Anytime Fitnessrefusal to cancel

A Jul 09, 2019

Anytime Fitness would be your only option in the Philippines if you want to go to the gym but you leave work at 3AM. I've been a member since mid December and it's all good but I had to move to a condominium with its own gym so had to cancel this. I went to their El Pueblo branch on July 1, which is the payment due date for the month. And they would not cancel! The staff turned her computer monitor so she can point to me that the system already generated the charge and I cancelled a day late. I'm broke and can only pay by end of month. I was told to email them this. And they said Noted. BUT then they cut my access. I already told them I can only afford to pay the monthly fee+penalty by the end of July, afterwhich the membership will finally be cancelled. They insist I pay for the month but they also won't let me use it. I sent a complaint to our Department of Trade and Industry.

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