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Avangate is the digital commerce & payments provider that helps companies sell their products and services via multiple channels, acquire customers across multiple touch points, increase customer and revenue retention, leverage smarter payment options and subscription billing models, and maximize sales conversion rates.
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Avangate Complaints & Reviews

Avangate / driver tool kit - megaify software

Sep 16, 2019

Case ID: PP-D-[protected] Seller's name: 2Checkout Transaction date: 14 September 2019 Transaction amount: £29.10 GBP Your transaction ID: 8VA67517KD7681523 This item was purchased in order to update and download a driver for my Canon IXUS 160 camera to my computer which is now running...

Avangate / antivirus

Jul 08, 2019

Bonjour, le 15/06/2017, j ai acheté sur votre site un antivirus, le prix étant de 26, 57 euros . N arrivant pas a le télécharger, je vous en ai demandé le remboursement et la résiliation du contrat. Le remboursement de 26, 57 euros a été fait le 18/06/2017 Le 14/06/2018, vous m avez débité...

Avangate / visualsvn software

Apr 23, 2019

The company charges taxes on software products, and then they don't remit these taxes to the government. In Canada, all invoices should have the vendor's tax numbers listed when they charge taxes, so customers can request a tax credit (ITCs) from the Canadian government for these...

Avangate / avngate*iolo

Nov 27, 2018

a charge of $54.07 was charged to my bank. I have made "NO" charge for IOLO because IOLO doesn't work on this computer. I would like a response to buddy.[protected] ASAP. Heck I don't even know who "myFICO" is. It appears that I have been hacked and someone at one of the two above...

Avangate / software subscription

Sep 05, 2018

Early Summer I opened my computer to a warning that my system would shut down and be taken over if I didn't click on the link to repair and clean my system. Of course it startled me and I clicked on it and then shortly afterwards started receiving these charges for what I do not know as it...

Avangate / antivirus renewal 5/22/18

Apr 29, 2018

I received an email ([protected] telling me that my antivirus will automatically renew? I never gave anyone permission to put me on automatic renewal? I prefer to handle my own purchases and dealings on my own time and pay for them as I wish! Please take me off automatic renewal...

Avangate / software - purchased from wondershare october 2016

Oct 30, 2017

The software failed, in fact it destroyed at least 150, 000 files and hundreds or personal photographs. I tried to advise Wondershare, but strangely enough they had website problems, and a recent look at their online "HELP" there is a misnomer! you have to try and explain in no more than...

Avangate / phonelab

Jun 19, 2017

I purchased Aiseesoft Fonelab on May 28 2017 to recover deleted videos on my Iphone 6S Plus. The product did'nt succeed to recover this videos. I contacted the support who answered Fonelab wasn't able to undelete videos from Iphone. So, as I hadn't been informed that Fonelab wasn't able to...

Avangate / 7-data recovery suite (Data recovery software)

Jan 26, 2017

Software provided as per order detailed below has not been able to recover audio, video and dwg files which was my primary requirement. Refund requested. Reminders sent several times. But no refund received so far. Invoice No: BV26165215 Date: January 02, 2017 Order No: [protected] Provided...

Avangate / Mac optimizer and complete package

Aug 06, 2016

Well I`m back and this time this company has real surprises waiting when you buy their product. The last complaint was how when I purchased the Mac Optimizer I was cut in on by the company Avangate. The company from somewhere in the hills of India were pleasant at the buying stage. They...

Avangate / Owner of Mac Optimizer

Jun 29, 2016

It all started when I looked to purchase Mac Optimizer for $39.99. Then I was transferred to a gentleman that had a good pitch about taken the worries out of having to handle any computer, lab top, i-pad and even my cell phone. The cost $469.99. Well then the tac ons i.e: $1.99 to this day...

Avangate / Refund not received

Feb 11, 2016

on the 1st of feb i ordered a program online from tweakbit that was supposed to clean up my computer what i got was a program that went through my computer (remotely) and showed me everything that needed to be cleaned up i was then transferred to a "senior" technician, who tried to... / Bitdefender Total Security 2016

Jan 15, 2016

On 9 Jan 2016 I ordered the product above and paid by my PayPal Mastercard. I got an Email verification that my bill was paid & I should download the product.I complied and was told that registration would be done automatically .When it finished loading it was a free trial of 30 day...

