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K Nov 24, 2018

Good day,

To whom it may concern.

The reason for the letter is to confirm that I am disappointed and appalled by the service I have received at American Swiss Vangate Mall.

I had two incidents at the branch with the manager, I went into the store and saw a pair of gold round earrings for R899, I was about to purchase the earrings to be informed that it is the incorrect price, and the original price is R2899. The price advertise at the time was R899.

She then went to the till and got a box with prices in and added the number 2 to the price of the earrings to make it R2899. According to my rights I am entitled to the price being displayed in your store - the error was on your end. I informed the manager the price I saw is the price I want to pay, I was then told a long story.

I then contacted the area manager to complain - two months later and I have still not received a response. Is that the service the area manager provide to customers? I would at least have expected to get a response by now.

The second incident my 24 year old daughter bought a chain of R699 which did not even last more than a month and it broke. If she had to break it I would have not returned it. I do not expect a chain of that price to break within a month? That's ridiculous.

I had to chase them up to send the chain for repairs, they informed me it will take two days until get feedback. After one month of being patient I have still not received any form of communication. I left my contact number but not any of them made an attempt to even contact me. When I got to the store I was told by the manager I could take a new chain, I was happy with the response and told my daughter to come later that day to get a new chain.

My daughter then went to the store and was informed that she made a mistake and that taking a replacement item was for a different customer. One of staff members showed me that the chain is still there. Is that the service I am suppose to get?

I explained to Michael the area manager who told me I must bring the chain back on Monday. A week later he then told me that there is nothing he can do. He did not even have a look at the chain but he informed me that there is nothing he can do. The store manager informed me a week later that he is here for the first time since he told me to bring it back that Monday. The area manager seems to be lacking ownership and might need to undergo a training refresher course on how to deal with customers and fulfilling promises made to customers . My faith in American Swiss is completely gone from a shop I love purchasing from.

I then received communication from the store manager to inform me there is nothing they can do after I sent one my co-workers there - they told my co-worker that I could come and fetch it if I still want it. I then asked my second co-worker if they could go and get because I was absolutely disgusted on how the management team dealt with my issue.

When the second Co-worker went to the store the area manager was the one who was at the store and we asked him for Nasley, Nasley was busy at the back and the area manager asked who could I help, my co-worker then said she is here to pick up Mrs hendricks chain, he then said okay without showing any empathy whatsoever and walked out the store? Atrocious.

I would like communication from you as soon as possible with acknowledgement that you have received my email and setting an expectation with me what you will be doing moving forward with my complaint or I will be taking it much further.

Blanche hendricks

Kind regards,
Unhappy customer

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