Anytime Fitnessunethical behaviour

A Aug 18, 2018

To whomsoever it may concern.
I am Anshul Saxena from Jaipur (Rajasthan, INDIA), a Professional Fitness Coach with multiple top qualifications of fitness industry and running my own Online Fitness Module Business exclusively dealing with my overseas clientele ONLY.
I had a word with some Ravi (apparently the Sales Manager, as told to me over the call). I visited the Anytime Fitness C-Scheme, Jaipur branch on August 18 '18, 19:40 IST as a fresh walk-in client to avail an Annual Membership under the Independence Day Offer (of INR17, 000 for 15-Months). I was addressed by Ravi & Hitesh Arya (purportedly the head of the club, also who owns Anytime Fitness, as personally told to me by him :D).
I was shown around the facility, when the payment was about to be done I was called into a room by Hitesh Arya for some "conversation". Hitesh and I had shared 3 years of Professional Companionship at NuYu Health Club, which ended 2 years back as I left the facility. Here in the room, in a very disorderly approach I was told by Hitesh that he won't be giving me the membership as I professionally belong to the fitness field and I had been a trainer earlier. To which, when I dismayed by asking him to show me such clause or to give this to me in written he denied and told me that I'm the in charge here and I am authorised to deny the membership without any written reason (it appears that, he is doing mainly because of some past personal rancour against me).
This was such a wretched and unprincipled conduct by your workforce that I will have to escalate this matter to whatsoever level probable to make it right.
I do not have any professional association with Anytime Fitness whatsoever, as an employee or as a client ever in the past or present. Please be noted, I also solely intend to avail the membership ONLY for my own workouts. Kindly look into this matter and get me the membership ASAP. If Anytime Fitness plan not to give me the membership then please get it to me in written on your letter head to circumvent further legal progression from my side about this pathetic, amateurish and intolerable chaos.

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