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Incorrect information; asked for removal and they say they cannot

I wrote to onegreatfamily.com and about two things: -- the information posted about me is entirely...

Unethical behaviour

Somehow this company have allowed someone to publish the names of living people on there web site. I do realise these details are available with a lot of foot work through BDM's BUT to have all the details there and be unable to remove my children's details or get them to censor them or remove them is frustrating.

I have emailed them. I have messaged them. I require ALL living persons names to be changed to Living or PRIVATE.

Unauthorized credit card charges

Every month on the 28th One Great Family keeps taking an unauthorized amount from my credit card. I don't...

Scam, dishonest company

Two days ago I noticed that my account was charged by the company ANC One Great Family. I have no idea about this company, but they charged me for $75.99 and they did it without my warning and authorization. I tried to find their contact info, but nothing. They didn’t provide it in the Internet. The company is scam, and these liars steal money from people. I wonder if there are people, who had the same thing. Maybe you can advise me how to stop these withdrawals. Please post your ideas and comments. Thanks.

  • Bb
    bbTH Apr 16, 2015

    I have a Pending charge on my Credit Card from this company. I am unable to get in touch with them to cancel the transaction. I did not authorize this charge. I tried to call both billing and customer service. There was a message that customer service was not available, please leave a message, with name, telephone number and email and they would get back within 24 hours. Then a message that the mail box is full and can not take any more messages. I tired to find an email address. Could not..

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Took money from my account before trial period was up

I entered this site on the 14th October 2012 for a 7 days free trial, On checking my credit card statement on the 15th Oct 2012 they had taken an amount of £34.00 out, I have tried all avenues to reclaim this money but failed.
Living in Wales, UK, it is almost impossible to go any further with this, could you please help.

Mrs Mary Jones

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I have been trying, for at least a week, to get through to a person without success. When calling, I have automatically routed to billing and instructed to leave an e_mail address and the reason for the call. Then I am told that the matter would investigated and an would be sent the following day. At this point I believe this company is a scam and would like to warn others that this has become a real problem. I have already been billed once and am trying to ensure that I don't get billed again. Douglas M. Skinner

Unable to cancel direct debit

Onegreatfamily warning. Ogf offers to link gedcom genealogies. To sign up for the 7 day free trial you have to give a valid credit card number. They claim they have a cancellation process but in practice it does not work. Effectively it is an ongoing scam. They did acknowledge my cancel request on 31 mar 2010 with & ldquo;press on this link to finalize the request”. This lead to advice to phone the billing dept (In usa mountain time business hours). This was appears contra to their faq #7 where, for non-north american clients, you will be sent a & ldquo;email describing how to finalize your cancellation”. Never did manage to get through on that phone number. Sent many emails explaining this and requesting cancellation but they still process direct debit at $us 79.95, although the billing period has changed from 31 mar to 31 aug each year. They now don’t acknowledge any emails and they offer no other method of communication
?Nigerian mormans in utah?

  • Ag
    agill81 Nov 23, 2009

    This company flat out discriminates against gay people on the basis that "same sex couples can't reproduce". The person signing up for service should be able to choose what gender their spouse is yet the company uses the excuse that "same sex couples can't reproduce".

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Money scam

These guys took my money real quick but the service is full of redundence it, s very difficult to navigate. I mean how hard should it be to give names birthdates and they find no results? My family is real and the basics should have been easy enough for them to at least get started. Also I was expecting to pay ancestry.com and was immediatly switched to one great family maybe they are on in the same there service stinks, I, m going to try to get my money back. Carol from Az.

