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Fradulent AIM Callout Charge

Received fraudelent charge on my credit card of $10 for AIM Callout Service. I called AOL and they admitted...

Unauthorized charges on my on my JC Penney Visa Credit Card

I have two unauthorized charges on my JC Penney Visa Credit Card. TWX*AOL SERVICE [protected] NY for $9.99 every month. TWX*llA AIM CALL OUT [protected] VA for $10.00 every month.

Both of these charges are unauthorized.

Mary A. Majewski

  • Do
    Donald Kulish May 20, 2008

    I was sent something from twx*aol. To update my account. I thought they would contiue to take it out of my debit account, because they asked for a routing number. Instead they said they took it out of out of a checking accout and charged me $7.00 because thats what they charge over and abouve my basic $9.95 charge. They corrected thier mistake and would not return the $7.00 overcharge. To me this is fraud and the law should look into this scam.

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  • Jo
    johnny haven Aug 28, 2008

    this is my fourth attempt at finding a solution to this very same problem I use a company debit card that is being billed by aol for some reason in the amount of $25.96 WHAT CAN I DO TO STOP THESE CHARGES?i am going to cancel my card if nothing else That will be a major problem but i will not pay another billing like this
    Any info will help Thank you-Johnny
    B&B Corp.

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Terrible scam!

After unsuccessfully trying to cancel my account with AOL customer service I finally decided to cancel my credit card in March on 2007. Since AOL were not able to bill me any longer they began mailing me paper bills which I ignored. Why should I pay for something I don't use or have access to? In July or August on 2007 bills have stopped. In January of 2008 I received a letter from a collection agency that I owe AOL close to $70.00. I sent a reply to collection agency that after 12 years with AOL I have earned the right to cancel my services with them any time I want.

After I canceled my credit card and AOL wasn't able to bill me they shut my account down. The question remains: What are they billing me for? I understand with so many different companies out there that offer free email accounts AOL has lost a lot of subscribers, but that's not my problem. Get with the program and stop ripping people off.

  • Cr
    crystal Dec 02, 2008

    i just use aol email that is supost yo be totally free and ive only used it for like 3 months then all the sudden today i recieve email saying my account will be shut down unless i redo my billing info . i never gave them that because all i signed up for was email . is this legal?????

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Fraudulently debiting bank account

Twx*aol services has fraudulently withdrawn from my son's banking account three (3) times a month in 2007 and january 2008 the amount of $32.90. He lives on a fixed income and works very hard for it. This is a scam that should definitely be addressed by this company and the law. Where did they get his account number? He does not have a computer!!! We want all of his money back.

  • Di
    Diane Mar 10, 2008

    I just discovered a similar thing. My account was being charged 25.90 per month. Did you ever resolve this?

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  • Te
    Teri Oliver May 31, 2008

    Going over my bank account discovered AOL has billed for services I do not receive . I have no desire for the service. I do not even use AOL. If the FTC or FCC can't do anything about these charges, then congress should get involved and shut AOL down completely. If this a scam by someone other than AOL, it would be AOL's best interest to solve this problem before their company gets anymore bad press.

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  • Ki
    Kim Aug 11, 2008

    I noticed a charge of $32.90 being taken out of my account for 8-9 months now and had to close out my account. I have never used AOL so how they got my account number i don't know. I plan on making a few phone calls but don't know were to start. And the funny thing is i don't even have a phone line in the house, just cell phones.

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  • Re
    Renae Sep 04, 2008

    I just found out that TWX AOL Has been taking out $ 32.80 out of my bank account. I do not use AOL! This has been a faudulant transaction. When I went to the bank I was also told that this amount has been taken out since June of 2007. I was not aware of this!!! And I am mad a hell. I have never autherized AOL. The bank can only go back 60 Days. I asked who autherized this and how did this company get my account info. All the bank personel could do was say I don't know. I do not know what to do?

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  • Le
    lenny Oct 03, 2008

    Please note that I have been charged 32.00 a month for over 1 1/2 yrs for aol serive I never knew I even had or ever used. I want this to stop immediatley and reimburse me as sson as possible. I am notifying the Police and consumer affairs dept. I had requesed this to stop numerous times. Please give this matter your prompt attention. Leonard Wuensch TWX*AOL $32.90 a month. My e-mail is [email protected]

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  • St
    Stella Oct 13, 2008

    I have been charged 32.90 two times in the last three weeks. When I called the bank they gave me the phone number to the chase bank that took the money out of my account. Chase bank gave me the 1800 827-6364 number to aol. This has caused a overdraft of over 75.00 . I want my money back.

