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email tech support

I paid for service from AOL in May 2018 for a year...$150. The receipt says AARAV tech support... I am having problems with AOL mail as I have in the past. When I contacted AOL they said that I did not have a year contract and that I would have to pay for service. Every time I access my mail, a pop up window shows up asking for my email and passsword and then I have to get an access code from AOl to be able to read my emails. The same thing has happened to me before with AOL. When I asked them to fix this problem AOL told me that I would have to pay a monthly charge in order to speak to a tech. I told them I have a contract and they told me I do not. I gave them the ID number I received and they could not verify I had a contract I am now realizing the people I spoke to in May I believe may be a rip off company. I thought I was speaking with AOL at the time. I don't know who to believe anymore and I don't think I should have to pay a montly fee to AOL just to fix my email problem. Why this happens to me I don't know...but I believe AOL has done something on their end for me to keep having this problem during the years. I thought I paid for a year's worth of tech support from them and they will not honor this. I am tired of dealing with scams and I think AOL should fix my email problem promptly. I thought I paid $150 to AOL but it looks like the company I was speaking to in May is not a legitimate company. The problem is I called AOL to start with back in May. How could they connect me to a fraud company. I need some answers.

I am complaining about the lies aol posts about president trump

A recent story indicated the the us government was being responsible for charges at the scotland golf course. It failed to identify that those charges will be billed personally to president trump on the next statement that they send him.

Americans need to know that presidents and their families are responsible for all charges that are not apart of government work. Presidents are not allowed the use of money or credit cards for any type of payment. It all runs through the w h and is billed to the president as a personal bill...Which the president then pays to the government division that has billed them.

Lois forte

liberal reporting

The Huffington Post is an ultra liberal company existing only to promote their liberal agenda on AOL. They are not a news organization and I am sick and tired of paying AOL for email service and being confronted with these lies everyday. Either the Huffington Post goes or we go. Why on earth an email company has to promote and pay a liberal organzation to push their agendas on our home pages is incomprehensible. They publish lies everyday that are unacceptable. Over the weekend Maxine Waters who is slightly deranged in her own right, called for violence against our President and his administration and she should be arrested. Instead, the Huffington Post headlines on AOL were: "Trump threatens violence against Maxine Waters." I am sick of the lies and deception. Either the Huffington Post goes or we get rid of AOL.

aol sign in

For a few weeks, when I sign into AOL a window appears and tells me that I am timed out. This happens when I type the last digit in my password to try to sign in. It is happening, twice in a row, at the same time, multiple times. Very bothering! This nuisance occurs after I Sign in and give my password. Emidately after doing this the window stating that I timed outcomes on, making me re-sign in and must give my password.!

refusing to allow users to delete accounts

AOL is currently not allowing people to delete their accounts. Their website says: "We apologize that the feature for enabling our users to cancel their username and email address is currently unavailable. We are working diligently to have this feature functioning by June 2018." It's June 2018. Still no option to delete.

Phoning customer service and posting on the company's Facebook page will yield no results. Instead, one gets a boilerplate: "Our team is still looking for a solution in order to restore the ability to cancel the account. We apologize and thank you for your patience."

Oath is asking users to agree to an invasive new policy, and those who would like to leave should have the ability to do so. Immediately. The fact that AOL is not allowing them to do so seems deliberate.

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I want to close 2 aol e-mail accounts and have been told by aol that I cannot

I called aol [protected] on 05/28/18 to request my 2 accounts be closed. I was told the system was down and...


I am a Verizon customer who was offloaded to AOL when Vwerizon ended email services. Kept my Verizon email...

email security temporarily blocked, not able to change password

This message comes up when I try to change password. I need access to my mail urgently. "We're sorry... You...

billing for services

Discovered today that AOL has been charging my personal bank account for services attached to a person'...

aol reporting negative articles constantly about our president trump!

I am sick and tired of signing on to AOL seeing nothing but negative reporting about President Trump. He i...

aol gold

I am very disappointed in aol gold. It is slow. Many features say coming soon. Why wasn't it complete before telling us we needed to upgrade? I click on an email and wait and wait for it to come in. I kept aol 9.8 for some of my information. I have been a customer since 2001. So very disappointed!
With aol 9.8 I kept receiving messages too slow, I needed a faster provider. I use google chrome now for facebook, netflix etc.


