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Complaints & Reviews

undelivered macbook

I bought an Apple Macbook Pro Laptop online. And sent it to a friend who lives in USA. Apple sent the lap top with Fedex, and Fedex delivered the product to the security guy at the address. He never received the lap top.

From the building's security cameras it could be seen that Fedex did not deliver the package, but received a signature from the security guy. (They delivered some more packages but received one electronic signature for all of them) Probably the security guy did not count the boxes.

Fedex has a signature. The security guy doesn't claim delivering the package to the apartment.

In the end I paid for the Lap Top and I never received it.

I spent hours of time talking to all those people from Apple, Fedex, Security guy and the property management. I went to police.(I was there back then) I wrote to BBB. I did everything I could do.

First of all Fedex was not my choice, It was Apple's. Fedex delivered the box to the security person, not the name and address. Although the name at the delivery address was at home. The security guy says he doesn't remember receiving the package.

I blame Apple for working with a parcel firm that delivers packages to other people instead of delivering it to the person at the address. I paid Apple. I want my money back.

charged $199.00 for simple glass change

My first Iphone. I have 5 lines on the account and was going to get iphones on all 5. Until now. The glass was cracked and other than that the phone worked fine. Nothing else was wrong, just the glass. The guy replaced the little piece of glass in 2 minutes and charged me $199.00. That's right folks $199.00. I found out later that's what you charge, regardless. So the next time I want to be screwed, I'll know where to go. I am going to post this on all feedback sights so maybe somebody else won't get screwed. I already called ATT and told them. I also have a company account with ATT.

  • Gu
    gUidon Aug 29, 2009

    If you have no other electronics store you can go to and have only this one as an option, only then you should go to the Apple Store in Atlanta, GA. Please avoid this store at all costs. I expected the staff at Apple to be very friendly and calm but I was totally wrong. I expected way more than they are or can ever be. They are not at all helpful. Whenever you go to them for help they say that they are busy and give an excuse so that they can do what they. They are too busy among themselves to help anyone or answer any questions. When ever I went up to them they looked surprised and that surprised me coz that's their job that's what they are paid for to help me and you. But they have no idea what they are there for. The only time they are attentive is when a customer leaves the store. The staff is unhelpful and not friendly.

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  • Di
    dia3766 Apr 07, 2010

    ouch that is a expensive piece of glass, hopefully you can get the issue resolved

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  • Ar
    arubino99 Apr 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yup, it's expensive. You're asking for a piece of glass to be replaced on a device that costs $600. Yes, you may have paid less for yours due to subsidies from AT&T. But it still COSTS $400-600 somewhere along the line.

    It's also APPLE.
    You PAY for APPLE.
    It's their store. It's their hardware. It's locked to the service of their choice (AT&T).

    Did you ask what the replacement fee would be before you had it replaced?

    I don't really find this complaint legitimate. If you had asked the replacement fee, were told a different amount, then charged a higher rate, I would find merit.

    My advice: seek alternative cell phone solutions that aren't locked down to a single provider/manufacturer. Apple is not for you. Apple is for people that buy a special import car that only one dealer in their state sells. It's shiny, it looks cool, it performs well, but when it breaks... you gotta go back to that SAME dealer and pay his repair rates. And gauranteed, he'll overcharge for his services because he's the only one that can do it. Same with Apple.

    Also, complaining to AT&T is meaningless. They are the PROVIDER OF SERVICE, not the MANUFACTURER.


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  • Ru
    Ruchne May 02, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My iPhone 3Gs stopped working after 11 months of use. I called the apple tech support where they charge $30 to help make sure its not a simple problem. I hesitantly obliged knowing it wasnt a simple issue and figuring I wouldnt be charged when they found this to be true. Tech support has you hold down a couple buttons at the same time (which I already tried 20+ times myself.) So, they couldnt remedy the issue and I was told I would have to apply for a refund of the $30 since it was a problem w/ their product.

    I told her I didnt want to apply for a refund, I just wanted her to cancel the transaction then and there. She said he would, yet the charge is still on my statement. I wish this is where my complaint ends but it’s far from over. The technician told me there were a few ways to replace the phone, most cost more money and time without a phone. I chose to go into a apple store so they could replace it for me free of charge. Of course they set an appt for you not knowing if the store even has the product on hand.

    I asked if she could find out ahead of time to save me time and gas. She told me sshe could not dial out from her office and that I would have to call on my own. After spending $30 for absolutely zero help, this really pissed me off. So I took a deep breath and hung up w/ her and called the store. After a 15 minute wait on hold a representitve answered only to tell me they cant look up what products they have in stock and I’d just have to come in and hope it worked out. If they didnt they could send me to another store or order one for me.

    This is the MOST ridiculous thing I have ever heard! I dont have a working vehicle at the moment and this is a HUGE inconvenience to me! Not one bit of descent customer service in the whole company. I am appalled at the success of this horrible company. Shame on them!

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  • Th
    The Retail Action Project Jun 26, 2012

    Last year Apple generated over $16billion in revenue and despite having more stores per square foot than Tiffany's pay their employees only $11.91 compared to Tiffany employees at $15.60. Apple employees simply aren't getting their fair share of the profits despite such high expectations and their consistent efforts in exceeding goals. Are you employed at one of the Apple stores? Fed up with low wages and a lack of respect? Do you know your rights as a retail worker? If you are having difficulties at work or need help to advance in your career contact the RETAIL ACTION PROJECT now for FREE ADVICE AND WORKSHOPS on the retail industry at [email protected], 646.490.5925 or visit our website www.retailactionproject.org

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  • Pa
    Paulo Messina Jul 02, 2013


    FOUR days ago, I was trying to make a in-app purchase with my Apple iPad and got the message: "Purchase Could not be completed, for assistance contact iTunes Suppor at http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/ww/".

