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I placed an order through their site with a coupon. I had an option to pay additional charges for 5-7 business day delivery. I took that option and paid an additional $7 above regular shipping charges. I didn't receive the item for almost 3 weeks.It was ordered on March 26. I received it on April I made multiple attempts to get the difference of the shipping charges back and they wont honor it. The fine print says the company does not refund shipping charges once shipped. They said it had been shipped for 2 weeks, we know it was not because the post office has no record of receiving the item yet; according to the tracking#. I attached the email conversations. I couldn't attach, I added it below...
Hi Kathy,
For all shipments processing for delivery begins as of the end of feature on your respective deal site (not as of date of voucher redemption). We require this as to allow for customer refunds and to ensure proper delivery to customers.
Please check back regularly on USPS, you should have your package shortly.
Apple Depot Support
On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 9:00 AM, KATHY AMBRUS <[protected]@yahoo.com> wrote:
The ordeal IS the fact that you offered me 5-7 business days for an additional charge. I paid the additional charge to have it within 5-7 days. We are well beyond 5-7 business days. I want the extra charges returned. You offered a service that I paid for and you did not provide. It doesn't matter how you apply the refund but it is due back to me.
From: Apple Depot <[protected]@appledepot.ca>
To: KATHY AMBRUS <[protected]@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2013 1:11 PM
Subject: Re: Order #44149
Hi Kathy,
Thanks for getting in touch.
It looks like your item is set to ship. You should be receiving it in a few days. Please check the tracking via USPS frequently. There is no ordeal to end, at this point it's just a matter of waiting for shipment.
Thank you.
Apple Depot Support
On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 10:44 AM, KATHY AMBRUS <[protected]@yahoo.com> wrote:
This is as far as we have gotten from a purchase made on March 25 paying the additional fee to get it in 5-7 business day. It is now on 13 business days. There is still no record of the usps even receiving to send yet.
I want to speak with someone and end this ordeal.
Is there a contact person I can get with or can they call me?
Track & Confirm
You entered: 9400110200883741607799
Your Item's StatusThe U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on April 09, 2013 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.
Hi Kathy,
As stated, shipping is non-refundable. Your tracking number is 9400110200883741607799 and the item can be tracked through USPS.
Apple Depot Support
On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 8:51 AM, KATHY AMBRUS <[protected]@yahoo.com> wrote:
OK. I ordered this on March 25, 2013. I paid the additional shipping charges to have my product in 5-7 business days. Please get the calendar and check the days and give me the refund for the difference; which is $7.00. Nowhere did it say, we will not send your product for a certain number of days after the purchase. I needed this last Friday. Last Friday would be considered 9 business days. We are on day 11 IF we only count BUSINESS DAYS and you don't even have it trackable yet. I should have had this product in my hands a few days ago and I can't even check your tracker to see IF or WHEN I can expect it. This is very upsetting the way you handle your business.
I keep being told how to check tracking; hey, I do it everyday waiting and hoping to get this especially since I paid the ADDITIONAL CHARGES FOR FASTER DELIVERY. Now you tell me, we don't refund shipping after the item is shipped. Well, I have been asking about this for over a week. Obviously it was not shipped or I would have it. The next email I should receive is a "I am sorry, we screwed up, we will refund your $7 and you will have your product on this day."
Severely Pissed Now,
From: Apple Depot <[protected]@appledepot.ca>
To: KATHY AMBRUS <[protected]@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, April 8, 2013 4:18 PM
Subject: Re: Order #44149
Hi Kathy,
Thanks for getting in touch.
To track your order, please check back regularly on http://www.appledepot.ca/ and click on order tracking, followed by your voucher code, for the most up-to-date tracking info we have. If your status is ‘Used’ it means that we are currently processing your order for shipping and tracking will be available shortly. Please ensure that there are no spaces before or after the voucher code or it will come up as invalid.
For all shipments processing for delivery begins as of the end of feature on your respective deal site (not as of date of voucher redemption). We require this as to allow for customer refunds and to ensure proper delivery to customers.
Thank you.
Apple Depot Support
On Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 10:58 AM, KATHY AMBRUS <[protected]@yahoo.com> wrote:
It has been 10 business days since I ordered my earbuds. I paid additional shipping fees to receive it within 5-7 business days.
I still have not received it. You still don't have a tracking number to even see it is in the mailing process.
I want the $7.00 additional fee I paid returned to my account. I want to know if or when I will be receiving these ear buds.
Hi Kathy,
Thanks for getting in touch.
To track your order, please check back regularly on www.appledepot.ca and click on order tracking, followed by your voucher code, for the most up-to-date tracking info we have. If your status is ‘Used’ it means that we are currently processing your order for shipping and tracking will be available shortly. Please ensure that there are no spaces before or after the voucher code or it will come up as invalid.
For all shipments processing for delivery begins as of the end of feature on your respective deal site (not as of date of voucher redemption). We require this as to allow for customer refunds and to ensure proper delivery to customers.
Thank you.
Apple Depot Support

