Aramex Internationalcustomer service/delivery service


Regarding shipment # [protected] from Cairo to Brazil, an unexplained delay for about a month was occurred. Upon my follow up with the customer service team for over than two weeks on a status of "shipment on hold" at Sau Paulo, they were confused with no clear explanation for holding the shipment and kept telling me that one of the team would contact me with a clarification which never happened till the shipment was returned to Dubai hub!!! I knew from Aramex Brazilian agent DHL that they couldn't teach the receiver, then why no one would bother himself to notify me so I can make a move or contact the receiver or take a move or contact the receiver? Why did they leave the shipment on hold for a whole week without an action towards the receiver or the shipper? Even when the shipment returned to Dubai, I wasn't notified!!!
Now the customer service team offers three options either returning the shipment to Brazil for 105$ charge, to Egypt for 95$ or destroy it at Dubai hub. I am not happy with any of those options as it is the unprofessional team fault and irresponsible action at the first place to the extent that I should ask for a compensation for this expensive time and money loss. Kindly proceed to a strict and speedy action.

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