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my son was discrimanated against in asda store because he is in a son went to this store to buy our weekly shopping, he first went to the ciggarette counter to buy me 200 cigarettes, he was refused so he gave the person 2 differant id s with his date of birth and photograph on them, he was still refused.he was told he needed passport, driving lisence, young scott son is not a small lad he is large due to being a jym fanatic he very much looks his age if not older.he is 20 soon to be 21.he has been in the store for me many times and been served cigaretts, exept for 1 time.he was told he needed id as he didnt look 25.then was told he had to be 18 to buy them but needed id as he was under the age of he was told you have to look 18 to buy them but if you dont look 18 you need id.then told you need to look 25 or 18 and have the appropriate id for their store he was served many times befor its up to the person serving him to deside what age he looks and if they serve him or not.the staff are as young as 18 and they r refusing to serve someone older than them.if you need to be 25 then the staff should be 25 to serve.they change the rules to suit themself.i was very angry and called the store in his defence as if he was standing they would have to look at him properly, and they wouldnot question his age as he would be standing very tall and well built over them.because he is in a wheelchair they take no time in looking at him they just see someone who they can victimise.the person i spoke to named amanda was smirking down the phone i refused to speak to her any longer as she wasnt taking this seriously.i was passed to a man namedjohn the grocery manager, who was very rude wouldnt listen to me and was constantly talking over me NOT listening to what i was saying.he even said im not listening to you if youv got an attitude!! in a very aggressive manner and tone.he wasnt listening anyway and i said to him what way is that to speak to someone in this manner.he had a bad attitude since comming on the phone saying to me i know your son wasnt being discriminated against it up to who ever serves him to deside what age he looks.
the staff are rude and acting like stupid little school girl sniggering and laughing at a customer who s making a complaint about their attitude in the first place.i am not going to let this rest.i know the discriminated against him trying to abuse the little power they have and im not letting them get away with this. so what started out as a helpful jesture from my son to me, to go and do my shopping turned out to cause nothing but upset and a lot of anger due to staff who dont care about what manner they talk to or treat people.the whole problem is they do not know how they must by the law treat a disabled person as they would a non disabled person.they think because theyr at the till side of the counter they can discriminate and that is last thing my son does not have a passport, driving lisence or young scotts card.he did have a bus pass gave to him by the goverment with his name date of bith and picture on it and the silver square on it goverment approved id.why were these not acceptabe because asda said so.and so did the staff who dont look 25 and are probablly not 25.they said on their last excuse for all they know he was going out sice to sell the cigaretts to people underage.does that mean he is also being called a drug dealler!!! i want answers and i want this sorted out, IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ANY PERSON.i want the people who were involved to know they cant get away with this kind of behaviour.i want an appology from asda store and my son demands an appology for being treated in such a disgusting mannor


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    BryanE Jun 30, 2010

    We at the Brynmawr store have to deal with a people manager who constantly tells we don't know where we stand.
    Head office ignore complaints against her and even ignore recorded delivery letters.
    Our GSM retired last year and since he has gone the store has gone down hill fast...but head office don't seem to care. Security is non-existant..waste is dreadful...stock rotation is a joke..we are constantly told to lie about queue lengths..colleagues are scared to say anything as we live in a deprived area and are constantly threatened with losing our jobs. Nepotism is rampant..managers employing their own kids...and then they have the audacity to threaten our jobs if we post anything on facebook. Well ### them..lets see what an independant tribunal has to say.

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    lauram68 Jul 01, 2010
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    are you not in the union. usdaw. ?

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    Catchy Nov 14, 2010

    If your son was under age and the store sold him cigarettes you'd be shouting and bawling too, the policy applys to ALL!! You are simply discriminating against your own son by all you've just said, dont you see that? Now stop embaressing him and get over it.

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  • Th Nov 14, 2010

    Asda are not going to apologise to you for you discriminating against your own son!!! Their policy is to protect them against the law, and also to prevent underage drinking, smoking etc challenge 25 is applied to all age restricted products, as im sure they explained to you. Surely you want your son to be treated the same as others?? Beacause Asda challenge everyone who they think look under 25!!

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