On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 9:15 AM, KATHY AMBRUS <[protected]@yahoo.com> wrote:
I am wondering where my order is. I can't get a tracking number or "sent" date. It was purchased on March 25. Redemption#HXN96Y9
Please update me on the status.
Thank you,
Kathy Ambrus
Daniel Ambrus
Order #44149
Thank you for your order. Your order has been received and will be processed shortly.
For tracking information:
1. Please go to www.appledepot.ca
2. Click on "ORDER TRACKING"
3. Enter your voucher code or order number
You will receive the most up-to-date tracking information we have. Please note we update tracking info on a weekly basis.
If you have any questions, please email AppleDepot.Ca
Billing Address
Shipping Address
Daniel Ambrus
1440 NE 44th Street
Pompano Beach, Florida 33064
United States
Phone number: [protected] Daniel Ambrus
1440 NE 44th Street
Pompano Beach, Florida 33064
United States
Phone number: [protected]
Customer Comments: Thank you
E-Mail Address: [protected]@yahoo.com
Shipping Method: Express Shipping (5-7 Business Days Delivery (Express))
Payment Method: Pay Pal
Product Code
In-Ear Stereo PolyPhones
[protected]-10 1 $35.00 USD $35.00 USD
Product Total: $35.00 USD
Voucher HXN96Y9: $-35.00 USD
Shipping: $9.95 USD
Total: $9.95 USD
March 25, 2013 19:01:16 Received
March 25, 2013 19:02:05 Paid
redeem it
Hey kathy ambrus! We've got exciting news: Your LivingSocial Deal to Apple Depot is ready to be used.
Apple Depot
Earbuds with Built-In Mic and Remote
Here's your redemption code: HXN96Y9
Follow these detailed instructions to redeem your LivingSocial deal:
To redeem, visit http://www.appledepot.ca/confirm_voucher.php
Enter your redemption code into the voucher code box and click submit
Enter your shipping address and finish checking out
Fine Print:
Limit 5 per customer, up to 5 additional as gifts • Limit 1 per transaction • Entire value must be used in a single visit • Shipping not included; flat-rate fee of $2.95 to U.S. & Canada

  • Ci
    ci987 Jul 24, 2013

    Buyer be aware, Apple Depot is using another website selling on LivingSocial now called www.ROUTE000.com, they are the SAME company, but using different websites do scam customers!!!

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  • Ka
    Katambrus2 Sep 13, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I guess since I made a complaint they have made my phone number the customer service contact number.
    I have received multiple phone calls of UNHAPPY customers wanted to return or cancel orders but I am just another unhappy customer. I AM NOT THE COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT. Please do not call the 954 # they have listed.

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  • Bb
    BBposter Nov 07, 2013

    Hi Kathy

    I doubt you realize this but this is a public board and you have posted your name, address, email, and phone number on here.

    People are likely reading this and without reading the details think your listed number is the number for appledepot.ca

    I for one am a very happy customer and got all my items as I wanted and in time.

    I guess you're the exception and not the rule.