    I opened a ticket at the website, as instructed. Almost a DAY later i got a response that they were looking into the matter, but it "looks like a transaction failed to process". I said it was impossible, there was enough available limit on the credit card.

    But anyway, based on that feedback (AND I HAVE ALL THE E-MAILS), I bought pre-paid iTunes cards, total of US$ 300.00, and redeemed them into my account. The balance is now US$ 304.24. Then I changed the credit card option to NONE, so to be sure they would use my ALREADY paid money.

    Surprise, same result. The truth is account is blocked. It was never a credit card issue.
    The point is, the DAYS are passing and I got no solution so this SIMPLE matter. Total lack of respect and consideration towards the customers, that's a shame, Apple!

    I have money spent on that, and I have my rights to use it! If you have a credit card, NEVER NEVER give your money to Apple to use it later. I'm sure I'll never make that mistake again.

    Also, is there anyone that could give me a legal advice as what can i do now, since they're not solving the matter?



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  • Be
    Bessie Staley Dec 10, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ipad was purchased sept 2017, battery will not charged when connected to charger. I'm not sure if its the battery, charger or if the ipad itself needs to be replaced. Model#M736. SN.HQ20JHADIHAAJ 13073613754 my e-mail address is [email protected] Thanks in advance for your assistance in correcting this problem.

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non delivery by ems

An EMS parcel containing Laptop and IPod shipped from Shanghai, China was sent on 7.2.2010 through EMS vide No. EE277879334CN to my address 18-A, Old Mussoorie Road, Rajpur, Dehradun, India, 248009. However, the item is yet to be recieved by me though online tracking and queries to your customer care has revealed tat the item was duly recieved at Mumbai sorting centre and forwaded further to Delhi centre. It is from Delhi centre that the item is now not being tracked and not delivered to me. Kindly help me in getting my shipped items for which i have already paid in full. Thanks


Details as under:
Online Tracking EE277879334CN

    Your item was released from Customs(REPUBLIC OF INDIA MUMBAI PAR) at [protected]:55:00

Timing Site Status
  [protected]:25:00 SHANGHAI Posting
  [protected]:28:00 SHANGHAI Despatch from Sorting Center
  [protected]:03:42 SHANGHAI Arrival at Sorting Center
  [protected]:52:04 SHANGHAI Despatch from Sorting Center
  [protected]:45:00 REPUBLIC OF INDIA MUMBAI PAR Arrival at Sorting Center
  [protected]:55:00 REPUBLIC OF INDIA MUMBAI PAR Released from Customs

apple customer support

I had a rotten experience yesterday with the battery for my personal MacBook, and I think it will be my last. The computer is less than a year old and turns itself off when the battery power drops to 66%. The "genius bar" was staffed by a bunch of persons who looked and acted like they were teenagers full of caffeine, and no one could be bothered to check if the problem was actually my battery or my computer. They were rude, in a tremendous hurry, and did an overall terrible job of providing anything like customer service. The entire story is posted at: http://earthlyhappenings.blogspot.com/2010/02/customer-service-reviews-apple-store.html

  • Lu
    Lumpy Dec 13, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My sister ordered my daughter an iPod online and this is what she had to say about the experience:
    I can't believe how difficult it was ordering the thing! I should complain to Apple.

    I've never had such a hard time. Between the questions it asked regarding the county it was going to, and the signature requirement I just about gave up. They even phoned me this morning because they said there was some confusion regarding what was the billing address and what was the mailing address, although when I gave him the information he put me on hold for 15 minutes! I was able to fold a load of laundry, make my bed, brush my teeth and apply my make-up while on hold! When he got back on the phone he didn't give a reason for keeping me waiting and said everything was fine. Maybe they suspected I was using an unauthorized credit card or something. Anyway, they just sent me an e-mail saying the product has been shipped. On the address they sent it to they didn't put the name of the company, even though I had submitted it with the order. So, be on the look-out as it is just being sent to xxxxx. I assume that your company is the only one in that suite, but it is really unbelievable to me that they are so high tech and they weren't able to get anything with my order right.

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  • Ma
    macosxmac Aug 30, 2010

    You say that it unbelievable that they are so hi tech and they couldn't get your order right, when you previously specified that it was difficult ordering it. Maybe you couldnt understand their website properly and made an error. Apple's online store is very simple to use and order from. One thing I noticed you say was the amount of time that you were on hold for, Apple is a busy company you know, and they have to deal with numerous consumers also.

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  • Ta
    Tayla sjoberg Dec 12, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a iPhone 6 Plus 4 months ago from Fulham gardens target and the phone is faulty the Battery is close to exploding the screen is popping out and they are refusing to help absolutely ridiculous I've had a second opinion from a phone expert and they said it was the battery and to be careful it may explode. Very unhappy customer!

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  • Jo
    joe2113 Jun 23, 2019

    How is it that these updates take upwards of 30-45 min to push through. For a normal everyday customer it may be tolerable but for someone who sells your products this is a huge inconvenience and waste of time.

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  • Ma
    mashny Jan 01, 2020

    The new Apple Books is terrible. lt looks pretty but is much less functional than the program under iOS 12.

