Astrill Complaints & Reviews

Astrill / suspended account

Oct 31, 2017

I got some problem with my astrill account it says " your account has been suspended please contact our support team" I tried to contact them on live chat and email messages but still they didn't reply me. It happen after I changed my password for several times. If the problem cant be solve...

Astrill / VPN

Mar 18, 2016

I read online about the poor service of Astrill VPN but I didn't think much of them. Now I'm having problem myself with their service then I realized everything I read about how rude their customer service can be by just ignoring their customers is true. I have been using Astrill VPN for a...

Astrill VPN / Horrble customer service

Jan 13, 2015

I used to have an account in the past years, it has stability problems sometime, but i was okay with it, but i can not log in since the expiry of the former account, so i register and purchase via a new account, after i paid 66.95usd for an one-year set i found the former account has been...

Astrill / Scam business

Jul 24, 2014

i think this company this company is a scam. I’m having a hard time with them after so many jokes pulling by this them. I subscribed for 3 months subscription and having a hard time to connect to my paid Private IP after 2 weeks, so i contacted support to know whats going on, and...

Astrill VPN / Terrible service and worse customer service

Aug 02, 2013

Astrill has offered nothing but headaches, terrible vpn access and customer service that should not even be called service. I have had nothing but problems with Astrill VPN, provide slow, unreliable vpn internet access from Beijing, China. I would constantly have to deal with dropped...

Astrill VPN / Astrill VPN call me a spammer??

Mar 12, 2013 told me that i was a spammer and suspended my account and did never offer me a refund. However i provided them with log files etc that this is impossibly me but they never got back to me. Then i tried to contact them via their online chat and every time a representative ha...

Astrill VPN / Affiliate Payment Not Paid

Aug 29, 2011

Astrill has an affiliate program with attractive commissions. After siging up, they said that they are no longer able to use Paypal to send my payment, and are having trouble sending affiliate it to my bank. Eventually they were able to use Alert Pay to make small payments. Astrill...