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Avangatedriver tool kit - megaify software

Case ID: PP-D-[protected]
Seller's name: 2Checkout
Transaction date: 14 September 2019
Transaction amount: £29.10 GBP
Your transaction ID: 8VA67517KD7681523

This item was purchased in order to update and download a driver for my Canon IXUS 160 camera to my computer which is now running Windows 10. I could not download any drivers and my security told me it was untrustworthy, so I have now, with difficulty, managed to un-install it. I noticed money had gone from my account, via paypal, almost immediately, and I expect a refund.
I see that many people have posted their complaints about your company online, as a scam site. I will, if not refunded, be adding to their number.

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    le 15/06/2017, j ai acheté sur votre site un antivirus, le prix étant de 26, 57 euros .
    N arrivant pas a le télécharger, je vous en ai demandé le remboursement et la résiliation du contrat.
    Le remboursement de 26, 57 euros a été fait le 18/06/2017
    Le 14/06/2018, vous m avez débité de la somme de26, 57 euros pour un abonnement que j avais résilié?
    Le 15/06/2019 vous me débitez de la somme de 26, 57 euros, alors que j avais demandé la suspension du contrat?
    Donc je renouvelle par la demande la suspension du contrat .
    Contrat pour l achat d un antivirus au nom de
    SORRENTINO RINALDO, payé par carte American Express le 15/06/2017, a Avangate Amsterdam

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      Avangatevisualsvn software

      The company charges taxes on software products, and then they don't remit these taxes to the government. In Canada, all invoices should have the vendor's tax numbers listed when they charge taxes, so customers can request a tax credit (ITCs) from the Canadian government for these taxes.

      Canadian law clearly puts the onus on the vendor charging taxes to provide their tax registration number, so that Canadian customers can claim their tax refund/credits directly from the Canadian government. Using this method, the Canadian government will have a record that the taxes on sales were actually paid.

      Basically, Avengate charges taxes to their customers so they can make an additional percentage on the sale.

      1- the tax rate that they charged is bogus (they didn't even use the correct rate).
      2- we cannot claim an ITC tax credit due to the bogus percentage charged, and the missing GST or business number, so the government can make sure they paid the taxes.

      This company is a tax cheat and fraudulent vendor, we have sent them multiple emails about this $2500+ purchase. This is well documented, and we will forward this to our bank to force a full credit on this purchase.

      Date of purchase: 2019-04-22
      Payment: $2798.12 CAD
      Avangate Invoices: BV38080692 + BV38080654

      I requested that they reverse the tax charges of $253.80, or provide their tax registration number.

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        Nov 27, 2018

        Avangate — avngate*iolo

        a charge of $54.07 was charged to my bank. I have made "NO" charge for IOLO because IOLO doesn't work on thi...

        Sep 05, 2018

        Avangate — software subscription

        Early Summer I opened my computer to a warning that my system would shut down and be taken over if I didn't...


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        Avangateantivirus renewal 5/22/18

        I received an email ([protected]@gmail.com) telling me that my antivirus will automatically renew? I never gave anyone permission to put me on automatic renewal? I prefer to handle my own purchases and dealings on my own time and pay for them as I wish!

        Please take me off automatic renewal immediately and cancel my subscription to the antivirus at this time. I have noted on my calendar from last year that it was to be renewed 6/10/18 (the day I ordered it)? If I wish to renew with you I will contact you and let you know but I never agreed to automatic renewal.

        I would appreciate a call tomorrow at [protected] to let me know this has been taken care of!

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          Avangate — software - purchased from wondershare october 2016

          The software failed, in fact it destroyed at least 150, 000 files and hundreds or personal photographs. I...


          I purchased Aiseesoft Fonelab on May 28 2017 to recover deleted videos on my Iphone 6S Plus.
          The product did'nt succeed to recover this videos. I contacted the support who answered Fonelab wasn't able to undelete videos from Iphone.
          So, as I hadn't been informed that Fonelab wasn't able to recover videos, I asked for a refund. The answer was I had to try before with the free version and I won't get any refund. I got this answer on June 6, 2017.
          Here is the message (in "broken" French) : Je suis désolé de savoir que ce logiciel n'aurait pas pu vous aider avec ses fonctions utiles cette fois-ci. Comme on offre toujours la version d'essai pour chaque produit avant l'achat du client, il semble que votre situation ne s'adapte pas à notre politique de remboursement.

