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As homeowner I purchased 41 Andersen windows and 16 Frenchwood patio doors for a new home that was completed in mid 1999. Within a month of occupancy, I informed Andersen that some of the windows were out of tolerance so that the Andersen screens could not be installed. I also informed Andersen that the method for fastneing the hardwood grilles to the patio doors was faulty. Andersen representative, Lance Chevalier, inspected these defects and agreed to pay the replacement costs for new windows, and refund the cost of the patio door grilles. These promises were never kept.

In early 2004 Andersen was informed that the exterior vinyl was delaminating from the patio doors, and spots had developed between the glass of an octagon window. Mr.Chevalier sent Andersen workmen to replace the vinyl with aluminum on 6 of the doors, and applied caulking to the delaminated vinyl seams of the other 10 doors by running it high on the glass with his finger.

The repair was considered crude and unprofessional.

Subsequently a verbal agreement was reached wherein Andersen would replace the defective windows, refund the cost of the grilles, and replace the delainated vinyl with aluminum on 12 of the 16 doors. Mr. Chevalier sent a release which was not in accordance with the verbal agrement. Andersen sent a revised release in mid August 2005.

In mid Spetember 2005 Andersen changed the terms of the revised release and delivered 12 new patio doors to be installed by Andersen workers the following day. Andersen was advised that the installation of the doors prior to applying interior finish and replacing only 12 ofthe 16 defective doors was unacceptable. Andersen's installation instructions are for finishing patio doors prior to installation.

After Andersen's change of the terms of the release concerning the patio doors, their posiiton has been that I should sign the revised release even though it is factually untrue.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jun 21, 2021 2:30 pm
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I live in Iowa and the right hand corner of all of my 400 series windows are rotting. If there is a class action suit please let me know who to contact.

-Vince E.

Nov 21, 2009 8:42 am

I live in Northern Virginia and bought a house built in 1986 that has two (6 feet tall) Andersen sliding patio windows. The weatherstripping running vertical along the jambs in both of them (three pieces) is worn so I wanted to replace them. That is, three pieces of vinyl adhesive strips for each window. I started this back in July and after multiple phone calls over a period of three months, trying to provide them with all required part identification numbers, dimensions, etc., here we are in November and I still don't have the parts. Their parts people have no clue of their product parts lists. And they toss you around on the phone to others who know even less.

Andersen lost the information given them in August and it was given to them again in Sept. I was charged $570 for six pieces of vinyl strips that I would have guessed cost no more than $10-20 to manufacture. When they arrived, two pieces were not even my order or for my windows. The remainder were defective and were cut too short despite me providing them with the exact lengths needed. Those were returned. Even though I paid for parts that don't apply to my door, they would not issue me a credit for those items. I was charged for them anyway for their mistake. I wrote two letters to the President and CEO of Andersen and sent a copy to their Customer Relations Manager. They completely ignored my letters. I'm still waiting for a response to my letters of complaint. They have no ethics when it comes to pricing of spare parts and appear to have no quality control and the worst product support I've ever encountered.

Like any large corporation I figured the upper management was not aware of what's going on in the trenches but they didn't make any attempt at all to investigate this and just swept it under the rug.

They don't seem to have anyone in the customer service department that knows anything about the products or how to treat a customer. I feel I've been ripped off with excessive price gouging. I could have replaced one whole window set with a new one for the cost of these vinyl strips. I'll never buy an Andersen product and would encourage anyone thinking about it to look for a more reputable supplier. Anyone contemplating having Andersen products in their home should think twice about what's coming down the road when they need service or parts.

Me? I'll never use them again or recommend them to anyone.


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