For over two days now, both incoming and outgoing e-mails are sporadically not going through. I've spoken with tech support repeatedly and only gotten a run around. Being told we know there's a problem and you'll just have to wait until we fix it is not customer service. i was promised a call back within 24-48 hours with an update; needles to say, never got one. How does one actually engage with someone, anyone who can fix the problem?

your news

To Whom it may concern,
I am really tired of seeing in the daily headlines, "So in so's wardrobe malfunction" always about a beautiful woman. Isn't there anything more interesting to report? Why don't you report about men's zippers being down? It's stupid and it makes you look silly and shallow. Please change it or tell me how to keep this worthless nonsense off my radar.
Thank you
Tired of the ### AOL Customer for over 15 years

Thay won't take my money and send a bs message every day

I have 2 accounts with aol the first account is about 12 years old w/o any issues regarding credit card use...

Rosemount Internet Providers


Deleting unread email.

When I read email, I normally delete it. However, I leave it there among unread email if I have a reason to refer to it again. Also, when I go through my unread email, I often delete items that I do not want to read, but may keep others which I have read but which I do not want deleted. This worked fine until the last few days, when AOL has started deleting whole batches of email both unread and read if I have read a few of them. In the last few days I have lost hundreds of emails which I had not read but did not want to delete. If I cannot stop this deleting of unread messages, I will have to get another email service. This will be very troublesome for me and I do not want to it, but what else can I do when AOL continues to delete unread maii?



I've been a member of AOL since 1996. I've tried to cancel the service on numerous occasions due to the absurd amount of SPAM received. AOL always had more stalls than Santa Anita and the cancelation never happened. The last attempt was about three years ago and they begged me to stay at $11.00 per month instead of the $23.00 I was paying. 4 months ago I noticed that the fee was still $23.00 and never was reduced as promised.
I've spoken with several people about this situation and to a person the stories were similar. I have a new slogan for AOL; It's like the Mafia, "you can get in, but you can't get out". My only option was cancel the Credit Card that was being billed for the service...that didn't work either. I get messages when I do look at AOL that state I owe XXX.XX and they will have to cancel my service if I don't pay up! I received a call last week asking for payment. I asked them why I would I pay for a service that was free to new customers and was inferior compared to GMAIL. They offered to settle for 1/2; I countered with No, kindly go pound sand. I still have AOL.
How can you miss them when they won't go away!

Unauthorized charges, bogus customer service

Keitha Brathwaite
8-6730 Boulevard Des Laurentides
Laval, Quebec Canada H7H 1N6
Tel: [protected]
Date: February 19th 2015.

Dear Sir/Madam, this is one of many attempts to resolve the issue of fraudulent charges to my Scotia bank Power chequing account Transit number 34272 Branch number 002 Account number 0322822. Since October 2014 when I signed up for online banking and was made aware of the unauthorized charges to my, account by AOL Canada Services or AOL Services Incorporated. Before this discovery I was totally clueless.

Below I have attached the letter I wrote and sent to their head offices.
More than once I have attempted to resolve this matter on my own with the company without a lawyer. I am “mad as hell”, that a large corporation like this will steal money from innocent, hard-working people.
Imagine I had to pay my bank to get the proof of unauthorized charges they denied existed. Since then they have been playing a game with a form or Affidavit of some sort. They promised to send it to me to reimburse my money. I haven’t received the form; they confirmed my mailing address numerous times and supposedly mailed it more than once.

I was only able to get proof of unauthorized charges from 2008 to 2014. But AOL Services Inc. has been stealing from me and my children way before 2007. I never signed any contracts with them and I don’t know how they got my account information.