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  • La
    Laura Gysi Jan 30, 2009

    I just discovered a week ago that I have been charged $32.90 for the last year and a half also by TWX*AOL. I went to my bank and was also told there was nothing they could do beyond the last 60 days. They also (sarcastically) asked if I balanced my checkbook. Of course I do but like most busy people I use a debit card and don't always remember to record my charges. I lose receipts. Who compares bank statements from month to month?!? It wasn't until I underwent emergency surgery and lost my primary income followed by the death of a child and was beyond broke that I took notice to this fraudulent activity to my bank account!!! I am under enough stress! Do you know how badly I needed the over $500.00 they have stolen from me?!? I too want my money back !!! My computer prior to December was inside a box for over a year! I didn't even have access to a computer and this company was charging me!!! They need to be stopped but HOW?!?!?

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Change of billing method

Complaint against AOL -Change of billing method

Good Morning:-)

My name is Ethel Smith; my email address with AOL is Email User I have had this account with AOL for the past 10 years. I have made an attempt to find the AOL website that will allow me to change my payment method to prevent the increased payment of 2.00 on to my monthly surcharge. The following hyperlink <> was include in the email that would all me to change my method of payment however upon entering my account name and password, I get this secondary question about my school. I do not even know what that question means? Am I expected to remember what my school is? This is just my opinion but it seems as if AOL does not want their customer's to make the necessary changes to save a few dollars in the longer run. I sent an email to AOL Plan with my concern on October 12, 2007 and no response.

If this behavior is considered good customer service, I would be irate and ready to end my service at bad customer service!

Thank you

Ethel Smith

  • Je
    Jean S. Delaney Jul 11, 2008

    I have been trying for 3 days to view my account. I must have forgotten my access word because it keeps asking me the name of my pet, and I don't have one. I have been a customer for a long time and now I can't even get someone to talk to me. I would also like some information on the different price plans. I would hope I can get some help with my problem. I also filled out the questions about my name, telephone number and the last 4 numbers on my credit card. I keep on answering it any they tell me it's incorrect. I am very frustated at this point. Thank you.

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Unauthorized charges!

I have been tying to resolve this unauthorized debit withdrawal of my account for $30.90 through my bank and...

Worst customer service I have ever encountered in my life

AOL has the worst customer service I have ever encountered in my life. I have been trying to access my aol email account for 6 months to no avail, simply because I do not have the credit card we made the last payment on anymore. It is IMPOSSIBLE to speak to any kind of human. I never want to use any AOL or Time Warner product again, which is very difficult considering the monopoly they have on the U.S. market.

Unauthorized checking account deductions

It is some sort of online service from AOL that I have never signed up for and I have no account with them to...

Charge for free service!

In June of 2006 my son bought me a Dell computer. My son-in-law installed it for me. It came with six months of free AOL. I have my own Internet provider, so I called and cancelled the six month deal. I was told by friends "good luck in cancelling as it can be a headache dealing with AOL."

My February 2007 Visa bill had a charge of $29.50 dated 1-07. I didn't notice it immediately and paid the bill. For some reason the Visa bills for March, April, and May were not received by me. There were a lot of things on my mind at the time and when it was finally noticed, AOL had charged me the $29.50 on 2-07, 3-07, 4-07, and now today 5-07.

My bank was able to have the late charges and finance charges removed and I paid the bill. Upon returning home with the statements the bank received from Visa for me, is when I saw the charges every month. Today, my daughter and the bank employee tried in vain to have AOL reimburse me for the 5 months worth of charges for services that I do not use or want.

I wanted to cancel my Visa card for a new one, but they told the bank employee any charges from AOL would be denied.

Thank you for any help you can give me in this matter.

I notified the post office of not getting my mail.

Catherine Berger

False charges

We had false charges also. We called [protected]... the fraud department of AOL. It took a while to get the number, but call it and they should be able to help.

Be firm and make sure to get a confirmation number. And be sure to get the person's name and ID number (they will say they don't have one but they do). Get this information before anyone transfers you or puts you on hold.