    PS you're probably receiving tons of junk mail too now since you made your information public. Good luck

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  • Sc
    ScammedByAppleDepot.ca Jan 09, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    appledepot.ca also ripped me off. At least they were responding to your emails. I get nothing.
    I ordered the earbuds and expedited shipping that was supposed to come with free pair of earbuds.
    At least I got the original earbuds. The 2nd pair never came and to top it off, my credit card number was stolen (maybe this was just a coincidence. I think receiving your order is the exception and getting scammed is the rule.

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  • Pl
    Plastic garbage Feb 05, 2014

    my order finally came after almost 4 months and its plastic garage. Not as represented.

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  • En
    energy9 Mar 04, 2014

    Route 000 is who scammed me ~ I bought some necklaces for my kids for Christmas and when I FINALLY received them they even had stones missing ~ Terrible products DO NOT BUY ~

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lost my iphone

my iphone is of white colour iphone 4s, , , , lost date was 19 april.and imei number is013186008598742...plz help mee

lost my iphone

no help from apple

I recently experienced an issue with my Thunderbolt display or more accurately daisy chaining my Thunderbolt display. I have a 15 inch MacBook Pro and 2 Thunderbolt displays powered through the daisy chain. This set up has worked fine for about a year. Then recently the display at the end of the daisy chain stopped working. When I tried plugging it in straight to the MacBook it worked fine as did the other display, which lead me to believe there was an issue with the daisy chain or maybe the graphics card in the Macbook Pro.

I contacted Apple support and spoke to a Senior Advisor called Jake who took me through a series of tests across a whole week. The result of this did not lead to any conclusions. Except one of the so called Apple experts coming back to Jake to inform him that you can’t daisy chain a 15 inch MacBook Pro. I informed Jake that it had previously worked for about a year, that the sales guy in the Apple shop told me that it would work, that the Apple website said it would work and that the only reason I bought 2 displays was indeed because I was assured that it would work.

After another week of back and forth Jake told me to take my MacBook pro to a service center and that they would fix it. I did. They wanted to change the motherboard, not sure why they thought this would fix the problem but I’m not the expert so I said sure. Surprise, surprise changing the motherboard did nothing to fix the problem and just added another week to the problem not being fixed. 3 weeks on, I get back on the phone with Jake at Apple and tell him about the issue. Jakes runs me through the same test he already ran me through with the same results. 4 weeks on and getting a little frustrated I ask Jake if he can’t just get someone down here with their own 15 inch MacBook Pro to test it and fix it on site. Finally after 4 days of internal Apple negotiations they agree to send someone down. After missing the appointment 2 times Micro2000 in Singapore finally managed to get someone to me. The guy arrives with his 13 inch MacBook pro, a MacBook known not to have the ability to power a daisy chain, none the less he insisted on wasting my time and trying it. One hour later he concluded that it wouldn’t work with a 13 inch MacBook Pro and left. I quipped that I now understood why Micro 2000 has so much trouble getting to meetings on time or at all.

At this stage, we are now 2 months into trying to get this issue resolved. 3 times I was told it could not get fixed. 3 times I directed Apple specialists to their own website to assure them that it could and did in fact work. There are even videos in Youtube I told them. Finally Apple decide that it might be a good time to pick up my Thunderbolt displays and MacBook and take it in for testing and repair. I said sure. Micro 2000 (oh noooo…) came and picked up my products, I singed a form and they were off.

2 days later I get a call from Micro 2000 informing me that they have had lengthy discussions with Apple about my problem and that Apple concluded that you cannot daisy chain a 15 inch MacBook Pro with 2 thunderbolt displays. “Funny that” I replied and rattled off my by now well rehearsed and memorized answer to the “this won’t work” statement throwing in a few technical words for good measure.

2 months and 3 weeks in, I phone Apple to do Micro 2000’s job for them. I speak to Michael Perks, who in the typical very well trained manner tells me that he agrees with the ridiculousness of the situation and that he will now take personal charge to fix it. “Trust me this will get resolved even if I have to buy you a new MacBook Pro and hand deliver it” (maybe not that but its not far off). “I will call you back the day after tomorrow as tomorrow is my day off” I was assured.