Avangate / (Tweakbit) Refund of $59.40 not received

Nov 11, 2015

I have contacted this company for one month now trying to get my money of $59.40 back from them. They state that they have refunded it on 10/10/2015 and give me a confirmation number #1627426709for order #[protected]. This did not happened. I have my bank statement and there was not $59.40...

Avangate Inc. / An program for my computer; tweakbit

Nov 10, 2015

On November 4, 2015, I needed a driver after upgrading to windows 10. I found this program and it was advertised for $4.95. I downloaded it. They charged my credit card $79. I emailed them and no results. I finally called them. This woman wanted to get on my computer. I said, "no way!" I...

Avangate Inc. / Iolo System Mechanic - Refund Request

Sep 25, 2015

09/15/15 - I contacted Avangate about a charge on my account for $29.95 and was told that they automatically renewed my service. I requested a refund and was told that it would take 2 - 6 business days 09/23/15 - I contacted Avangate again asking why I still had not received my refund. The...

Avangate Inc / Charged for software that I didn't request

Sep 14, 2015

I was on the Microsoft Windows page to update to Windows 10. A prompt came on and said that some registries on my computer may not be compatible with my computer and for $5.95 they can scan and fix registries. Next thing I know my debit card was charged over $71! I am not a business nor do I...

Avangate Inc. / Glary Utilities

Sep 13, 2015

After 2-3 years of using the "free version" of GU then on Jan30 2015 I was asked to pay $16.51 AUD for the "pro" version. The payment was requested by MyCommerce, Inc. and I paid that day using Paypal. I have now received a request from Avangate Inc for a payment to "go pro" I sent an email...

Avangate / TweakBit

Sep 11, 2015

I purchased TweakBit from Avangate a couple of days ago for £3.88 but, on checking my bank statement I see that they've taken £59.53 from my account. I was not aware I was purchasing additional software from them and resent you taking money in such a way. The review site for your product...

Avangate/Tweakbit / Tweakbit

Sep 05, 2015

I purchased this product through a on-line add at Ookla My paypal account was charged. However, I never received the software, the software registration, or anything. I was ripped off. I am trying to get my money back through PayPal. However, it is frustrating as PayPal ha... / unauthorized charge

Jul 08, 2015

I have no idea what I'm being charged for here, nor will they answer my query, or their phones. I have not bought, nor do I intend to buy, any new software, which is what I suspect has happened. The charge is $31.82, and probably they think I will not follow through as this is a...

Avangate*dll Suite / Con artist Alex from microsoft

Jun 20, 2015

India speaking man called me on 6/17/15 about 3:30 pm. said he was Alex from microsoft. Wanted to access my pc thru to show me errors on my PC. Tricked me into opening my online banking web site. Told me he had just put $500.00 into my account to re-emburse me for Microsoft...

Avangate / No refund nor solution

Jun 08, 2015

I bought from their website an activation code for the game Mount & Blade but couldn't activate. So I contacted both the company Avangate and TaleWords Entertainment for a solution but nobody replied me. Therefore I asked for a refund online, and now it's been more than 1 month and...

Avangate / Tweakbit / malware/spyware

Jun 08, 2015

Downloaded Avangate/tweakbit products and my computer was overtaken by malware and spyware I could not get on a lagitamite website no matter what I tried to do. I believe I purchased 4 different software packages from them, out a lot of money and dismantled my computer and destroyed the...

Avangate / Scam

May 20, 2015

I purchased this product at the referral of a website. When I went to download the item, it asked for the serial number and then said I need to go to this website for further activation: I went to this site and it does not exist. I went back to the...

DriverToolkit / Scam

May 20, 2015

I purchased drivers from this company and they asked for verification for my credit card and when I checked my card, it had already been charged. I had to repeatedly ask for a license key to download the drivers. Immediately after installing the drivers, I lost all sound on my computer and...