Lucky for them my bank only keeps records up to 2008 to reduced system backup. From March 26th 2008 to June 24th 2010 the sum of $26.20 x 26 = $681.20, From July26th 2010 to July 24th 2012 the sum of $26.95 x 15 = $404.25, From September 26th 2011 the sum of $53.90 x 1 = $53.90, From August 24th 2012 to October 24th 2013 the sum of $30.19 x 15 = $452.85, November 25th 2013 to May 23rd 2014 the sum of $31.58 x 7 = $221.06, June 24th 2014 the sum of $63.16 x 1 = $63.16, on July 24th 2014 the sum of $94.74 was taken, on August 25th 2014 the sum of $126.32 was taken and September 24th 2014 the sum of $157.90 was taken. I put a stop payment in on October 8th 2014 and I called AOL Customer Service line that very day. Since that time I have spoken to their fraud department and faxed and mailed info they requested from me to Billing, Services and Operations department. Anyways they still owe me 8 years of funds, totaling $2, 255.41.

Now I know I am not the only victim of this scheme. Millions of people in different countries all over the world including US and Canada have been defrauded for years like me. Without using AOL services and without setting up preauthorized charges to their bank account.

This confusion had me questioning if I dealing with; a real company or a bunch of call centres set up in different countries to steal money from people’s credit cards and chequing account on-behalf of large corporations. Seeing that every department I contacted at AOL requested info from me, which I was more than willing to provide to get my money back. They keep telling me that they will send me an Affidavit form and they need me to fill out and return to them with my bank statements. Months have passed and I haven’t seen this form. Matter of fact is; I don’t even know if the form exists so I called them many times and they reassured me that it was sent. I don’t even know if the person I spoke to Rick is actually from AOL’s head office.

Everyone I talk to is more interested in collecting my personal or financial information. I already provided some bank statements, but not all, because they show reluctance to address the real issue, since 2003 they have been taking money from my account, but I only have proof from 2008 to 2014. I refuse to deal with this matter on my own anymore. Please help me in whatever way you can.

Thanking you in Advance,

Keitha Brathwaite

Resolved Customer Service

I spoke with a representative because I could not reset my password. Rhea the customer service representative did not assist me and repeated put my on hold for long periods of time. Even when she was on the line she delayed responses and it was as if I was the only person of the line. When I questioned her about why I was put on hold so long and so many times she stated it was because she couldn't assist me. I then asked to speak to her supervisor who also would not help me. I asked if there was an office or other number I could call to receive assistance and she refuse to give me any information. She spoke over me and I asked her to allow me to speak and she left the phone. After ten mins of me waiting on the line to receive assistance from her she hung up. Prior to her hanging up I called back from another phone and explained to the new rep Sahehi what the issue was with both Rhea and her supervisor. I informed him of how important it was for me to reset my password. He assisted me and was patient which I can't say for the rep and her supervisor that I spoke to prior. I don't understand why the supervisor felt it was appropriate to leave a customer on the line an then hang up. These individuals were not only unprofessional but are in the wrong field if the are unable to help people. I have bhad an aol acct for over three years and I deserve better treatment and I also believe they were a poor representation of the company. This experience was horrible and it should never happen again.

Resolved Email Hostage

My AOL Nightmare

All I wanted to do was reset my GoDaddy password. The instructions were sent to my AOL email. I attempted to login and it prompted me to reset my password. I followed the instructions and it said that they did not have enough information on the account to reset it and I would have to call. The site also provided me with a case number.

I proceeded to call AOL and after a 15 minute conversation trying to spell my username with someone who barely spoke english they reset my password. I logged into my account and had received 9 emails (picture) about my password reset as well as advertisements. Then to my surprise ALL of my emails had been deleted from my inbox, old, sent, it was like a fresh account. I complained and asked to be transferred to the manager-the phone call ended.

I called back and after 20 minutes they picked up. A lot of "Sorry" and "That should not have happened" took place. They transferred me to the tech support department who proceeded to tell me that I had to upgrade my account to a paid version in order to get my emails restored because that was the only way I could talk to a representative. Email Hostage!!!

I left out a lot of the details but I am irate. I will never use AOL again, and will never recommend AOL to anyone (I haven't since the early 2000's).

Thieving Money

I just had AOL pull 77 dollar off of my card. I've never had service with them in all of my life. I filed a complaint with the IC3 and I think anyone else who has a problem with them should follow suit. Outrageous! I don't even know how they got my card number. They cleaned me out of over half the money in my account that I left there for bills! My whole family hates AOL and we wouldn't order from them to save our lives.

Thieving Money