .i have never felt humilliated in my life even in forces


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    Bellamie Aug 02, 2012

    The items were concealed - they have every right to speak to you. The loss prevention staff have heard it all before. They know people try every story known to man in order to scam a few items. I am not saying that is what you were doing. But they don't know that. So they approach everyone who does this the same way. For you, sure it may have come across as arrogant because "How DARE they accuse me of stealing, when I would never do such a thing!" but it is all in how YOU perceive it. If these people weren't there to catch the folks who do steal, then the prices will go up. Just admit it was a mistake, pay and move on. They were doing their job.

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