Applied Card BankPredatory lending and rudeness


"Predatory Lending and Rudeness" now have a new name: APPLIED CARD BANK. Beware of this so called "Bank". This company will charge you fees on top of fees, thus forcing you to go over your credit limit.

There is a monthly $10.95 for account maintenance, $6.95 for online payment, $32.00 for overlimit, $29.00 to $32.00 for late payment. To add insult to injury these fees will generate the same fees over and over again, like a domino effect. The funny thing is that Citibank, Bank of America and Chase Bank were all in front of Congress not too long ago for the very same thing, stiffing customers with fees. The presidents for these banks all looked like harmless creatures while they were all being grilled by Congressmen for their illegal credit practices. APPLIED CARD BANK does not seemed worried about their unfair and illegal banking practices, in fact their personnel is trained to be rude and challenging with customers. APPLIED CARD BANK hide in the shadows of bigger banks, there in the dark they mastermind how they will screw Americans because they know that the US government will go after the big banks, not the little ones like them. Ah, did I mentioned that even if you cancel your card the above fees will continue.These practices must stop, and unless Congress once and for all do something to stop these crooks we will be doomed. I am taking my case up to a higher level... please beware, do not go with this institution, you will regret it. Take this advice from a former customer of "PREDATORY LENDING AND RUDENESS".


  • Te
    Teresa Strong Sep 14, 2007

    This credit card company refused to take information over the phone when my husband was laid off work so we could enact the Account Security that we had signed up for. We were told the only way to do that was to do it on line... we didn't have a computer that had internet access at the time. (we weren't technically 'savy' at the time). We defaulted on the credit card and now they have an unscrupulous collection agency garnishing my husband's wages without notification to us.

    Now this collection agency that disguises itself as a "law firm" with the name Litow Law Office is asking us for a complete in depth financial statement in order to set up payments and stop the wage garnishment. They are nasty and rude. I need to know if this is legal in the state of Iowa to require this "Financial Statement". If anyone out there knows for sure let me know..

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  • Ma
    marie stassin Dec 28, 2007

    applied bank after not rectifying their billing mistake would not causing me over fees and as they call it late fees would not even agree to waive them at christmas when my child support was sent to another state by mistake for 8 weeks at xmas time. i am a divorced DISABLED MOTHER OF 2. not even able to have xmas they showed no mercy on us but continued to bill bill bill. they are evil. our other charge card company [capital one ] was nice about it and did. the difference is a reputable company versus a terrible on. marie

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  • De
    debra rothman Jan 25, 2008

    I can not get in touch with these people to cancel my card. PLease help if you have a number. thanks debbie

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  • Wi
    William Andres Feb 28, 2008

    This was by far, the most money sucking account I have ever had. Any credit card company that charges you for making a payment online is a company you want to avoid. They also charge a monthly maintenance fee if you have a higher than average credit limit. These guys have the worst record of extra fees for basically just having an account with them. Do not open an account with Applied Bank. You will be sorry. I am happy to say that my accounts are paid off and closed.

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  • Ro
    Robert Collins Mar 05, 2008

    I don't even remember signing up for this accoutn and never recieved a card from this company. But I did get a bill for $100 out of nowhere. Same day I called the bill was to 150 with the crazy fees they added on. I did call the service number though(watch out because one of the service numbers charges you 50 cents a call) and they said that they will cancel the card withdrew all charges. Although I dont know how much I trust them.

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  • Da
    Darren May 02, 2008

    I have tried contacting Applied Bank at the following number (484-840-2705) and went through the message loop a number of times at 5 to 10 minutes each time before being able to get to a customer service rep. When I was able to reach a rep she (Lisa) was not helpful at all. Her position as stated in other complaints was cold and sarcastic.

    I closed this account and have been trying to pay it off, but at the interest rate of 29.99% we are charged at least $52 dollars a month. They are by no means interested in helping us because this is money that they received to do nothing. I can only imagine how many others are being subjected to these types of scams by Applied Bank (Cross Country Bank).

    They continue to send out applications for new credit cards. They are a money sucking, charge happy company with horrible customer service practices.

    I am writing this to if possible keep others from making the grave mistake of doing BAD BUSINESS with Applied Bank (Cross Country Bank).

    I am going to get this card paid off and I will continue to speak against the practices of RIP OFF credit card companies like APPLIED BANK (CROSS COUNTRY BANK).

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  • Iv
    Ivan Trent May 17, 2008

    Frankly, after reading some of these complaints I am now better informed . With all the extra fees they appeared to tag on .I am sadden by what appears to be in my humble opinion questionable ethics . Some in my opinion would dub it, legalized extortion (putting it mildly). I have paid them twice monthly(4 months) up until most recent. My arguement is that how can I be late when I paid into my account TWICE A MONTH(paying well over the minimum due).Appears thier supervisors have trouble understanding my point. I also noticed it appears that you cannot email them to address concerns as like other card companies. Again I am sadden.