The day came and went. I tried to call and sent 2 emails. The weekend came and went. I called again. Monday, Tuesday came and went. I Gave up and called the standard hotline. I was greeted by another chirpy chap in the usual perky what is your first name I’m your buddy manner. “Oh this is terrible, let me get a senior advisor for you” I wait 20 minutes and finally get put through to Rajeev Anand who assured me that he is now the main man (so it was never Jake and not Michael but finally the main man) and he will come to my rescue. I am to expect a call back in 2 hours but really I am expecting that I will have to call back day after day to be given the same smarmy customer service lines, empty promises and of course the standard this will not work answer.

It has now been 3 months since my Apple products stopped working. It has been 3 weeks that I have been without my Products and I have gotten no closer to a solution than I was at day 1.

I was once the biggest Apple fan. I have the IPhone (all versions except 5, IPad, a MacBook Air, Time capsule, MacBook Pro and 2 thunderbolt displays. I even have Apple TV, the old version and the new version. I got my wife hooked on Apple and we use Apple in my company. Recently Apple brought out a mediocre product in the IPhone 5, copied Samsung with the IPad mini and has gone from a company that leads in innovation to a company that follows in innovation and I fear that the straw that broke the camels back will be that they don’t know what their products can or can not do and that they can’t back up their intuitive and slick IU/UX with an intuitive and slick after sales service. Of course, Apple won’t care about losing me as a customer, they have millions more but I wonder if this is not an isolated case and ask you is this the beginning of the end at the top for Apple? For me…, I think it is…

Now…, can some please help me fix my MacBook / Displays?

general incompatability

This is my 3rd big issue with Apple. I have been a "Gung-Ho' Apple fan for a long time. In the last few years I am seriously starting to question Apple's longevity due to software compatibility issues. The first Issue is with the new Mountain Lion operating system. It does not want to communicate efficiently or at all with a good portion of the applications I use. Snow Leopard should have been secured from projected viruses and for the most part left alone.

My second and third issue happened within days of each other. I just purchased a car with Uconnect Blue Tooth technology in it. Bottom line is that my iPhone switched between standard voice and the Uconnect Blue Tooth every 15 seconds. Essentiall, making the "safe hands free experience distracting, unsafe and ultimatly useless. With my Android phone, It worked just great. Just to make sure it was not my phone that was causing the issue, I tried my friends iPhone and his had the same issue. Uconnect is not the culprit.

Oddly enough, within a day of purchasing my new vehicle which is equipped with the Uconnect, I receive an email that the hard drive in my iIMac is been shown to prematurly fail. I have to now drive to an Apple Store, drop off my computer fpr 3-7 days and get a whole new hard drive installed. Awesome! I am so glad I sold all of my Apple stock the day the IPhone 5 was released. This company either has an internal computer or corporate virus. Either virus has not been publicly relaesed.

Apple! Get your ### together!

  • Ga
    gatortracks Oct 20, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You should have verified compatibility of your programs before upgrading the operating system. You were informed of a potential problem with Seagate hard drives. They are offering you a free repair so don't complain. Apple never claimed full compatibility with all auto Bluetooth systems. Uconnect should get their act together and make their equipment compatible with iPhones.

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I pre-ordered my Apple Iphone 5 on the first day it was available to pre-order. Two weeks later I still have yet to receive my phone and no one can tell me when it will be here. This is my first time ever buying an Iphone and now my excitement to get an Iphone has gone south. I think that it is very unprofessional for Apple to do this to there customers. What was the point of pre-ordering an Iphone, when people who went to go buy them on the release date had the phone before the people that pre-ordered it.How could Apple not be prepared for the record breaking pre-order sale. Last year they pre-sold 1 million 4s, and they did not think the same thing would happen. Why would they not prepare for the same thing to happen and it even double. Regardless is they manufactured more phones than were pre-sold, the phones still would have been sold regardless. And is does not seem like Apple is in any rush to get the phones out either. That's what you have budgets and projections for APPLE. Now I have to sit here an wonder every morning when I wake up, " I wonder if my phone is coming today."