  • Ju
    Just Me, Too Feb 24, 2012

    Jan. 2012, wanted to read old newspapers on AncestRY.com. Googled it, mistakenly signed up on AncestOR.com. Realized mistake, immediately emailed them, plus, website said I must call during business hours for cancellation. Also called credit card right away to tell them to cancel charge, but they said it's pending, should call onegreatfamily first to allow them to refund. Called next morning, was given cancellation # but was told to call another extention for refund. A recording..I left info, requested $59.95 back. Called credit card again to inform them, for their record, that I am in process of getting refund. Today, got credit card bill. Charge is still there! Called 800-489-0932, left message AGAIN that I do NOT want services at all, please refund. I was firm, not nasty. I felt tricked and told them that by now, they should have refunded. No person answers refund line-ever- you must leave a message, so I am sure my firm message was recorded. Within the hour, I received a very nasty, condescending email letter saying I was not tricked, they are a wonderful company and they are keeping the money because I signed up for a subscription and those are NOT refundable. They were nasty and told me I am not taking personal responsibility for my actions in signing up and paying them and that thousands before me HAVE taken personal responsibility for their actions!!! There was no name on the letter, THEY did not take personal responsibility to name the person who composed that nasty, personally-insulting letter. After the email, onegreatfamily is the LAST place I would want to do business with. I don't have a credit score of 838 for being personally irresponsible...who do they think they are!!!?? Next, called credit card, began a billing dispute claim. Then called company again, without giving info, I asked person for a physical address, got:2162 Grove Parkway, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062, asked for name of CEO, owner. but the worker specifically told me they are trained to NOT give that information. She was just doing her job, she was polite. THEN I told her about the nasty email and that I simply want the money refunded, I have not and will not use their service, I do not want it. I politely, professionally asked to be sent to Billing Cancellation AGAIN. AGAIN, no person present, had to leave a message. I recorded that I do not appreciate the personal, nasty email they sent, that I will NOT allow this company to take my money-I do NOT want their service and I will persistantly pursue a refund because I feel very deceived by their site setup and refusal of refund. Next step...Better Business Complaint and I will tell my country-wide geneology friends and acquaintances to steer clear of this unprofessional, rude, condescending "business".

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Subscription scam

I had subscribed to this site hoping to find information on my familys history - only to discover that the only information they forwarded to me was information I myself had posted on other genealogy websites. I had not used the membership for most of the year - now I am being charged $75 for another years membership - i called as soon as the charge was made to my bank acct, but according to them, there is no refund due, and membership from Nov 2011 to Nov 2012 is wrote in stone. I have never dealt with any genealogy company in 35 years as underhanded as this!

Thieving from bank account

I see these ### haven't missed a beat in ripping off the public while the authorities sit with their thumbs up thier azz's. A bout 2003 subscribed to their service under the pretense of a 7 day trial. I canceled on the third day but once these slimballs obtained my credit card information they were submitting charges for about $40 a month without authorization hence cancellation on the third day of a 7 day free trial! ! ! I finally had to cancel my credit card and have another issued because of these thieving imbred b*****ds! So they can go after bill gates and microsoft but not some piece of dubg scammers like one great family? It's too bad there is not a rating lower than poor!!!

Billing issues

I did sign up for One Great Family, but only a 1 MONTH, $14.95, subscription. I always do that in the event that I forget to go back before the 7 day trail is up. I started getting e-mails from “Donna” telling me how to use the site, but because I didn’t find anything I wanted on the site I deleted them. When I got the e-mail that said the 7 day trail was nearing an end I went to the site, but I couldn’t remember the “user name”. I requested it no less than 4 times with no response from the company. Yesterday I realized that they had charged my card for a 1 YEAR subscription. That was $79.95 I did not have to spend on this kind of research at this time. I requested the “user name” again….no response. I finally replied to “Donna” and received a link to the Customer Service. It gave a phone number, I called and left a message, they have not returned the call. I wrote to Customer Service, and I have received no reply. I finally figured out how to get on the site. It is an e-mail address NOT a “user name”. There is a difference. I tried and tried to send a “Cancel” request but it kept telling me there was an “error”. I was, however, able to send a “Billing Issue” with absolutely no problem. The submitter above that said there was no “Cancel” link is correct….you must contact Customer Service by e-mail, but I’m not sure how much good that would do. I will be sending a complaint to the Texas Attorney General’s Office. They don’t like companies who practice that kind of customer service here in Texas!

  • Sv
    SVVV Aug 06, 2011

    I had similar problems, signed up for the one week trial and canceled it, but just canceling is not enough. You have to jump through additional hoops after you cancel for the cancellation to take effect. I got an email after I complained stating they had received my cancellation but because I didn't take the additional steps they did not cancel my subscription.