They should send you some sort of affidavit within 5 days, and once you send it back, you should get a refund.

I wonder if there is any way to pursue a class action against AOL because they obviously don't verify who is opening these accounts. We have never used AOL.

  • Em
    Em Mar 19, 2008

    I have not been a member of AOL for several years. I fully agree that trying to seperate from the service was a chore but their indifference to my request to eliminate the homepage is still a problem. The last time I was able to locate a phone number to speak with a tech person I was told that I would have to be a member and be able to log in so that I could get rid of the homepage . No one will help or even knows how to help. The indifference of AOL is astonishing. So, even though my business has changed the outdated and unwanted homepage still remains. AOL is a dinosaur amist good service providers.

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  • Re
    retriving money Jan 04, 2011

    i looked on my credit card statement and saw that there was a false charge from AOL.In order even to retrive my money i have to wait 7 to 10 business days to get it taken care of and to sign something to retrieve my own money took them all of a minute to take money off card but now 7 to 10 business days to retrive whats rightfully mine.i never had account and use my local cable station for my internet.

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  • Ma
    MarineMom69 Apr 12, 2011

    AOL has falsely charged my sons checking account as well. They claim they can't stop taking the money out of his account because I dont have an account number nor will I give them the debit card that it is suppossed to be linked to. I explained to them my son i ssitting on the coast of Libya right now and they said well have him call when he gets back to the states... really? Well now that I have his POA, I can really get this taken care of. I feel sorry for the people I have to deal with. They've taken out over $600 including the bounced check notices as well.

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Unauthorized debit withdrawals!

2/13/2007 -2/19/2007 debit withdrawals on banking statement that are unauthorized for unknown services. How...

Wrong billing!

I have been an aol customer for a long time. Today i noticed on a credit card which i do not use for aol a...

Did not agree to these charges on my acc.!

I have been charged 25.90 times 5 for what?? I have no idea, I am letting my credit card know these are...

Charge for unused service

We tried to cancel AOL because we went with AT&T. AOL would not talk to me in which my name was the one on the phone bill but AOL account was in my husbands name. I was told by AOL to call the phone company and cancel payment on my bill so the account would be canceled. I did that and then the charge returned on the bill which was $30.90 for dial up. Called AOL again and they could not cancel when my husband called because he could not remember the resturant he had put in alteast two years ago. When we named everywhere we go out to eat they still said they could not cancel the account because we did not have that information. My husband then talked to AOL one night for atleast two hours with holding and being transfered to one person to another by this time he was so mad he started using really bad language and the guy on the phone then said "Your account is canceled" in which my husband replyed that is what I wanted. Now AOL is trying to charge us for two months of service when we had not been using them. Because of the fact that when the first call that was made to cancel we could not name the resturant. We are not people that eat out a lot so when they said not one of the resturants we named was not the right one we had no idea what to do from there. But again it took my husband to be rude to get the account canceled. I am not going to pay this company for something we did not use and at the price they were charging for just dial up when we had not used them for months. I think it is unfair that they can say we owe this money when the phone company knows we had been using their internet for months. And I think AOL knows this also but just wants free money. After all everyone does like free money, but they should not be able to get it from people who do not have an extra $60.00 somethings dollars laying around to pay for something they did not use. Thank you for this time and hope I can get some help with this to fight a large company.

Unethical billing

I'm not sure you can help but here it goes. I recently received a letter from NCO financial systems inc. The letter states that America Online has forwarded my account to their office. They are are claiming I owe aol $95.60 which dates back to 2003. I accepted a 30 day free trial from aol. I had recently switched to comcast cable for my internet service and apparantly they wanted to woo me back. I used the 30 day trial and forgot about it thinking that would be the last of aol. A little while after the month was over i received a bill from aol asking for money. I called and asked them why? They stated I failed to cancel service. I told them that I never ordered service nor do I need their service since I was already a comcast customer. I was then informed that because I failed to cancel their free offer I would continue to be billed. If you can't help who can. They are threatening to seek a judgement against me. How does this society let these companies get away with this kind of scam? What is my recourse? Who can I turn to? Many thanks.

Getting booted, screen freezes, nasty customer service and other

I am a very dissatisfied customer of AOL. I have been in contact with their techs a bazillion times and have yet to receive resolutions to the following:

getting booted

anytime I use yahoo it locks up aol

screen freezes

I even had one aol tech be nasty with me!!

