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May 04, 2018

I called my debit card to find out why I am missing $49 in change? They told me it's from something called appbuy and that I've had this app charging me for a couple years now. Also every month it charges me $0.50 here $5 there $3 here and then another $0.49 there? Now I've never buy app... / credit card charges

Feb 28, 2018

I have been charged for something that I don't know about. This has been going on for months now and i can't get hold of your company!! Please contact me urgently. Banks reference for 1 March 2018 is 8081891384 gb in the amount of AUD 54.66. I can't see why you have to post a... / Checking account fees/ unable to cancel my subscription

Apr 30, 2016

For the past several months I've been unable to find a successful link to help me with the cancellation of 360 Securit. More so the app in mention actually states on it's own website that the application is in fact free, which it obviously isn't. Please helpe me unsubscribe immediately! Thank you. / unauthorized charges to credit card

Feb 07, 2015

I have repeatable requested that charges be stopped to my credit card and to refund the charges to same card. They did once then turned around and billed the credit card again and again. This for an Andriod Armour App that i didnt want in the first place. So people who might fall for thi... / Unauthorized transactions

Feb 26, 2014

I have unauthorized charges on my bank statement that link to this site 28 jan 2014 debit card purchase 08009137793 usa usd 15. 19 incl. Westpac foreign transaction fee aud $0. 52 6 jan 2014 debit card purchase 08009137793 usa usd 15. 19 incl. Westpac foreign... / unauthorized taking of funds

Feb 11, 2014

Funds in the amount of 17.03 have been taken from my account. For what, i have no idea. Neither have i purchased anything or given my bank details that i am aware of. How do i go about getting this money refunded or stopping it from happening again in the future. I am unemployed and thi...

app buy / please kindly remove my account

Jan 22, 2014

hello, this is the third time I'm mailing you people. And I think I'm getting fed up and frustrated. I was asked to send my details in order to stop future charges but all to no avail. I'm very much disappointed in u people I think is a fraudulent act which I will not buy... / Unauthorised charges

Jan 11, 2014

A Virus warning appeared on my tablet and directed me to remove it FREE of charge. I followed the instructions and was told this would cost 99p, which I paid for. I then recieved an e mail to say I would be charged 99p a day for the second day then 13.86 every 14 days. I have tried to...