    With the icons as large as they are there is no room for the four-across/shelf view, leading to a claustrophobic feeling, and an inability to proprely view your library. You need to bring back the ability to view your books in such a manner

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credit card fraud

Discover card statement had two large charges from apple online store Ca. 1st charge was $1, 200.00 the 2nd $1, 300.00. Discover cancelled card and said an investigation will be determined within 90 days.
Discover validated charges as fraudulent yet how was merchandise sent to another address without first determining if that large purchase is even valid? Shipping expensive purchases other than to my address should immediately be flagged as suspicious activity. Is this store in violation of such activities as a regularly known occurance? Or is this a case of lax security on behalf of discover card?

Please know these events took place today and are disturbing to see.

Please help me if there is anything that can be done in addition to before mentioned

david tumpeer

  • Mc
    MCDuggan Dec 23, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a charge on apple online on 12/22/2015 on my check card made in CA. I did not make the purchase even though it was taken out of my account. I believe if more information had been taken this would of not gone through. When I called apple they told me after it had been put through they caught it in their second phase. Of course I'm tbe one who is out the money and at Christmas time no less. I have checks coming in from my children which are going to bounce. If they know it was fraud and was done illegally then why won"t they put my money back in as fast as they take it?? They now tell me I won"t have it for 8-10 days. So who suffers?? ME. I will not ever buy anything g apple again. I believe they need to verify better than taking your money first.

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loss of items check in baggage

Grandhi S V Amarendra
Grandhi K R V N Anasuya Ambica Devi
22B-8-18/2A, Chadalavada Vari Street
(Ambica Street), Powerpet
ELURU – 534 002.
Andhra Pradesh, India.
Mobile : [protected]
Office : [protected]
Residence : [protected]
Emirates Airways
Baggage Services
Dubai, UAE.
Ref : -Flight No. EK 528, Date : 02-01-2010, Seat No. 35 K, 35 J. Dubai to Hyderabad.
Sub: - Loss of items in Hand/Check in Baggage.
With reference to the above details we wish to inform you that we have travelled from Dubai to Hyderabad as per above details. We are very happy with the services given by you throughout our journey (Hyderabad-Dubai-Mauritius-Dubai-Hyderabad).
When we made check in at Dubai we gave 4 pieces as check in baggage which we received at Hyderabad airport in a very safe and good condition.
Before boarding in Dubai airport on 02-01-2010 we have purchased 2 pieces of Apple Ipod Touch 32 GB Generation 3 at 1011 C2 Mobiles-Cameras at Dubai Duty Free, worth of DH 2550 and Few chocolates at 1004 C2 Food Plus and Toys – west, worth of DH 908. We kept these items in a Zip bag which is unlocked. When we entering into the aircraft at aero bridge we are asked by your staff that this hand baggage is over size and we are asked to make this bag as check in baggage. Though we are not interested we are forced to do that. We are given a tag also no. EK 772043.

When we came down to Hyderabad we received the bag also. From Hyderabad we came to our place which is 500 KMs away from Hyderabad on 03-01-2010 morning. Then we opened the luggage we came to know that 1 piece of Apple Ipod Touch 32 GB and few chocolates are missed. We cannot digest ourself why this is happened in renowned emirate airways.

I am requesting you to enquiry in this matter and do the needful. I am having all the boarding cards, baggage slip, bills also. Further if you require any information I can able to provide you.

Expecting an early reply.

Thanking you,


G S V Amarendra

awful quality products

Like millions of others that were drawn by the Apple Iphone, I bought mine in Aug '07 and in addition to the phone purchased a 3 yr (extended) warranty plan. A few days ago my phone stopped working altogether and when I took it to the Apple store, I was told that the phone was water damaged as indicated by the indicator. Therefore my warranties would not hold and I would have to buy a new phone. I found that to be a ridiculous technical judgement (and service) because having owned the phone I know that the worst case contact with water could be a slight drizzle that escaped from the sides of an umbrella. And that is expected to be weathered by any phone. My blackberry never failed me all these years!

Why would I ever buy an Apple product when today I lost all my faith in the company. I believe they are cheating millions of people with a product that looks cool without honoring their commitments to repair faulty devices. They even hire 'cool' looking people at the store. For what? It's all about looks...looks that cloak bad customer service. Today I also realized another thing - I know the IPhone will not last as the hottest selling phone...It lacks what the Blackberry and Nokia learnt long ago - good customer service.

  • We
    Well Travelled May 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I personally don't have and have never had a single apple product for myself. But there are 7 kids about me that use these products, i pod, i phone and laptops. - I gotta tell ya, those products get a bashing, beating, thrown, dropped, spilled upon, screen slapped hard down closed, and much more!


    So, I think sometimes, some people unfortunately, do get a glitch and when the customer service is not up to scratch and problems occur, it doe slook bad. I see a few complaints on here about apple, but often the service warranties are not done by apple but by sub contractors, sound like you had a bad experience.

    I honestly think overall for the millions and millions of products that Apple distribute, sell & maintain, there will be a few complaints. You can please some of the people most of the time, but you can definitely not ever please all of the people all of the time.

    Anyhow, hope it all gets sorted.

    Good luck :)

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  • Ma
    macosxmac Aug 30, 2010

    Awful quality products?! - first I have heard of it! Apple products have a superior standard. Maybe you just had one of those rare devices that do not function properly. millions of people are happy with their Apple devices, so that just shows you that Apple's products are not the awful quality you speak of. Maybe you personally don't like Apple, but that doesn't mean their products are bad quality.