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  • Co
    Connie Jun 17, 2008

    I had been a customer of Applied Bank for 4 years. I'm self employed and have been for 11 years. I was issued a card with that information being disclosed at the time of approval. I recently have taken ill and have spent the past six weeks in and out of the hospital. Once I was able to get out and handle my personal matter I contacted Applied and explained my deliquent account. The customer service rep was very polite and I made a $732.00 payment which took my balance down very low. I sent a letter to put in my file to explain what happened. I called the next day to follow up with the payment I even sent western union to confirm they had posted it to my account, and to check my avaiable balance to only find out they had closed it. The customer rep should have disclosed that information . All of my other creditors wwas very willing to work with me and I'm current and back in good standings with them. NOT APPLIED!

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  • Sh
    Shannon R. Oct 03, 2008

    I have been recently inform about the preditory leading practices and decided to take a closer look at my own accounts. My research results showed that Applied bank had been charging my account with fees that are unexplained, and charges from a company, Bargain Shoppers. After it took me several minutes to actually speak to someone at Applied to dispute the charges, Applied Bank wanted to charge me for the dispute and then charge me to cancel my account and then to issue a new card, charges that would add up to about 65.00. The service reps were rude and of no help, putting the matter in my own hands. Because of the additional charges over the past several months (a few hunderd dollars) eventually it put me over my limit and they raised my interest rate to 28.99%. I tried to pay the account in full and to cancel my card, for nearly 10 days they kept my card in authorization status to keep me canceling my account and then charged me to do so. We as consumers need to be so very cautious as to whom we are doing business with and intrusting our bank and credit information with. Buyer Beware of Applied Bank!

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  • Da
    Daune Mobley Oct 20, 2008

    I have been n applied card holder for a few years now. I have recent;y moved and I posted a payemtn online and had accidently not put on the last digit to my account number. I did this with a few of my accounts because a 1 looked like a bracket to me. Needless to say my account was charged OVER 163 dollars for my mistake!!! This card is nothing but a scam for money. If you are close to your limit you then you are screwed. They do not bother to tell you that if you make only the MINIMUM payment that AGAIN next month you will be charged another $35.00 over limit fee. Every month it just keeps adding to your card and you never get caught up. I closed my account and will make sure that I get this paid off and tell everyone about the insanity of this company. I will also write congress and ask them WHY they let this take place. Afterall it is endorsed by the governemnt!! But then again maybe the government gets a profit of tis money they collect I think it is absolutely rediculous!!! IF YOU GET APPROACHED BY APPLIED JUST SAY NO!! If you already have an applied card (like me) I am sorry that you too got reeled in by this bank!!! I hope you will tell everyone like me not to get caught up inb this.

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  • An
    Angelica Resendez Nov 07, 2008

    Applied Bank has basically been a nightmare to me and I don't even have an account with them!! It started just a week ago when I recevied a new cell # that a local carrier gave me. To my surprise a charge off that a former applied customer had has my same cell # and I have tried to explain to Applied Bank that there has been a mistake. The phone calls come in every hour and do not stop until late into the evening, I have spoken to many different people and they promise me that they will stop but well no luck so far!! Now I have been promised yet again if I now fax them my name and # that they will take care of it? I'm not sure what to believe anymore, but when it is finally taken care of I WILL BE HAPPY TO HAVE NEVER DONE BUISNESS WITH APPLIED BANK!!!

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  • Na
    Natasha Roseboro Nov 11, 2008

