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I just thought the consumers in the united states that deal with american home shield would like to know the truth about their warranty company. Any one of you that ever had to deal with a water heater issue and thought the contractor was somehow robbing you because you had to come out of pocket for something the warranty company says is covered might be interested in this. American home shield pays contractors a flat fee anywhere from 60. 00 to 140. 00 per call. Period. That is all they pay. They do not pay for any parts whatsoever. So when a contractor comes to your house and you need a water heater that costs 350. 00 and the contractor is getting 125. 00 total for the job it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that not only is he not making any money he is losing 225. 00. So how can a person hope to survive working for the ahs? They do what they are told to do by ahs. Ahs came up with their patent pass the buck routine, which is to roll the cost down hill, anything you think they are paying for, they pass on to the contractor, anything the contractor is going to lose money on is rolled onto you the consumer. If the contractor doesnt like it, or if they make a big stink about it they are finished. No more calls will be coming their way. When the subject is brought up with their contractor reps. They tell the contractors to do what they have to do to atleast break even on water heaters knowing what they are telling them to do is illegal, and a breech of contract with their customers. These charges are called non - covered charges. Without them the contractors would be broke and out of business in their first month, with ten water heater calls per week they would be finished. This is ahs' standard operating procedure. They had a class action suit filed against them a few years back for denying claims for just about anything, they settled the suit paying the consumer with not money of course but a new and better plan that would guarantee the consumer would have coverage for just about everything. This is actually true. The way they went about covering the costs of this plan is sleazy and dishonest as usual. The contractor says hey wait if youre going to cover everything no matter what and you want us to fix or replace everything you have to give us more money per call. Ahs in their generosity agreed and offered the contractors time and material (This pays them for the parts and for the time spent on the repair) this was a really great thing! It was fair to everyone involved - the consumer got no hassle service, everything was covered, the contractor got paid for his labor and didnt get stuck with paying for parts out of his labor wage. Well this lasted about three months then ahs decided that they would change it so that they paid the contractor 20. 00 more than they're usual fee and he would have to pay for parts, six months after that they dropped it down to they're usual fee. So in the end who eats it again? Certainly not ahs, they dump it into the contractors lap and tell him if he wants to work he'll roll it over onto the consumer period. They are worse than you can imagine. I've been doing warranty work for a long time and they turn my stomach. I refuse to be a party to their practices and therefore don't get much work from them, but thats okay i will tell you also that if you want to get a home warranty policy go to old republic, or fidelty they have much more honest business practices and they are fair to the contractors. If i needed to have a warranty policy i would go with o. R. Because they give us the hardest time about our work which means they care the most about you the consumer. P. S. They got the plug because they deserved it boycott ahs they're ###.


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    d shenkar Jan 26, 2010


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    thetaxcollector Jan 26, 2017

    @d shenkar Plus, when you request a second opinion AHS tells you that the 2nd contractor comes to the job without any prior knowledge of the issue. LIES!!! On two separate occasions I have had 2nd opinions where the 2nd contractor already knew the problem before they even walked in the door!! A bunch of posturing and blame shifting. Another time, I called to request service and they blatantly ignored my call! I know they purposely kept me on hold (for over an hour) because at the same time I decided to call using my wife's phone (different are code too) and they picked up within 5 minutes.

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  • Ha
    Haynes Family Feb 28, 2018

    @d shenkar What a bunch of lying dishonest people! AHS gets their money upfront when you pay for the coverage. After that you are on your own! I lost a bathroom ceiling because my "plumber" assigned by AHS didn't think my water heater leak was an emergency. Then the plumber tries to hit me with over $400 dollars in add-on fees that I refused to pay. I went out-of-pocket to have a licensed plumber come by my house and give me a bid to replace my water heater. I then asked him about the fees mentioned by the AHS plumber. He flatly stated that none of the fees were legit, that it was just an attempt to make more profit at my expense. I have requested a supervisor 3 times and finally got a call. What a pleasant experience that was! That lady couldn't lead a dog on a leash! I have issued a formal complaint to the CEO and am waiting to hear from him (stop laughing, I really am). I have requested the cash-out option. I'm guessing I'll get low-balled big time. Word to the consumer looking to buy a home warranty: DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM AMERICAN HOME SHIELD! You will be sorry!