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misleading ads

On Tues, Nov. 17, 2009..I foolishly clicked on an ad to try a new iMac for free:


"Get a MacBook Air-in the color of your choice-FREE
with Reward Offer Purchases"
Of course my focus was on the words "FREE" and "reward" instead of the word "purchases"

I clicked through the links of typing zip code, email addy, home address, home phone, and yes, bank acct #(Luckily I used my old acct that is about to expire in a few months). Within an hour the phone was ringing with telemarketer calls..calling from one to 5 times an hour till about 9PM, and the process started all over again today. Today I am trying to undo the damage and hopefully save myself from having my acct drained and my credit score ruined.
I will detail the Reward Offer Purchases in their each own separate complaint forms
Note to self ~~"This is to remind me that the price of FREE on the internet has already cost me $20"
and I am posting these complaints so that hopefully it can remind others before they pay for "FREE"

  • RaVen Blackehart Feb 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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bank debit pending

I have a $1.00 debit pending that I NEVER authorized for something I don't even know what it is. I don't own an I Pod or play any kind of music on my computer. The charge pending is for APLITunes; I don't know what that is; but I certainly never gave my bank debit info to this nor any company. I had to close my debit card and I'm very frustrated with people and companies that misrepresent themselves and let themselves into my private and personal information and literally pay themselves from my bank account. I am very angry. Today $1.00 tomorrow, who knows? How do these computer companies get my private information and use it without any authorization? I would be in jail if I did that! I now have to go without a debit card to protect myself. If I find a class action lawsuit I will definitely become a part of it. I have my bank records I will not share here; but I have them and my bank's notice that this was not authorized. I hope this company loses alot of customers; they are not trustworthy. Kathy Manos

  • Sf
    SF67guy Jan 20, 2010

    Wow. I think I know what might have happened. Someone got their hands on your debit card information. And as a test, they attempt to make a $1 purchase on Apple iTunes. If the iTunes purchase is successful, then they go and buy something substantial using your debit card.

    I just got my credit card info ripped off a few days ago. I got a call from Citibank fraud detection asking if I just made a bunch of purchases totaling $280, one of which was for train tickets in NORWAY! Sure enough, someone got my credit card info somehow. I had to cancel that card number, get a new card, and now I have to inspect my statements and report what is fraud and what is legit. A real pain in the neck.

    Last summer some thief was kind enough to use MY checking account and PayPal account to buy a $1400 camera lens on Ebay. I have no idea how they busted my passwords and made this fraudulent deal. By time I knew what happened, my checking account was overdrawn $600 and I had checks bouncing left and right. And I had to threaten my own bank to refund all the overdraft charges. It wasn't my fault! Pay Pay refunded my money about 2 days later. But what a pain!

    Now I am being really careful. I don't know what the answer is. Stop shopping online. Stop writing checks. Use postal money orders. Only deal in cash with people you trust. IT'S CRAZY ANYMORE!

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  • Ka
    Kamal mann Mar 14, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Over charged c/card nearly $1000 and I don't no how to find out

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my store limited is scam. fraud theft company


macbook pro is unstable and bad for business!

I've always been a Windows based PC user, however after repeatedly seeing Apple ads about how much better a Mac is compared to a PC, I decided to purchase a Macbook Pro and give Apple a shot. Actually that is not entirely correct. The fact that my old computer (which was a Sony Vaio laptop) was a total piece of crap might have had something to do with it as well. By the time I purchased the Macbook, I was missing a few keys on the keyboard and the casing for my Vaio was breaking into three pieces. Not to mention, my battery completely died and I had to keep the damn thing plugged into a socket all the time to get any use from it at all. So by the time I got my Macbook, I felt like I really didn't even have a Sony laptop anymore; it was more like a crappy Sony desktop (Just for the record I actually treated my Sony laptop pretty good, and this was normal wear and tear that caused my ### computer to fall into pieces). <br />
<br />
So yea annoyed at the build of my Sony laptop, I go into a Bestbuy and buy my Macbook Pro right there on the spot. Thinking to myself that after this purchase I'm going to be in high tech heaven and all my problems are going to just go right away. Much to my dismay, I would find out that the Macbook severely limits business users, and if you actually have to access specialized programs and websites for your work, purchasing a Macbook, atleast for now, is not be a very good idea. <br />
<br />
Now, I don't like to sit here and give computer companies a bad name for no reason at all. I do like a few things about my Macbook Pro. First it looks really shiny and cool. I was even getting envious looks from the Bestbuy cashier who checked me out. She even went so far as to tell me that she had a Windows PC because the Macbooks were so out of her league (because they are more expensive than Windows based computers). I felt really good there for a second, hah. So in addition to the look of the Macbook, it is built way better than my Sony Vaio. It feels sturdier and it doesn't have a cheap plastic casing holding all the parts together. <br />
<br />
However, as I spent more time with my Macbook Pro after I brought it home, I realized that what I bought wasn't cut out to be all that the Apple ads had promised. First of all since I use my Macbook for my company, I get a lot of use out of it. It's on for quite a few hours during the day because almost everything at my company happens on a computer. Everyday I seem to have to reboot my machine because it starts acting funny if I don't . In comparison, I only had to reboot my windows computer every few days. Second, a lot of websites don't even work with the Safari Web browser that they have installed on the Macbook Pro. I can't access two very important websites that I need to use for my work from my computer. They are not compatible with the Safari web browser (thank God I have a spare Toshiba windows based laptop lying around). Third, during my spare time I like playing online yahoo games. Often times while I'm playing a game online, my safari web browser just suddenly crashes and the whole screen just goes white. That almost NEVER happened on my windows based Sony computer (even though it was built like total crap). Fourth, I have noticed that everything downloads slower on my Safari web browser when I go to any website on the net. Even on my crappy Sony laptop, stuff used to download faster. <br />
<br />
So together all these issues are causing me a LOT of grief, and I am VERY technologically dysfunctional at my work. Until Apple clears up some of these issues, or I guess eventually down the line web developers start making applications and programs that are compatible with both the Apple and Windows based web browsers, I do not recommend that professional, working people buy Apple computers as their primary computing machines.