    APPLIED CARD BANK IS BY FAR THE WORST CREDIT CARD COMPANY OUT THERE. I applied for a credit card with the company about 2 years ago. On June 9 of this year, I called APPLIED CARD BANK (561-982-9111) and spoke with a rep name Pat. I was able to close out my acct by paying 853.00. I paid by using a Visa Card and was given a confirmation number of 1E670995F. She went on to inform me that my acct would be closed out. On November 5 I get a call from some collection agency "law firm" Smith Debnam Narron Wyche saying that I have a debt collection of 1, 172.67. I spoke with Michelle and Tina on Nov 5. They both told me that I have to send them something in the mail stating that my acct is indeed closed out. I told them that APPLIED CARD BANK never sent me anything in the mail, but I do have a confirmation # and the rep to whom I spoke to. NO NO NO that was not good enough for them. I proceeded to ask Michelle when they got my info from ACB. She told me that ACB submitted my info on October 31 2008. FIVE MONTHS later ACB sends me to collection even after I closed out my acct. I called ACB the same day (NOV 5) and spoke to Annette. She was unable to locate my acct even after giving her my SS#. FINALLY, she found me in there system. She told me that it did show where I called in on June 9 and paid with a Visa Card in the amt of 853.00. I even had a balance of 94.37. She said that she would send my acct to the adjustment dept because I should have a ZERO balance and the acct should be closed. She told me to call back next week to make sure the acct was closed out. I called ACB on Nov 10 and spoke with Rocky. He was unable to find me in there systems and told me that my acct is closed/paid since my info is not in there system. I told him if he could send me something in writing so that I could send it to the law firm. He said that he could not since he could find my acct. I told him to transfer me to a manager on duty. He could not do that either because I did not have my 16 digit acct number. After finding my acct number, I called back on Nov 11. I spoke with Richard and gave him my 16 digit acct #. Once again, he could not pull me up in there system. He told me that the acct is closed out and there was nothing more he could do. I GOT SNEAKY. I called the "law firm" while on the phone with ACB. After joining both calls, Michelle told me that I could not have them on the phone. I said why not and got a response that they are a client. I said how well and that I need answers regarding my acct. Richard(ACB REP) said that my acct is closed/paid while Michelle was on the phone. I asked Richard how did they send my info out to a collection agency, but they cannot even provide any documentation of my acct in there system? I received no explantion. I even spoke with Reggie a manager with ACB. He told me that they kept my acct open for one month even though it was paid and closed out. He said that they sent me info about my acct, but he was unable to tell me that mailing address because there system is minimal. I have also sent my complaint to the Better Business Bureau. APPLIED CARD BANK NEEDS TO BE STOPPED AT WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO PEOPLE. I am not going to worry about this because I know I paid off this acct. BEWARE OF ACB.

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  • Ji
    Jill Mar 27, 2009

    I can not believe how rude these people are! I called there last night because they hit me up with a late charge for being 1 day late. After they imposed the 32.00 late fee, It put me over my limit so they say. I was then charged another 32.00 My minimum payment went from 35.00 a month to 199.00. Unreal! I called there to see if they would forgive the lateness as I have always paid on time and pay more than the minimum. I was told I have to send in a request via mail and it takes 4-6 weeks, In the mean time I have to come up with 199.00 or I will be in default. How is this legal in this terrible ecomomy where people are lucky to be able to put food on their table??? Is there a lawyer out there??? They are the rudest SOB's I have ever dealt with. I had to have my call escalated to three different people at Applied before I was able to talk to a somewhat professional person who actually was still an ###. I told her I can not believe this is how you treat the people who pay your salary. They are more like a collection agency than a credit card company. If they have to be this way, then stop giving out cards to people who don't pay. I pay my bills!

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  • Cv
    cvp Sep 07, 2009

    It is nearly impossible to speak with anyone over the phone and there is no email process on their web site to contact them. I was in good standing with my card until I was 1 or 2 days late thus accruing a late charge which then put me over the limit, then an over limit charge. I made a double payment but foolishly used the card after and again went over the limit, by $2.00. So I anticipate another over limit charge.I admit this was my mistake. One needs to be very cautious if using this card. They do not bill the overlimit or late feels until the last day of the billing cycle, so up until then you will be told you have such and such available credit . This is where the problem lies for me. Somehow I still think they did not credit me with one of my payments or billed an extra over limit fee, but it is nearly imposibel to figure all this out. And I have Master's degree. I plan to just pay it off and not use it anymore.I will say though, when I was having financial problems they increased my credit line immediately which I appreciated. They are business people and of course will do what they can to make money. As consumers it is our responsibility to read the fine print and spend within the limits of the card. Know that one late payment over overlimit occurrance can send you on a downward spiral of successive charges unless you put the card away for a while. I learned the hard way.

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  • Dj
    DJMofNJ Sep 26, 2009

    I ran into financial trouble, but am stil making efforts to pay - they have their india office call me all time of day - and mostly on weekend when I try to relax. The indian customer service men are rude and yell at me. It's from their culture I think that they don't see women as equals. They talk so fast I can't understand them, and when I ask them to slow down they get more angry. I just made a payment 3 days ago - and they called today and yelled at me demanding hundreds of dollars. I finnaly got fed up, hung up, and called back and got a rep in the U-S-A ! thank you God ! he was so nice.. he said to call the customer service # on the back of card - that way I will get someone in PA or FL. I am not a predjucial person, but it's just hard to understand the accent, and completely unacceptable to be treated that rude ! GOD BLESS THE USA !

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  • Ge
    Gerdal Oct 22, 2009

    I applied for a prepaid credit card, the first thing they do is take the money out of my checking.
    I was told that it would take a week, for them to decide if I would get the card. When I called to check on the card, I was told if I get the card it would take 1 to 2 weeks. And if I want to put money on my card, it would cost $10.00 to $15.00 just to add money to my account. Also their would be a charge to use the card each time. Come on this is my money I'm using; I don't mind a small charge to help with record keeping.
    I told them to close my account, and was told it would take 30 days to refund the money plus a $50.00 service charge, for what the only thing they did is use my money for almost 2 months. Please be careful they will take you anyway they can.