          I was very dispointed and felt like having been abused and stolen.

          Olivier ENGELAERE

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            Avangate — 7-data recovery suite (Data recovery software)

            Software provided as per order detailed below has not been able to recover audio, video and dwg files which...


            Avangate — Mac optimizer and complete package

            Well I`m back and this time this company has real surprises waiting when you buy their product. The last...

            AvangateOwner of Mac Optimizer

            It all started when I looked to purchase Mac Optimizer for $39.99. Then I was transferred to a gentleman that had a good pitch about taken the worries out of having to handle any computer, lab top, i-pad and even my cell phone. The cost $469.99. Well then the tac ons i.e: $1.99 to this day I`m not sure the service and then $14.99 for the adware installation. I asked by buying this package is the $39.99 deducted which the gentleman said yes. I said sure, sounds good because I`m a disabled retiree and have my systems maintained would be great. During the process I spoke to several department of Avangate in setting my systems up. One gentleman turned out to be psychopath during the process and demanded to speak to the owner of Avangate. A gentleman identified himself as the sole owner of the company. I informed him of the rude, disrespectful tech I encountered and said, fire him. The guy I`m referring to (can not disclose name) will bring your company down if you don`t fire him on the spot. The owner (no name again because of the investigation) said no problem, he will be gone at days end. Now long story short. I kept receiving home phone calls (without a caller i.d.) so I ignored them then, my cell kept active with voice mail stating if I wasn`t satisfied with the Avangate to call and the same messages over and over. I emailed (what was suppose to be headquarters) and informed "to it may concern" about the hostile, rude manner of employee`s they employed. Well it stuck a nerve somewhere because my mac, windows, cell phone started working against me. I was going to call to see if the psychopath was in control of a terminal but my cell phone went into a sims lock. I made a call to the US/ Canada number provided and a Indian (from India) answered. Right off I asked if this call was in the US or India? silence for awhile then I gave this person all my identification then I lite the gentleman up about the mass terrorist attack the little sick employee they had and informed (now speechless) him that they had 2 hrs. to resolve my issues or to the State Department I go. When I tried to hang-up (disconnect) I couldn`t and the now talkative gentleman could`t keep quite. I had to power off my cell in order to disconnect. Woooo I said to myself, this Avangate set-up, has to be a WMD on our internet in the United States. I see a (complaint detail) box informing me that I have to give the (surly positive now ) terrorist their names, numbers etc. I`m marching down to the State Department, CIA, ect with my well documented, voice recorded conversations to investigate the now labeled Avangate terrorist cell but I shall provide as much info (below) for a inner invasion attack. Needless to say the TERRORIST has control of my systems so if it gets deleted in the internet transit well this article of complaint is also documented.

            Dates of incidents - Started June 16th @ 2:30 pm EDST and to present
            US or India - [protected]
            Names - they are terrorist so do you think the birth given names are real

            Desired Resolution - A full U.S. Government investigation !!!

            P.S. - The thieves never reimburse me the $39.99 as promised !!! Total priced charged against Federal Credit Union credit card $556.99

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              AvangateRefund not received

              on the 1st of feb i ordered a program online from tweakbit that was supposed to clean up my computer

              what i got was a program that went through my computer (remotely) and showed me everything that needed to be cleaned up

              i was then transferred to a "senior" technician, who tried to sell me the actual product to clean my computer for $245

              within an hour i had bought and canceled the order, my money was refunded a few days later

              on the 5th of feb, a charge of 29.95 was made by avangate to my bank

              i called and told them i didn't buy anything and wanted a refund, i was told i would get a refund

              i never got refunded, the date of the refund is the 5th, but this is the date the money was charged to my account

              since then all my calls have told me the same thing, that i have been sent a refund

              i was emailed a statement to show that the refund had in fact been sent to my bank

              what i got was an invoice for 29.95, the word refund doesn't appear anywhere on the page

              i called again to say the statement doesn't say it's a refund, i was told because the 29.95 has a minus in front of that this shows it's a refund.