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manipulating email and tracking and helping hacker and stalker

Apple care tracked my laptop computer, iphone and ipod location and they used the location information for a hacker and stalker who hacked my email for one year and stalked for one year. Also apple helped the hacker to manipulate my email.
I contacted to Apple care to ask them provide me the IP address accessed to my email account since April but they didn't provided it and delied. When I contacted Apple Care again on June the technical senior advisor shouted me. They didn't give the dvidence I can arrest the hacker and stalker. Later I found Apple Care is helping the person tracking my location. I am not sure who is doing that in Apple Care company. They didn't provided me the IP address and even Apple Care stoped my warranty service even though it's on period. I asked Apple Care to exttend te period as much as they stoped and asked them to give me the IP address for evidence but still they don't give me. Since April I asked Apple the IP address first, I had a lot of attack from the hacker and stalker(he is same person) I got burn on my arm and got a lot of financial damage. I am sure Apple person is helping the hacker. Recently I bought a ipod shuffle and registrated the product to Apple care. And then I was shadowed from some people. Apple was tracking my location and providing it to some people. Now I need Aple Care's IP address accessed to my email ([protected]@me.com) for last 8 months and extention of my service period. Also you need to investigate Apple Care whether they are tracking their products and provide it for personal purpose or not. I already confirmed.

manipulating email and tracking and helping hacker and stalker

don't pay ask there quote

they offered me 111$for my phone which was in very good condition so i sent it to them and two weeks later i got a call with a offer of 50.00 i finally got them up to $55 .it is a scam in my mind and i wouldn't recommend them to anyone, i don't think they have ever paid any one what they offer you. so after you have wasted you time packing and sending your phone or laptop to them and don't want to waste more of you time sending it to someone else you take there half price offer .very poor company to deal with .my advise don't deal with them.

lost at mumbai domestic airport departure

I was travelling to Bhubaneswar, Odisha from Mumbai domestic Airport by Indigo Flight no.6E-294 departure time 4.25PM on 27th June, 2012 alongwith my spouse. when we left the taxi and put luggage on the trolly and while paying him put my mobile on the luggage, paid to taxi then drive the trolly & came inside the port showing the ticket & Id card at the Entrance gate. Immediatly after we came inside I found no mobile with me and forgot to take it from the kept on luggage it was missing and on search could not find it search every where we felt to be lost and also informed this to police station out side the port regarding the same. The Serial No. of my Apple Iphone 4 is :6Q052D55A4S AND IMEI NO IS:[protected]. My mobile no.[protected]
I have lodged a police FIR too at nearest Police Station.
My Email ID:[protected]@gmail.com
If any one return the said mobile who find will be awarded by me.

missing pages and chapters

I have bought a book from the apple book store today for my I phone the book I bought was confessions of a GP I am just over half way through the book and around 8 chapters have been cut short half way through sentences and 3 chapters are not even present in the book due to encoding errors and this is only half way through the book and I am also unimpressed that there is no complaints procedure on the book store or on the apps store this is ridiculous if I had bought this book from WH smiths and there was pages missing at least I could take it back and get my money back but it is not just about the money I was really enjoying the book but feel it has really been let down by whatever idiot made it into an IBook :-(

  • Ru
    Ruben Hernandez Oct 13, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To iBooks: I purchased "Deliver Us From Evil" by David Baldacci. All I got was blank pages.
    Please respond. As soon as you can

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  • Ru
    Ruben Hernandez Oct 13, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To ibooks: I purchased "Deliver Us From Evil" all I got were BLANK PAGES.
    Please respond as soon as you can.

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fake supplier anas ramadhan

I cheated buy the supplier which is sell Iphone 4s for 230$. His name is Anas Ramadhan. The sales manager of Cellcom Communications LTD. They sell Apple products with the very cheap prices. So They give me their western union details and I sent them 280$ (230 for cell phone 50$ for shipping). After sending the money they send me that we cannot deliver one unit you must send additional 250$ and we will send you 5 units free. Do not believe the suppliers like Anas Ramadhan. They are fake, They just thieft the money from the people.