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  • Rw
    rwhidbee Nov 03, 2009

    This company just sets you up for a reoccuring cycle of fees. My worst credit card.

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  • Zo
    zorak99 Jan 07, 2010

    After much hassle I finally got a secured card with a 2000 limit (I sent them 2000). Even with my money sitting in the bank, they begin charging me a DAILY percentage rate (how is this legal), even with MY money sitting in the bank. Try to setup auto payments and its 7$ a month. So I pay the card regularly for a year, and I miss a minimum payment by 2 days (something like 70$ on the 2000$ credit limit), and now the card is DECLINED. Call them and they tell you their policy is to shut down the card for 2 weeks even AFTER they have recieved the payment???? So my secured card for 2000$, of which they got a payment in full 3 days ago, now is blocked for 11 more days for a balance of 70$. All of this is ok because its on their fine print... Gave me absolute joy to cancel the card and get my money back. How this predatory process is allowed to continue vs the financially vulnerable is ridiculous.

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  • Sa
    SaveMeFromACB Feb 02, 2010

    I've had this card for several years and i can't catch a break. The charges are absurd. No matter how much i pay them it's never enough...they find someway to charge me more so that i stay over my limit. Last Aug '09 they told me if i paid $120/mo for the next 3 months it would put me under my limit and erase any delinquent reporting on my credit reports...LIES! As of Jan '10 i was still $440 overlimit so i paid $480 to ensure that i would be under. Well i just got off the phone with a rep today 2/2/10 and she said my current balance IS under the limit however i was over the limit last month so i will get the $35 overlimit fee, plus the $15 maintenance fee, plus the $41 finance charge. You do the math...i'm back over my limit! The rep was so rude to me and basically said "you need to give us a high payment each month" if you want to get this cleared. After going to numerous websites and reading the complaints i'm afraid that when i do pay this off they won't actually close my account or send a letter and i'll still be in this runt. Does anyone out there have any ideals how to be done with ACB for good????? Pleaaaaase help!

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  • Pa
    pattyislivid May 13, 2010

    This "company" needs to be stopped - they harass you and charge fees that should/are illegal. Why won't anyone do anything abou this? I have contaced Attorney General's office and Better Business Bureau but who knows where that will go? Do something!

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  • Ei
    E in Fl Nov 04, 2010

    Four years ago I was trying to rebuild my credit after a bankruptcy. I was approved for an unsecured Applied Bank card. I made payments on time until about 6 months ago when I relocated to Florida. The job I came out for, wasn't there. I still continued to make the payments, but it became harder to do so. I found another job quickly, however it didn't pay as much. I fell behind. Then I started receiving the harassing phone calls. Then I had a checking account closed from under me. I had a payment scheduled but moved that over to my new opened checking account in the nick of time (that day). Apparently, when I called Applied to let them know of this they didn't notate any of this on the account. They have been chasing me for the past three months for a payment, and they have been trying to debit out of an account that has been closed. They call day and night. They call on Sundays, they are now my alarm clock. Its so nice to be woken up with a collection call. I have asked repeatedly for them to stop. I have been nice, angry, etc. they only respond with this payment is past due. You Jackwagons! I informed you of what happened. You still received a payment for that month
    I signed up with a credit counseling service. They are making payments on my behalf. These people still call. I am legally taking care of this debt. Applied is receiving payments.
    I've counted as many as 12 calls within two hours. Unacceptable. Other creditors are playing ball and working with me. Not Applied. I still owe them $50.00 from August. Friends, this simply isn't right.
    Do not get any card (Secured/Unsecured) from them. This financial organization is simply evil.

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  • Je
    Je Ba Bo Oct 27, 2011

    I set up an automatic debit from my bank account 6 months ago to get my balance back under my limit. Now, when I set up this payment arrangement the guy failed to tell me that the account had already been closed by them because I was a couple of months behind. Which is why I was setting up the payment the way I did. He told me that after the 6 months that my account would be back in "good standing" Fast forward to my last payment 6 months later. I get my statement and I am well below my credit limit, yet I have no available credit. In calling these crooks I was then informed that the account was closed and had been closed for the past 6 months!! So, this liar let me set this payment arrangement up all the while the account had already been closed!! I asked the rep why it had been closed and she said because the card had a balance...ok,'s a credit card, yes it has a balance!! I told her that just as sarcastically as it sounds. You just close a card because it has a balance? Who the hell does that!? Then she said I would have to submit my monthly income info and pay them fifty dollars just to submit a re-opening request!! You gotta be kidding me! Little do they know that they should have just done the right thing and be honest, because now they aren't getting another dime from me. Submt that you thieving ###. I can't wait til you get sued and closed down for good!!!

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