  • Lo
    lordfreespace Sep 14, 2009

    I'm not to sure about the Apple operation system concering your crashes and whatnot, but you can try using an alternative browser (such as IE 0r Firefox).

    http://www.firefox.com <---Try this one, it's stable, secure, and very popular. It's a more mainstream browser so your specalized websites may work with this patciular browser.

    You can also try installing internet explorer 8 from Microsoft. Just google "internet explorer" and you should find a link to the most recent version.

    Good luck!

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  • Bo
    bobtheman Sep 14, 2009

    I have no idea what you're talking about. If you can't use a Mac, you're an idiot. Safari is the best Web browser there is. Very fast. Very stable. Seriously. If you can't figure out a Mac, you must really not know a thing about computers.

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  • Jw
    JWLambert Aug 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Websites not running on a Mac will not be an issue with you running on a Mac. I would suggest going to an Apple Store and paying $99 for one-on-one support. You likely will be doing much better afterward. I'd also suggest using the Firefox browser or, though I haven't used it, Chrome. I just bought a MacBook Pro and love it. I also use it constantly all day long in my business. I do, however, run VMWare Fusion for those apps that don't run on a Mac.

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  • He
    HersheyPhoto Jun 12, 2011

    I have to preface everything I am about to say with the fact that in my lifetime of 26 years I have ONLY ever used Macintosh computers. We got our first mac when I was 5 in 1989 and I got my own mini mac in the early 90's. Since those beginnings I have become not just a macuser, but an adamant shopper with Apple. I have purchased 4 iPhones from them (3 full price), 2 computers, endless software and updates, and an iPad. I have always loved their customer service and felt good about the relationship I was developing with them over the years. I own a successful photography company and am at the point where I am expanding every year, and a big part of that is purchasing more hardware like computers and other products Apple offers, but I am at the point that I'm starting to believe the expense and "customer service" are not really what they say them to be.

    My first complaint goes back to a few months ago. My DVD drive - which as a photographer who needs to burn images for clients - I use often, and it just suddenly quit on me. I sent it into apple in January and I did not test it right away when it came back — because I assume that anything I send to Apple is going to come back fixed when they say they have fixed it, and I do not need to test for shoddy workmanship. This was not the case. And during my slow season in the early spring I did not realize I had a problem until a few weeks ago. I was receiving the same error and having DVDs rejected (regardless of the make, I have many different brands in my house) and it was only working about 25% of the time. I got one to burn finally and sent it to my client, who later called to complain that the DVD he received consisted solely of corrupted JPGs which upon loading in the finder crashed his whole computer. I called Apple, prior to hearing about the corrupted DVD, and was told, "You just need to burn the CDs and DVDs at a lower speed." Okay - so I purchased a 3 year warranty and your answer to me is that the computer has capabilities listed that I actually shouldn't be trying to use? I have to say also that the man I spoke with, who was a supervisor, was incredibly curt with me and I felt a little slighted that that was his response. However, I don't really have time in the summer with weddings and graduations to send my computer off to be fixed for two weeks, so I just hoped that this would work. It hasn't, and I can't even burn a CD in iTunes at the lowest speed. I called AGAIN and reluctantly I was told by another supervisor who made me feel like she was doing me a huge favor by letting me resend something in that never was fixed, that I could once more send my computer in and she would kindly email me her contact information. I WAS NEVER CONTACTED POST-PHONE CALL. Which means in the midst of making phone calls to clients and the likes I have to call Apple back again, wait for an available supervisor, and deal once more with a rude personality that acts like I'm somehow trying to take advantage of the system.

    In addition, I rarely keep projects I'm working on or music on my hard drive on my computer, but use an external drive. I noticed that there was about 40GB of space that I could not account for. After running DiscInventory there was a folder listed as "private" which did not appear in the finder. I was able to safely delete the files I needed to from there with a little work around. Two weeks later the same problem has happened again. I don't understand why my computer would be generating log files that large or that quickly. But I ran DiscInventory again and moved the files to the trash. One of those files was "VAR". APPARENTLY within those files is the log for the administrative password, a log which is activated in order to put the folder in the trash in the first place. However, once the folder has been moved to the trash, the only way to restore it is with an administrative password, which means running the log file for that which is currently in the trash and cannot be run. Do you see the vicious cycle?

    I have looked everywhere all over the internet and I cannot find any responses on how to solve this problem, even through the terminal. The only "possible" option is to reinstall and backup your data. FUNNY STORY I can't activate time machine on the hard drive I need to use WITHOUT an active administrative password.

    In the meantime I'm going to be receiving a call from Apple first thing in the morning. Who wants to bet I have to pay the $30 for the phone call?