              a invoice is a receipt for a purchase... it is not a refund

              waiting a few more days to see if it was refunded i called again and was told to contact my bank, that the money may be on hold

              this is ridiculous, it has nothing to do with my bank and i said so

              i was told the refund was sent and they could send me an email as proof

              i told them that i had the email already, and that the money was not in my account

              i was told that according to them a refund was sent and i should contact my bank, that sometimes the bank puts the money on hold

              i said, my bank would never refuse money sent to them, and that it wasn't in my account

              i was told the refund had been sent and that i should contact the bank

              i said, but the money's not in my account, what if contacting the bank doesn't work? i was told i wouldn't have to call them back and that the refund had been sent by them and to contact my bank

              i canceled my card when the bogus charge came up over a week ago, and have now filed a claim

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                • Updated by Avangate Team · Feb 12, 2016

                  Avangate Team: We have investigated this refund with our financial department and obtained the bank reference [protected] for the refund process. Make sure to check with the bank representative this code, we are sure they will be able to identify the amount. In case your bank needs other information, do not hesitate to contact us.

                Avangate.comBitdefender Total Security 2016

                On 9 Jan 2016 I ordered the product above and paid by my PayPal Mastercard. I got an Email verification that my bill was paid & I should download the product.I complied and was told that registration would be done automatically .When it finished loading it was a free trial of 30 days instead of a paid up subscription for a year.I called Bitdefender Central & Avantgate Customer service & was told by their online service that my computer was too slow and that I would have to purchase their repair service because it would take 3 hours to make my computer faster so they could resolve my bitfinders lack of registration code. I have tried to get this code & cannot get it from bitdefender or avangate. I am 76 years old and cannot afford to lose $49.95 for nothing

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Avangate — (Tweakbit) Refund of $59.40 not received

                  I have contacted this company for one month now trying to get my money of $59.40 back from them. They state...

                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Avangate Inc. — An program for my computer; tweakbit

                  On November 4, 2015, I needed a driver after upgrading to windows 10. I found this program and it wa...


                  Avangate Inc.Iolo System Mechanic - Refund Request

                  09/15/15 - I contacted Avangate about a charge on my account for $29.95 and was told that they automatically renewed my service. I requested a refund and was told that it would take 2 - 6 business days
                  09/23/15 - I contacted Avangate again asking why I still had not received my refund. The rep said the transaction had been completed on 09/17/15 and I should check my account the next day. If the money wasn't there that I should call my bank (what do I ask them to do exactly?).
                  09/25/15 - Still no refund. Called Avangate again and rep said she would refer me to Finance department so they could follow up, that I would hear back on Monday, 09/28/15. What the hell??? Now a whole 2 weeks? I asked to speak to someone finance and was told they only communicate via email. Asked to speak to a supervisor was told there is none. Asked to speak to reps supervisor and was told there is none because it's after hours (1am her time) as they are located in ROMANIA!!! I hung up.
                  I can't believe this crap. I will never use any of Avangate's products again and I am uninstalling the last version of SM on my laptop. I will never recommend them to anyone else (I've recommended to 2 people already).
                  No more business from me.

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                    Avangate Inc — Charged for software that I didn't request

                    I was on the Microsoft Windows page to update to Windows 10. A prompt came on and said that some registrie...

                    Avangate Inc. — Glary Utilities

                    After 2-3 years of using the "free version" of GU then on Jan30 2015 I was asked to pay $16.51 AUD for the...

                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction

                    I purchased TweakBit from Avangate a couple of days ago for £3.88 but, on checking my bank statement I see that they've taken £59.53 from my account.

                    I was not aware I was purchasing additional software from them and resent you taking money in such a way. The review site for your product indicates that I'm not the first person to be duped.

                    I'm also taking this up this complaint with my bankwith my bank.

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                      By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions

                      • Updated by TweakBitTeam · Apr 10, 2017

                        We are really sorry if the pricing appeared confusing. We appreciate your feedback and will review the ordering process to see if we can make the terms easier to spot in the shopping cart.
                        We take customer satisfaction very seriously. Sorry once again for any inconvenience this may have caused you and thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Avangate/Tweakbit — Tweakbit

                      I purchased this product through a on-line add at Ookla SpeedTest.net. My paypal account was charged...

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