Anytime Fitness / owners unethical behaviour

esterhazy, saskatchewan, Canada

This happened about 2 weeks ago. My husband had stopped into see me at the Anytime Fitness Gym to see when I was going to be home.
The owners noticed he had come to see me. They then hadn't seen me at the gym in awhile so they asked my daughter in-law at her place of business what was happening between me and my husband. They never once came and approached me of the incident.
My daughter in-law then asked my son what was going on, then of course my son then came to me and what was happening. The owners told her that they were thinking of banning him from the premises.
I have since then had words with the one of the owners and have quit the gym and cancelled my membership. The circumstances caused by this did almost cost me my marriage.

Thank you,

Jul 11, 2019

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