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  • Ka
    Kamal 3142 May 12, 2013

    Dear sir,

    This complaint of mine is to the apple technical team wherein i want to state that i have bought an Apple notebook mac book pro i7 in 2012.
    This machine was under warranty for one year and i respect the warranty policy but my mac book started some OS problem in the initial 9 months and i took it otherwise. later after about 2 more months my laptop used to hang after every 10-15 seconds. when i went to an apple center, the guy at the technical center seen my laptop and said this is a normal problem and advised to format my laptop with the genuine OS which came with the Mac book.

    And i did as per the advice given to me by the technical assistant and the Apple center But now after 3 -4 months i am facing the same problem and now the warranty is void.

    When i am trying to put a complaint on the apple official site it is showing that my technical assistance is expired, i know it is expired but i just want to raise a complaint to the apple technical team that i bought mac book instead of buying HP and DELL just because of the brand name but never expected that this machine is only waste of money and time because only in 9-10 months it started screwing my head.

    Earlier i have used HP Compaq 6710b series business laptop and it is such a fantastic machine even after 5-6 years it is working properly.

    Its my humble request to the Apple team that please do the needful because now i cannot pay more for this system problem in my Mac book.
    and its not that i am using the machine in some harsh conditions and i never ever thought that an Apple machine will become problematic like this.
    My Mac book series no. is C02FTD9LDH2H. I know that Apple is one of the best brands in the world but what is the fun in having an Apple product if the customer is not happy after buying it.

    please do the needful
    kamal mehra


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iphone 3g 8gb screen flicker / now out $199 defrauded

Watch out giving Apple a credit card number. They use it when they want too...

I had been a happy Apple customer and between my wife and i we both own Iphones. UNTIL NOW

My wifes iphone had a screen that started flickering and we spent 3 hours on with an apple support representative only to be told that the phone needs to be replaced. I thought wow great. Luckily i purchased the AppleCare protection plan. The support person setup a replacement under the applecare plan and said he needed a credit card number incase i never returned the faulty phone. It seemed reasonable at the time so i gave him the number again assuring it would only be charged if i did not return the faulty iphone. Well little did i know that a weeks later i would receive a letter from Apple that i was being charged for the "damaged" iphone. I called to only be told that the phone had "water damage" which only adds insult to an already bad situation. Let me be clear this phone was kept in a case and out of the way of WATER at all times. I was asked did i use it while it was raining??? are you kidding me?? maybe i dropped it in water... umm NO well maybe i spilt something on it. Are you kidding with the price they make you pay for these darn phones it was treated like gold. Kept in a case and well cared for. I asked many times for the proof of water damage. The first time i was told that is Apple Proprietary information. Finally today i get a halfway blurry picture of what i am told is proof of water damage. I have spoken to 2 supervisors at apple support and both tell me that i am out of luck. They make the final decision and i must pay the charge. I am looking for your support and help to get this applecareless issue resolved.

All i would like is what i have paid for a working Iphone and not to be defrauded out of money because they had my credit card "on file". Apple has no authorization to charge my card yet refuses to reverse the charge.

Attached you will find the "proof" of water damage.
Does it show the SN of my old phone? NO
Does it show the damage? NO
Does it show why the screen stopped working? NO
How do i know his was my returned Phone?
I was told this is all they have on file.

Decide for yourself. Is this my returned phone and is there water damage? I ask you the public to speak with your dollars and common cents... Do we stand for apple defrauding customers?? I know i will never purchase another apple product.

My repair ID with apple is D25356865 if Apple wishes to try and reasonable save a few customers and resolve this issue. My contact info is in the file.


iphone 3g 8gb screen flicker / now out $199 defrauded

tony jarad & noelle jarad

Tony & Noelle Jarad are complete fraudsters. They do not have a real supplier and are not authorised...


I requested support from Apple Customer Care in holding there applications accountable good quality support and service. In this case, the company named PlayMesh in my opinion provided me very poor customer service including an accusation of possibly stealing without any probable cause.
Apple reply; the iTunes Store Customer Support team does not evaluate and review these applications. Please note that developer is the best resource for information about this application. Therefore, I recommend you contact them directly.

This is Apple’s way of showing there ownership into their customers. Now I have a $600.00 iPhone with no confidence of any quality support.

  • Mi
    Minervia Newman Jun 26, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I brought my phone to the Farmington, CT Apple store for only camera issues. The tech diagnose my phone and I was told my battery and camera stabilizer needed to be fixed. I was ok with paying for that service. Returned to the Apple Store and was told that the new stabilizer didn't pass the test. Note that I was able to use the camera but not up to apple standards. The battery they said was fine THEY said. The tech suggested I buy another phone for $300+ because they were unable to fix the phone... I said no and left the store. Couple hours later no audio/cant take calls unless phone on speaker. Today, I can't see/use camera/FaceTime or have audio...I didn't go to Apple with these issues or told that I have or would encounter these issues... This is putting me in a ugly situation that Apple created by messing with my phone... This shouldn't happen to anyone!!!

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customer service

Employees at the Apple Retail store in Delaware are shockingly arrogant when it comes to interacting with the customer. The old adage of "the customer is always right" does not apply to the business model of this store. Today while in the store, I witnessed a teenage showing a lack of respect to a more mature customer. Not only did the teenage did not know how to escalate the customer's concern but she showed a stubbornness that is all too familiar with parents who have teenagers who think that they are the world. The customer who was being verbally assaulted by the teenager went to find the manager. As I was accompanying the customer to find the manager, I thought that the situation would be resolved. Boy was I wrong! The manager lacked managerial skills and did not have the ability to amend a relationship with a customer. The manager failed to see the value a customer brings to the store. Furthermore, the manager failed to listen to what the customer was saying. He focused on minor points and did not understand the major complaint of the customer. Instead of taking the initiative to inform the customer that he will handle the situation (as is customary of most retail stores) he asked the customer what he should do.

