Aramex Internationaldelivery of my package

4 days ago my package arrived already and someone call me asking where to deliver my package, so i told him, but then i was waiting and wasted my time waiting for him and nobody came, the next day same thing happened again, and wasted my time waiting for him again, so after the second day no more calls, and then 4th day i followup and check that my package was in the warehouse because the reason was i did not answer their call, so i went to the Tabuk City main office and, they told me to come back tomorrow, and everyone of them just want to go home, and not even time to go home which is 8pm they go home earlier than 8 pm, so i want you guys to take action about that, i dont know how, but you should, that is unacceptable, the way they are handling customer service is so bad, thank you

Oct 08, 2019

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