  • Dh
    ----dhe---- May 16, 2012

    What happened? How did you know that it was fake and thief you?

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  • Vi
    vikesh21 Jun 18, 2012

    i have recevied same problem with anas ramadhan selling iphone 4s for $250. after sending him the money .he is asking me more money for custom.what that hell.guys dont but anything online

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I just spent 25 minutes on hold with the apple store in southlake town square just for them to tell me that they don't make appointments

My Apple Complaint! I just spent 25 minutes on hold with the apple store in southlake town square just for them to tell me that they don’t make appointments! What the hell is wrong with these people. They said they stopped taking appointments a long time ago, and that I needed to go online to do so. So the person I was talking to LIVE at the apple store in southlake town square couldn’t freakin’ set an appointment up for me right then and there. What the hell is the point in having ppl answer the phone in southlake if you are just going to make them hang up and go to your website?

Is customer service completely dead??? Jeez the guy at the store who answered the phone just said, “nope we don’t make appointments”, and I said, “so I waited on hold for what?”. They should just say “Hi we’re apple and everything is automated, if you want to talk to a real live person who can help you good luck!”. I expect more customer service from Apple, but I guess I shouldn’t expect anything but complaints and bad reviews from the Apple store in southlake town square, especially since that jerk on the phone was so rude to me.

power cord that is attractive to cats

I have had iPhone chargers, pc chargers, phone chargers, electrical cords, and toy chargers out and in the open for years and my cat has NEVER chewed any of them. I have had to replace THREE power cords at almost $90 each. I called apple and the representative claims to have never heard of this complaint.
Am I crazy???? Anyone else having this problem????

  • Al
    aliwithani84 Apr 10, 2012

    No no no!!!. Don't do that. That's so cruel!!

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  • Wi
    wifi8827 Apr 10, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    $90 for a power cord?

    I realize Apple rips you off every way they possibly can, but wow...

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  • Hy
    Hydranutz Nov 18, 2012

    I have had to replace four iPhone 5 chargers so far! And I've only had it for a month. My cat seems to only go for this particular one! We've had so many other cords out for years and she's never even bothered with those. What did Apple do? What is in this cord that is not in any other ones??!! This is getting ridiculous!!

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fraudulent online trading

This so called company's ad appeared on www.tagsaleuganda.com claiming that he has nice phone deals, APPLE Iphone 4s and many more.
skype ID: mubarak.lawal

I got in touch with him and try to verify his authenticity and found out that he is a corn man, his company is a Hox and a Spammer.
his email is: [protected]@gmail.com

He claims he only allows western union money transfer and credit card but doesn't allow PAYPAL, clearly all genuine online payments use PAYPAL and i found this very weird, besides the company website was broken. very strange for a legit company in the UK.

His ads and fake accounts have been deleted from www.tagsaleuganda.com, and Tag Sale Uganda highly regrets having allowed such spam ads.

Tag Sale Uganda is a free classifieds website intended for only Ugandan deals. we encourage physical contact between the seller and buyer before any payments are done. we therefore don't encourage online payment or payment through money transfers such as western union or money gramme.

Deal with this company at your own risk.

does not work

ICloud is sold as a feature to the Apple IPad2 and also the IPhone 4s. After spending virtually hours on the phone with Apple Tech they admitted the ICloud does not work yet. I attempted to back up to it last night and ended up on the phone for 3 plus hours with Apple because it erased everything on my IPhone ( contacts, calendar, notes, pictures, and songs) and then uploaded my erased phone to ICloud without any information. It took the tech's hours to get the information I had backed up on my hard drive back on to the phone. iTunes program is impossible and not user friendly. The tech had to play games between various applications to finally get me up and running. We lost all information from 12/28/2011 to present without any chance of recovery. Although I like both devises, the selling point, ICloud does not work. My advise is to NOT purchase either devise until Apple fixes ICloud. It is like purchasing a hybrid car with the battery running out of power after 5 minutes. The car will run fine, but not on battery power. This is not a battery issue although. Just using it as an example. Apple is aware of the issue, but is keeping it quiet.