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  • No
    nobon23 May 20, 2015

    I'm glad I decided to check out Onegreatfamily.com...I just yesterday decided to subscribe to "Genealogy Bank" a website for archived newspapers. I paid $99.95 for a 2 year subscription. While on the phone I mentioned that I was a paying subscriber for Ancestry.com The woman toward the end of the call mentioned their affiliate site "One Great Family" as a better alternative to Ancestry, and that it was much cheaper. After my purchase for Genealogy Bank access, I spent (3) hours trying to find death notices for people who were born and died in a 40 mile radius of where I live. (I HAD NO LUCK WITH JUST 5 PEOPLE SEARCHES). Today I will read more on the help files however, looks like I will cancel with Genealogy Bank within 10 days (I have 30 days to opt out_cancel). Curious to see what loops I'll need to jump through to do this. With what I'm seeing here and feedback from other websites, (I WILL DEFINITELY NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THIS ONE GREAT FAMILY website). Thanks to all those that posted here. It was a big help in my decision...May 2015

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Persistance and insantance pays off. I kept after One Great Family to give me a refund since I cancelled within an hour after signing up for the supposed free trial. I finally got the refund after many emails. I stll would not use their site and still do not believe there really is a free trial. My advise to anyone getting caught and being billed for the "free trial" is to just keep after them. I also told them I thought everyone had a small window of time to change their mind on an;y item purchased - that seemed to get through to someone and there really is a refund on my credit card.

No such thing as free trial

I did a google search on family geneology and one great family came up. I tried to get into the "7 day free trial" my credit card was billed for $79.95. I had cancelled the service the same day I tried to get into the web site. One great family has record that I called and cancelled the same day but they say I actually signed up for the year and there are no refunds. After several phone calls I am told there is no way to get the refund. I was transfered to billing dept. Which is only a recorded message. I left a message and it said I would recieve an email within 48 hours. It is now 4 days later and of course nothing. Buyer beware - there is no free trial

  • Sa
    sandra l mills Jul 12, 2010

    i cancel cancle my subscription with one great family before the trail date was up inmay 2010, and i'm still being billed on my credit card for it.

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  • Sa
    sandra l mills Jul 12, 2010

    I cancel my subscription with one great family in april 2010 before the trail date was up, and the company is still billing my credit card. please stop, because I don't want the service, and Iwould like to be refunded.

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  • Sa
    sandra l mills Jul 12, 2010

    I cancel with one great family on april 30. 2010, why are you still charging my credit card. I would like to be refuned all my money back. thank-you!

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Rip off scam

Well unfortunately this rip off company is still offering a "free 7 day trial". I signed up on 24 jan 2009...

Unauthorized charges

The only time I was ever on this website I clicked on a link from an online shopping mall that my co-worker was promoting and it took me to the Onegreatfamily website. I thought I might go back on the website once I got home from work and check it out so I agreed on a small fee to a trial membership. After that short 2-3 minutes of looking around while I was at work I never again went back to the onegreatfamily website. My mother had been trying to get me to do some research on our ancestors but I just did not have the time it takes to delve in to such a huge task. Apparently the company actually hit me for not one membership but two memberships. I just never caught it the first time. When I did catch it the second time I immediately called onegreatfamily and told them that I did not authorize them to take $80 from my checking account. The lady I talked to was not very nice. She spoke over me and basically called me a liar. I was so upset I had to end that call. Then I called a couple days later asking for a supervisor. That lady was persistent on saying they rightfully took the money they stole from me. I let her know that I had no idea they were taking this money, they never sent me any kind of reminder that they were about to deduct any kind of so called membership dues and they should be able to see that I have never used their website even one time since the one day that I signed up for a trial membership. This is unethical and truly a rip off. It is unethical practices like onegreatfamily that make it hard for a reputable good internet business to ever be able to make it. Consumers are afraid to put trust in the internet when you don't have a face you are dealing with and you have greedy rip off companies like this one that I am reporting today.

  • Cs
    C Stewart Oct 03, 2009

    I also have been charged twice on my credit card for this service I no longer use. Was never able to reach a person on their call line, left messages, and never heard back. One Great Family makes it almost impossible to cancel after the free trial. Bad, bad site and service.

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Unauthorized charges

About three weeks ago, I signed up for their 7-day free trial and on the seventh day I canceled my membership. Due to internet security restrictions at my work, I was unable to cancel via their website, I couldn't find a number for them in any of my emails from them nor could my bank provide a number to contact them.

The only thing that I could do from work was first be sure that their emails didn't have that little clause we are familiar with 'please do not respond to this email blah blah blah' and it didn't; so I replied to several of them canceling my membership. The very next morning when I checked my account I found that they had debited my account 79.99 fee for full membership the day before; on the 7th day of my trial period!!