This experience has showed me that Apple, though an innovator in consumer electronics, is not concerned with the value of a customer. Apple is turning society into mindless computer systems and heartless humans.

  • La
    Larry Blaker Aug 30, 2009

    I found the same lack of customer support and respect at the Indianapolis Keystone Square store (Aug. 30 2009) I went in to upgrade my iphone to a G3 and what I found was a store that lacked any organization. I doubt that the sales reps (if that’s what they are) could even recognize a customer, basally I was ignored. When I started to ask an employee at the counter about the iphone I was rebuffed and told I would need to talk with one of the floor employees? I walked out! This was a waste of my personal time, which is very valuable to me. The impression I got was argent snobbery.

    Larry Blaker

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  • Es
    esaydoesit Sep 13, 2009

    Argent Snobbery not only available in Apple Retail Stores 9-13-09

    I first purchased an "ipod starter kit" from Sam's Club back in the late 90's. $350 with tax.
    Included software, ipod, earbuds, fm transmitter, and usb cable.
    It worked so well, I fell in love with it!
    Last fall, I noticed it started to malfunction so, I purchased a new ipod classic directly from Apple. No software, just ipod, earbuds, usb cable came. Shortly after purchasing the new ipod, I purchased a bose sound dock for a Christmas present for myself. $350 + tax and shipping on the ipod, $400 for the sound dock. (I save for an entire year, sometimes longer, to purchase what I consider one nice Christmas gift for myself.)
    I have been online continuously trying to download the iTunes application since the time of my purchase to no avail. "iTunessetup.exe is not a valid win32 application". I have been to the "troubleshooting" page and tried absolutely everything recommended by Apple to rectify the problem, still nothing. After nearly two years of trying online, today I finally called Apple customer service to explain my dilemma and try to obtain a software cd-rom. After all my expense, I thought it would be proper compensation.
    Having to pay for an isp, leaving my PC on for days at a time uses a lot of electricity as well.
    The customer service rep could only express to me things I already knew, try to charge me an additional $30 for some type of agreement, repeatedly put me on hold, and tell me there would be some huge expense for purchasing the software cd-rom I was requesting.
    I ended myself conversation with the representative as politely as possible. I told him I could not afford any more expense with an already defective product and that requesting a software cd-rom was my last resort to repairing the problem.
    Over $1, 000.00 in purchases, time, electricity, frustration, having to restore my PC about 100 times.
    Maybe not much to some.

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  • Al
    allenm80 Jan 14, 2011

    My friend and I purchase thousands of dollars worth of Apple products a year and we both can honestly say they, literally, have the WORST after purchase customer service of any company we have ever dealt with no matter what location the store is at. The people dealing with issues after purchase could not be more rude and could write the book on giving attitude. It does not matter the dollar amount you spend with this company...all people are treated equally - like [censor]!

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  • Li
    limo2go Feb 25, 2011

    What's that old saying:? Burn me once, your fault. Burn me twice, my fault. Why, after having trouble on 3 out of 5 vacations, would you continue to subject yourself to this company???

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  • Li
    limo2go Feb 25, 2011

    The post by limo2go for this complaint was added to the wrong one. It applied to Apple Vacations.

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  • Ju
    junior deleon Nov 05, 2013

    yes hi i have a e63 nokia and is not getting my telcel phone chip and the phone is telcel.can you please help thanks.

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apple lock my phone with no waring at all.

Apple has lock out my phone; Im a current customer in good standing with ( AT&T/ APPLE) and about May or...


tony jarad/kevin reid both these people are scam artsit

tony jarad will take you moey and run he is just a fraud he will get a few pcs of iphone from the retail shops and send them to you then he will take your money but never ship your stock. dont trust him at all he is nothing but a theif the australian police fraud dept is after him if you have any dealings with this person or company please put your contact info here as we are putting a huge case against him for all the people he has scammed

  • Lo
    lonely2009 Jul 20, 2009

    Can you please contact me via email [email protected]
    Is his supplier real and did you meet Kevin Reid? Is he associated with Kevin Reid as this man doesn't have a good record according to other consumers. Please contact me.

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  • Lo
    lonely2009 Jul 21, 2009

    scammedbyappleiphoneking, i've contacted the police in Melbourne, you have exaggerated your story a tad little dont you think? I've ordered more than once and have always recieved my stock...so what is the real story behind your dealings with this company? If this person has done so many people wrong and defrauded them, his name would be plastered all over the internet. Especially for those of us he supplies to in Australia...us Aussies dont take being ripped off very well! Maybe he has pissed you off for some reason. You havent really explained what happened in this thread and are ignoring my emails, so I take it you are bitter about a deal or this company doesnt want to deal with you and you have taken it upon yourself to slander them. Like I said, I have dealings with this company and have not been duped in anyway.

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  • Er
    e-roberts Jul 25, 2009

    I only heard negative things about Kevin Reid. He's constantly changing his number. I found out one of his numbers he was calling me from was from a payphone in Toronto Canada.

    Tony Jarad is unprofessional and never keeps delivery dates. Make sure to deal with these people via www.escrow.com or some third party company to manage the funds. Don't trust them b/c they never have inventory.