ordered a apple I pad2

I ordered a Apple ipad 2 from misz2011 user on Sept 13rd. She said the prodcut is being shipped and it would take 12 days to reach. Still the product is not reached and this site is really fake and request you not to trust this site. My money is lost. The response would be there for few days and then they will vanish

  • Ar
    Arjun s Mohan Nov 16, 2012

    Track I'd : 0016472/08
    Apple iPad 2 lost at end point, Manipal, Karnataka

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  • Ag
    agrawal_nitin May 23, 2013

    I have lost my iPad-2 3G in Nevshehir, Turkey.
    Its serial number is DLXFK74BDKNV
    My name (Rachana) is Engraved on the back of iPad.
    Do call me on my number (+919826266789) if anybody find my iPad.
    Thanks !

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I am from India, I have been Cheated by giving me a lost and stolen ohone by a person named James I mailed him asking for the details of the phone i found his mail ID in Crigslist as he posted for Apple Iphone 4 32 Gb
My friend bought th ephone for $450 2 days before i found and verified with versizon with the help of IME number that tthe phone had a compliant of lost and stolen i heard people in US dont cheat since they are a developed nation i belived but i am totally wrong I want to make this one a point Plese try to help me i have that guys Email Id its and Phone number its +[protected]
Please track him since i have been badly cheated for this fake phone

I don't care if i've won an ipad

We've all dealt with this. You're on a website, just trying to do whatever, then- "CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON!" First of all, it's very loud. After recovering from my burst ear drums, I look at the prize. Why is it always an Apple Ipad? I have no idea, but it wish it would stop. I just wanna download music, I don't care about a prize that millions of other online people are recieving.

ioffer.com scammer

I have about 25 days before a business carried on iOffer and have bought 10 pieces apple iPad.
Now I got out I was dealing with rogue traders, the photo what you see there found my Lawer.
I transferred the money to the following bank account:

Name: Edgar Salgado
Bank name: Wells Fargo
City: San Fransico
State: California
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Amount: US$ 4200, 00

ioffer.com scammer

no compassion

A young grade 9 student has been diagnosed with brain cancer and her basketball team is chipping in to purchase an ipad for her. She is travelling 2 hrs everyday for treatment and could really use the ipad NOW. Apple has a 2 week waiting period before shipping out the ipad (plus another week of shipping). I called Apple Canada customer service and also the Head Office and asked if there was anyway they could expedite the purchase under humanitarian grounds for this poor girl who could really use this to keep in contact with her friends during treatment. They couldn't do anything for me. I can't believe that they can't make exceptions for circumstances such as this and move her up in the queue. By the time she received this her treatments will be half over. The outpouring for this young girl and her family in the community is outstanding but a company like Apple can't do anything for her. Shameful!!!

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    My son has been trying to buy a new Macbook Pro on the apple.ca site. He is a student at University. The cost of the computer on the apple.ca site is: $2, 049 base price, plus $90 for an upgrade to the high res glossy screen, plus $5 Alberta recycling fee, for a Total of $2, 144. The website does not disclose to customers what the tax will be, BUT in Alberta it is a flat 5% GST. The total should be $2251.20. He has tried to put this through on his VISA card BUT Apple tries to charge his card $2, 487.54. I have talked to numerous Apple employees, some of whom have tried to tell me this is not Apples problem because Apple does not collect the tax, the government does. (Wrong, Apple collects taxes and remits the tax collected to the government). Other Apple employees simply have no idea what I am talking about. Just what Apple does with the extra 11% is unknown. Is it remitted to the government or is it simply a skimming operation? Whatever, my son wants to buy a computer and not get cheated by Apple.

    A) Does anyone at Apple have the intelligence to comprehend this? So far...no.

    B) Does anyone at Apple care? So far...no.

    C) Can this person that cares fix this problem? So far...no.

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This thread will be used for the electronics (phone/computer/ipod) scammers who make the mistake of spamming scamwarners with their phony sites and fake offers. We will add new scams to this thread as they post here at SW


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