I searched their website for ever finding that they can only be reached via email upon emailing them several complaints I finally received a popup with a number to call them. It is clear to me that this company doesn't want people calling them (Maybe alotta complaints? By the way their number is [protected] for those who want to know. )

Anyway, I called several times just to hear a voicemail stating how busy they are and to leave a message. I proceeded to call every 15 minutes until I reached someone who was available. On my 7th try a human answered. After being accused of being irresponsible and in breach of contract; I asked for a supervisor who did refund my money without question. Two weeks later, they debited my account again, this time without any type of authorization or contracts to support such a charge. This is illegal and fraudulent. Looks like I am going to have to seek legal advise...

  • Ty
    Tyler Oct 25, 2008

    I had a similar problem with this company.

    Have never been able to upload file. Received promises stalling tactics but no success.

    Asked to cancel they refused. C onvinced credit card company to charged back fee. Site owner rebilled.

    Learned from internet research that firm apparently uses these tactics to "wear down" customers. They lead the customer to believe problem is with their tech knowledge. I know tech - this was an issue with their servers. This is a scam. If only every other person can upload they don't have to buy equipment but keep the fee. Obviously they are in this for the short term and not concerned about reputation.

    Sent letter to Chase, my credit card company, to have this fee charged back again for non-receipt of services. The credit card representative told me to say "non receipt of services" as that puts the burden on onegreatfamily.com or z-corp.com to prove.

    Two suggestions:

    http://consumerist.com/ (they are great)
    File a complaint with you state attorney general - in my state, NY, it's online.

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  • Ka
    Kaye H. Evans Sep 09, 2009

    My attorney informs me that onegreatfamily.com has made fraudulent charges against my checking account for about 26 months.

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  • He
    Heyfar Nov 15, 2010

    Be very careful-when you enroll they bill your account in advance but DO NOT give advance notice of your renewal-be sure to cancel before your anniversary date to avoid another year's bill.

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Misleading on the payment and not satisfied with product

I signed up for a 7 day free trial with my visa check card with onegreatfamilycom. Thought I was going to be charged $6.00 a month. They took $79.95 out of my checking account for their annual fee. When I called to cancel, they refused to refund my money. I called two days past the time limit. I never could get any information about my family online. It was a totally useless product and now I am out 80 bucks. I talked with brenda, who answered in customer service, and told her I was not satisfied with the online product and I was unhappy about the way they scammed me out of $80.00. She flat refused to help in any way. If you are not satisfied with the product and want to cancel... They should not refuse to give part or all of your money back. I would like to warn people about this online scam. One great family.com.

  • Pa
    Pauline Taylor Sep 28, 2007

    You are correct I found the same they are just a scam. There was no information on anyone I was looking for either and they took money from my card after I told them i had no intention of joining. I think there are loads of people out there in the same position. I am taking it to my credit card company and leaving it to them to sort out

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  • Na
    Nancy Williams Aug 10, 2008

    I signed up for this genealogy service on 8/8/08. I was given a screen saying that I could join for $6 a month to be billed in one annual pmt ($72). Next screen said $79.95 annual membership fee. Hoping this was a good genealogy source, I accepted when I read (in small print at the bottom of the previous screen) that the $6 would not apply for an account having a trial period (I actually did not know I had a trial period--an icon was placed on my desk top from somewhere.) Confirmation screen stated it was to be automatically renewed, which I did not want. When I tried using the service, it was a real MESS and I have been researching for over 11 years. I emailed them immediately and left a voice message the following day during their MST business hours. Their msg said someone would contact me with 24 hours. The next day, being Saturday, I am hoping to hear from them tomorrow (Monday). We'll see. I will not recommend this service to anyone.

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  • Di
    Diane Sep 06, 2008

    I signed up in May and put 9 names in my tree and since then I can't get into my tree after signing on and can not move from the home page it just keeps searching. No one will respond to my complaints. What a waste of money and time.

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  • Ja
    James Mar 25, 2009

    Experiencing the same issues as everyone else - they get you in for a 'free trial', turn on "auto billing", and make it EXTREMELY hard to remove the autobilling. I've been on hold for the last 15 minutes and the phone alternates between terrible hold music and ringing w/out answer for 5 minutes at a time.

    Do NOT use this site - use a more reputable genealogy site instead.

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  • Mc
    mccainlaurence Aug 20, 2019

    I signed up for a free 7 day trial and cancelled the same day. They charged me for a full month today.I am disabled and living on Medicare and Medic aid.Please help me stop this company from debiting my account!
    Laurence C. McCain email [email protected], telephone 253-370-9117

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