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  • Lo
    lonely2009 Jul 26, 2009

    are you saying you've never received stock from Tony Jarad's company? I know the stock is pre-ordered from the manufacturer in China...i do know there can be delays when getting the stock when its pre-ordered as mine took at least 2 weeks to get.
    Do you know any associates of Tony Jarad that I should be concerned about? Does he actually have ties with Kevin Reid cause he doesnt sound like a good person to have ties with!

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  • Er
    e-roberts Jul 29, 2009

    Yes, Kevin Reid is his main point of contact in the US. Kevin is a old, grumpy, pushy, lying man. No, I have never received any phones from Tony Jarad's company "Apple Iphone King", he never could meet delivery schedules. Kevin and Tony always went around my back after I brought customers to them! They are not professional business men!

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  • Bu
    BUYER 09 Aug 04, 2009

    i have recived my stock from apple iphone king with no problems e-roberts you are the scamer you take peoples money and never deliver the goods so why are you slandering other people to get your self out of the ### go and get a life
    you blame other people all the time i have been told about you e-roberts, kevin reid is a broker thats all so what is your problem you lie to people about you car crash you are full of ### the person that had a car crash was another broker not you i know so dont lie

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  • Bu
    BUYER 09 Aug 04, 2009


    you sound bitter are you the guy from texas the one who lied about your dealings and the one who scamed people out of $300, 000.00 usd is your name nick and from jardoo llc your name is all over the internet no wonder why appleiphoneking does not want to deal with you i waited 4 weeks for my stock tony jarad rang me a few times a week to keep me upto date so what is your problem, you sound very bitter because the deal did not go your way
    you suck maybe people should slander your name all over the internet, so people know who you realy are

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  • Ap
    appleiphonekingfraudster Sep 03, 2009

    Buyer09 is Tony & Noelle Jarad hiding behind a bogus buyer. scammedbyappleiphoneking is speaking the truth about Tony Jarad and Apple Iphone King. They have comitted fraud with alot of people overseas and also in Australia.
    Do not deal with them.
    Soon they will find their faces all over the tv stations nationwide for defrauding alot of people. They have no honor or morals. Noelle is a fat blonde poor excuse for a female and tony Jarad is a fat bald short excuse of a male. tony jarad cheated on his wife with a prostitute in melbourne when he entertained us. Its all on video of his infidelity. theyve even ripped off another two people within australia. they were given the chance and benefit of doubt by one of their unsuspecting buyers to refund money and they have refused. Do Not deal with Tony Jarad or Noelle Jarad aka Apple Iphone King or Noelle Superstores. They are fraudsters and have blamed everyone else..meanwhile theyve ripped over $350, 000 from alot of people. Alot of chargebacks have been done also and have left other buyers in the hold. If you've been scammed by these two poor excuses for human beings, contact the victorian police in Melbourne. Email me for details.

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apple &policy&

I guess I can't say I was not warned about the incredibly poor customer service and arrogant attitude of Apple.
After buying the new iPhone 3GS, and having it less than 2 weeks, phone over-heating and inability to keep a charge forced me to seek a replacement. After contacting Apple technical support, I was informed that indeed, I needed to have the phone replaced. I was also informed that my only options to do so was to allow Apple to hold onto $700 of my money while the new phone was shipped to me and my phone was sent back... or travel over 30 miles to the nearest Apple retail store (Northridge, CA) to get the replacement in person, alleviating the need for the ransom. I opted for the retail store option. I made a reservation to meet with one of their "Geniuses" (that's what they actually call themselves. Further example of the Apple arrogance). Since I was traveling such a great distance, I called to verify that they would have one in stock. I was informed that they would not divulge that kind of information. I would have to take the chance that they would have one in stock... but was assured that surely they would have several of my model.
Upon arriving, and waiting thirty minutes beyond my agreed appointment time, was informed that they did not, in fact, have any in stock. They then proceeded to direct me to another store (Topanga Mall, Canoga Park, CA), which was 15 miles further. I asked them to call to verify that this other store would have one in stock. The "genius" says that the store would not divulge that information, not even to him. Having no other recourse left to me, I proceeded to this second store... and was promptly informed that they too did not have any in stock either... but I could travel another 15 miles to a third store (Sherman Oaks, CA)... but they could not find out if they had any of my phone in stock.
Figuring that surely a third time would be the charm, I stupidly drove the additional miles to the third store, now almost 60 miles from my home... only to find... you guessed it. They did not have any in stock either, but would be HAPPY to order me one and I could drive back a week or so later to pick it up! I turned down the ridiculous offer and headed back to the first store, and placed the order there. Not only did they refuse to expedite the order to make up for the ordeal they just put me through over the past several hours, but would not commit to when the phone would be there for me to drive back to pick up. When I asked if they would at least call me when it came in, I was told that it was against the Apple retail store policy to do that... but I could call every day to see if it was in!
This is the incredible, ###ic arrogance of Apple and the terrible lack of customer service I had been warned about, but did not believe.
Yet another glaring reason to stick with a PC!
a) Why on Earth is it against policy to inform a customer if you have a product in stock?
b) Why could the order not be expedited or at least sent to my home to help amend the situation
c) Why is it against policy to inform a customer when their product arrives?
d) Why should ANYONE have to undergo such treatment or experience this scenario simply to replace a defective, EXPENSIVE, product that they have owned for a mere ten days?

Resolved itunes

I know this isn't much of a complaint and seems pathetic but shows the point. It seems that itunes ha...

Resolved warranty issues

My wife and I purchased an Apple IMAC computer from Best Buy 4/14/08. I was told by Apple and Best Buy that...