Myavangate / Unauthorized charge

Apr 04, 2015

In reviewing my Visa charge card account this morning, I noticed a charge my MyAvangate. I have never heard of this company and I certainly did not purchase anything from them. Therefore, this is an unauthorized charge to my account. I wish to have this charge removed from my card...

Avangate Driver Whiz / unable to have installed

Mar 28, 2015

I purchased 2yr driver whiz order number [protected] on March 24. When I phoned to register, remote controller technician (11026) told me that my computer wasn't able to install driver whiz as pc couldn't scan properly. Controller advised me that he could fix problem but it would...

Avangate / Fraud

Mar 12, 2015

Avangate told me that they were from microsoft and my computer had been hacked and they were using my information on the internet. If I give permission to take care of it they could stop it now, so they sent my call to their hacking department. They wanted my credit card information to take care... / Unauthorized charge for software

Mar 11, 2015

Avangate is a software company that charged my paypal account every 6 months for the same software. Now today 03/11/015 they charged my Visa debt card for software I did not order and did not want. This company has a policy of charge you when every they want and not even notifying you of...

Avangate - Phone Sheriff / No refund - product doesn't work

Mar 09, 2015

No refund for bad product. Phone Sheriff, parental control software. Doesn't work on my phone or tablet. Sales rep assured me I would get a refund if it didn't work. Four emails later and a complaint to PayPal and they still refuse to issue a refund. I will complain about them...

Avangate / Bitdefender / Will not respond to refund request

Feb 28, 2015

I was automatically charged in the amount of 89.95USD by Avangate for a Bitdefender subscription that was to expire on March 1, 2015. The automatic renewal charge was processed on February 27, 2015. First of all, I DID NOT wish to have my subscription auto-renewed. Secondly, I was charged 2...

Wonderfox Media Converter / Fraudulent business practices

Feb 18, 2015

I bought a software DVD ripper w/ media converter and after installing it into my computer... the program would only work half the time. The only way to make contact with Avangate, which is the company contracted out to receive the payments for the creators of WonderFox software, is thru...

Avangate Bv /

Feb 05, 2015

On or around July or August 2014, my bank began sending me notices that my account may have been charged with fraudulent charges. I began going back through my statements and found several charges for a company called Systweak, Inc. some for $39.90 and $29.95. As I started calling to ask...

Avangate / Iu Systemcare / confusion regarding product I was purchasing

Dec 04, 2014

I had received call(s) from Startech Windows Support. Sam Parker ID 8820 was the person who finally convinced me to buy what I thought was a software product, there was confusion on my part, that what he was really selling was online remote technical support on behalf of microsoft window...

PCDJ Software / blocked order

Dec 02, 2014

PCDJ SoftwareI attempted to order a karaoke software program called PCDJ, and the order would not complete with my US address. I changed my information to appear as though I lived in the Netherlands (where the company is based), and the order proceeded. There is a serious anti-American bias going on... / They do not support

Sep 15, 2014

I bought from Avangate, yet get no assistance from themr. All correspondence, emails and payment was to them for software advertised on their website. When my liicense is not working (paid for, I even have a licence number supplied from Avangate), this is the email they send: "Dear...

Avangate / Employee Attempted to Obtain Double Payment, Company Unresponsive to Complaint.

Sep 04, 2014

I had been using a computer utility software from a company called Auslogics for a few years and was very happy with it. The only way to purchase their product is through the third party My spouse and I had purchased a pair of laptops, and I contacted Avangate about...

Avangate / Bitdefender / Unauthorized Bank Draft

May 21, 2014

My bank was drafted $49.95 US Dollars for a purchase/service I didn't solicit or authorize. Unable to solve via normal channels. Unable to contact sales department, accounting departments of either Avangate or Bitdefender. Forced to cancel credit cards and re-establish online commerce / NO PRODUCT SERVICE AND NO REFUND

Mar 19, 2014

I paid $29.00 for service to root my cell phone. I received nothing. They ignore my requests for a refund. This company is a rip off and a scam. Don't do any business with them. [protected] [protected] [protected] [protected] Store Purchase Avangate BV - $29.00 January 10, 2014 Transaction ID: DU5R7QELKS