I have asked them time and time again for resolutions and time and time again I get no adequate responses.

Furthermore, when threatening to cancel the aol service, I get the typical "oh well" response. It truly appears to me that these ###s that run customer service for aol just do not care if someone wants to cancel. I would imagine they get a 1000 calls like this daily.

I even went out and bought a brand new $1500 system thinking my problems was with my outdated computer and guess what.....the aol problems got even worse!! I contacted AOL numerous times to no avail.

  • Rm
    R Morg Jul 04, 2007

    Do NOT sign up for the free e address. Your domain name will belong to AOL forever! I just called them and asked how to get my domain name back so I could register it for a site that I want to develop. They told me there was no way they could cancel it! I asked to speak to a supervisor who was very rude and told me to write some generic corporate address office for AOL.

    Beware! do not use this service, you will be sorry!

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Unauthorized charge for TWX AOL Premium Service

There was a charge on my credit card that was unauthorized in the amount of $4.95 plus 30.90 for TWX AOL Premium Service, this was on 6/8 $4.95 then 30.90 on 6/8, this was done twice on same day..... I am not supposed to be charged anything for 6 months and I did not give you permission to bill my credit card company. I would appreciate it to be refunded my money back to my account....I not want AOL.....I have proof the bank knows of this........Jenna

  • Mr
    Mrs. M Nov 06, 2006

    I am at a loss as how to cancel aol...please advise...thank you...

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  • Da
    danielle saddler Jan 23, 2008

    i oder this pain cream for 3.97+ sh after i got it they charged me 66.90 and i did not get anything else from and they took money money,but here is phone number and someone will answer,888-289-8740,1-801-356-2100.they said they will gave me back my money.

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  • Do
    Don Blevins Mar 06, 2008

    I have been billed $16.95 for 7 month's on my debit card by twx aol, I have never authorized anyone to take money out of my bank account, Esoecially when I don't use their service. Does anyone out there know how to get rid of these parasites? If you do! Please email me and let me know how to get rid of them. My email is [email protected] thank's a lot Don Bl;evins.

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Billing for nothing

In 2003 I had AOL for a short time and cancelled the service, thru my on foolishness I just realized that they have been billing me 99.99 every July for 3 years for some credit service that I have no idea what it is, the so called supervisor said that I ordered this service in 2003 giving me my current address, I just bought this house 6 months ago, some how these fools are accessing past billing information and billing at will.

Credit-alert aka privacy guard

Credit alert or privacy guard at America online:

Do not sign up for anything thru AOL they take your bank account and take money out when ever they choose and you do not even want the service haven't even heard from the service in years and then aol claims not to know who they are. You cancel the service because the money wasn't there to pay for it and they come back and take it out any way again causing more checks to return and then tell you to straighten it out with your bank. This is fraudulent, I even asked for the previous addresses they sent the so called renewal to, they don't know. How could they not know if they are credit service. I recommend never to use AOL or an AOL service and never give them a bank number to withdraw money they will abuse there rights.

Difficulty cancelling the account

It took me almost one-half hour to cancel my AOL account. I attempted to cancel my account at 11:00 pm EST, because I thought I could reach customer service a lost faster. I was completely wrong.

The first customer service agent disconnected me after waiting for about 20 minutes to get through.The second said she could not assist me because her computer could not pull up my account. I asked for a supervisor waited about 25 minutes but no one came to the phone. I could hear the AOL customer service agents in the background but they would not exhibit basic politeness and tell me to call back,

I tried for over half-an-hour to reach someone but to no avail. Finally after about 10 or more attempts at redialing I reached someone. He wanted to know why I was cancelling my service, I had to laugh and only said I have a less expensive service please cancel AOL. He tried to to make various offers which I ignored and finally at about 12:20am EST, I had cancelled AOL, good riddance.

  • Iv
    Ivette Ayuso Feb 22, 2007

    Aol had been charging me every month on my credit card for services that I had cancelled do to the fact that I did not had a phone line any more and I could not use their services. They told me that my account was already cancelled but charges and interest was and still not credited in my account. Do not use Aol at all. Better business bureau should investigate all accounts and should close that business down. I have proof that my home which I own does not have any phone lines until Nov 2006.

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