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    Uhnonuhmuss Oct 21, 2018

    @Haynes Family The plumber wasn’t trying to “make more profit” by charging you the non-covered costs associated with the water heater, he was trying to break even on the labor and equipment. AHS only allows $125 max per plumbing call, and that includes the service fee you paid, and the labor, parts and equipment. A water heater replacement is obviously much more than $125, so the customer has to take up some of the costs or the plumber is losing his arse. Don’t use a home warranty. Fire them.

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    Scalmione Apr 05, 2010

    Their service is horrible. They charge you a co-pay even if they don't fix the problem. I wish I could be employed by them. No matter what terrible job you do, you get paid. I do not recommend them at all. I have been a customer for over 8 years and all I have is complaint after complaint. I prefer calling someone outside their services and pay them. At least, I don't have to pay unless the work is done and up to standards.

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  • Uh
    Uhnonuhmuss Oct 21, 2018

    @Scalmione When you visit a doctor, don’t you pay your co-pay up front before you see the doctor, regardless whether you feel better, got medicine, or were told to go home and take Tylenol? It’s a CO-PAY for the service call. That’s why they call it a SERVICE FEE

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    MojaveC Jun 07, 2010

    We have been scammed by AHS one too many times. After being stupid for 14 years - yes 14 years, we finally let our contract lapse. The latest in a long string of problems was trying to get our Whirlpool Tub repaired. Our contract states that it is covered, but when the fourth contractor came out to try to fix it, AHS told us that the part that was bad was not covered. It was the switch that allowed power to go to the tub. Now, how on earth can a whirlpool tub work without power. I asked AHS that question and they said that only the motor itself was covered not the switch that turned the motor on... I asked them where it said that in the contract, they said, only certain parts are covered and others aren't. They couldn't tell me where exactly it states that a motor can run without electricity. IDIOTS.

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  • Gu
    guitrist Jun 25, 2010

    We have had AHS for a while and it seems that they are very selective about what they will cover and what they will not, despite what their contract says. The furnace failed and "their" designated contractor said it needed to be completely replaced. So... they said they needed a "second opinion", and sent a second contractor, their designated "hatchet man" to say that there was dust in the furnace so therefore it hasn't been maintained properly and the claim was disallowed. I now have a drain problem in the kitchen and the galvanized drain pipe has rusted out. There is sewer gas coming into the house. They couldn't find a contractor who could come out on a Friday night, so they said we should try to find one ourselves. The provided a list of "unacceptable" contractors, so we called one not on that list. They further said that once our contractor has assessed the repairs necessary, he was to call for an "authorization number". He called and after lengthy "on holds" waiting for someone who could authorize the amount necessary, and after an hour waiting, I told him "just do it". I apologized to him for the delay and the load a AHS bulls**t, and had him hang up so he could do the job. I told my wife to contact her credit card company and "disallow" any further charges from AHS. We are over them!

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    GCHP Aug 05, 2010

    We have had American Home shield for 14 years and had no less than a service call for both heating in the winter and air in the summer each of those years until this year. We have had 6 work orders for the air conditioning unit over the past 2 months with "repairs" lasting 2-3 days form the repair work before the temperature in our home reaches the outside temp which has been in the higgh 90s and low 100 this summer. We called demanding evaluation for a replacement unit for our 25 year old system and they offered up a $900.00 repair or a $500.00 cash out option. The going rate for a replacement AC unit alone is $4, 500.00+. We have been paying them $370.00 per year. We 're reporting them to the BBB and looking for an open Class action law suit. If there is not one, we need to get one started. GP

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  • Br
    Brianyahoo Aug 06, 2010

    DO NOT GET AN AMERICAN HOME SHIELD WARRANTY! IT IS A RIP-OFF. I have AHS. My A/C broke and AHS sent someone to my house on 11 Jun 10. Two and a half weeks later, it was broken again (not cooling). Since I wasn't going to be available, I submitted another service request on 13 Jul 10. To this day (6 Aug 10), it is still not repaired. They sent out a "crap" contractor (S.A. Specialties-in San Antonio, TX). They want me to pay over $500 to "fix" my A/C. I asked them (AHS) why I should pay $525 and I am told the cost is for the "stuff" that isn't covered under warranty [the plenum, filter base, permit (yes, I said permit), and disposal]. Supposedly the evaporator coil is bad and instead of replacing the evap coil, they want to replace the whole air handler and charge me to do it. I've called Carrier (my A/C manufacturer) and they say the coil can be replaced; but AHS won't do it. I guess the way the companies that contract with AHS make their money is by charging you for everything that AHS doesn't cover...which is just about everything.

