Arizona Public Service Company [APS]residential bill for july 2018

D Aug 01, 2018

My total July 2018 bill was $150.45, the highest it has ever been in July since I moved to Arizona in winter 2012. Please note that I also installed solar power in July 2013 for which I pay monthly. So, I benefit from that investment by lower monthly usage purchased from APS.

Comparing my July 2017 bill of $76.68 with my July 2018 of $150.45, my 2018 bill was nearly double. Signing into my account, APS provided data that showed my electricity usage for July 2018 was below that of July 2017 and the temperatures for similar period two degrees lower than in 2018. So, whats' up? No further explanation. I know there was a rate hike in august 2017 but not enough to DOUBLE my bill!

The July 2018 vs July 2017 use comparisons revealed the following significant differences

Delivery Service Charge for 2018 ($47.94) vs 2017 ($11.21) or $36.73
System Benefits Charge for 2108 ($4.25) vs 2017 ($1.23) or $3.02
Power Supply Adjustment for 2018 ($7.01) vs 2017 (-$0.56) or $7.57
Federal Transmission and ancillary services 2018 ($16.87) vs 2017($2.16) or $14.71
Generation of off-peak elec 2018($35.62) vs 2017 ($27.54) or $8.08
Finally, virtually all other categories of charges were up slightly, as well. Approximate Total increase: $70.11

I tried to email APS customer service for an explanation but after a good 20 minutes trying to see how that is done, it became evident that it can't be done.

I am lucky in that I can afford to weather these increases. Many, many users can't. And, in the face of lower usage and cooler temperatures from 2018 vs 2017, I do not agree with how APS is able to pile on so many extra charges with impunity.

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