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  • Br
    Brent Mullen Aug 10, 2010

    We bought a home in 2007 and we had AHS. We had minor things when we moved in like the garbage disposel.
    Than we had a more significate claim and we had to battle with AMS for months to get them to cover our claim.
    To make a long story short, when it came time for renewel we were told we were black flagged and could not renew. They said they could not tell us why over the phone we would have to send in a letter. We did send in a letter and really still did not get a reason why would not renew.
    We know it is because we had about 6 different things we called them out to fix. The flier said they cannot turn you down for the amount of claims you file...the flier is wrong. If you file so many claims(even though you paid the 60.00 service fee) you will not be allowed to renew with them.THIS IS A FACT.
    I will not recommend AMS to anyone. They are a very dishonest company that does not want to pay covered services.

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  • An
    anonny2 Aug 19, 2010

    If you are disgusted with ahs's business tactics, customer relations and denial of true, valid claims (ie: breach of contract)...

    Here's some info:

    If you're seeking ceo david crawford's voicemail - here's how.

    Dial 1-866-305-0259 as stated above. when the phone system says "thank you for calling american home shield... please enter your representative's extension" -

    Do the following:

    Enter ext. # 1000

    The greeting will then say: "welcome to avia messaging, please enter the mailbox # of the person you are calling... if you don't know the mailbox number, press star (*) to spell the name"...

    After that sentence, immediately press star (*) - then spell david crawford's last name:

    Just input, "craw"... you will then be taken to: dave crawford's voicemail...

    Kindly leave your message.

    If you want to call bluff - redial the 1-866 number above, go to ext. 1000 and then input judy's extension "2100" (judy peedic - the executive assistant to david crawford) - it will take you to her voicemail (or she will pick up) - so the avia messaging system is that of ahs...

    Also, another executive assistant to david crawford is a person by the name of "matthew boyd" his extension is 2103 at the same 1-866 number listed above (again, his extension also works in the avia messaging system @ ahs).

    I hope american home shield makes right on alot of the breach of contract issues... :)

    Pass the info on to any site you see that contains ahs complaints!!!

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  • Jk
    jko347 Sep 14, 2010

    i have been w/ out AC since 08/23, which is the date i initiated a service order to fix. today is 09/14, and am still w/ out AC. i phoned in earlier for a status update, after i was told last week that the replacement unit would be ready 09/14 (09/15 at the latest), the unit won't be avaialbe until 09/20.

    pains points:
    a month w/ out AC,
    bad communication >< AHS & customer (me),
    bad communication >< AHS & AC contractors,
    terrible assistance provided through-out period of not having AC,
    AHS doesn't care for customers,
    AHS delays payments to contractors,
    Contractors hate dealing with AHS,
    why is AHS still in business...?

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  • Ze
    zeyk Nov 19, 2010

    Mr. A has been dealing with AHS (American Home Shield) for over 2 years regarding his air conditioner. During the past year alone, he have been at his residence for 5 times just to place another band aid on an air conditioner that is located on the beach and has become so badly deteriorated that independent ac service companies upon doing his "required maintenance, according AHS" say that it needs to be replaced, but AHS refuse to accept this and instead Mr. A pay another $60 until it breaks back down 4 months later.

    This year alone Mr. A has paid $300 in "service fees" and it still is not working. Mr. A suppose they know as soon as he get a new ac he will cancel, but actually he is now spending more per year when he could have just bought a new ac and cancelled from these crooks 2 years ago.

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  • Ma
    Matesjnv Nov 29, 2010

    Yeah, I had pretty fair luck with them until a really expensive part broke on my jetted tube. Motor went out. it took them almost three weeks to come back with the wrong motor. NO phone calls to me to update me on their progress. When I pointed out to the tech that the 3/4 HP motor he was trying to replace my 3HP motor with would not work he seemed stumped. I took him to my computer and after about a minute found the motor he needed to order. Gave him all of the contact info and cost and he left. That has been over a week ago and no word from him. I have left two messages. I called AHS office and was told basically "Good luck" . seems they have not control and maybe not even any contact with their contractors. Told me the tech was making calls and it may be a few hours before he could return my call. since my original call was on October 25th and today was November 29th, I told her I had had about all of the patience I could and wanted this resolved. Again, told Good Luck by the lady from AHS. Who knows. I will probably have to buy the thing and replace it myself.

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  • Ch
    ChaChi925 Dec 15, 2010

    They are attempting to breach their contract with me for a Pool control panel. It's a component of the pool equipment, which is above ground and accessible, as stated in the "covered" section of their contract. Yet they are tyring to claim that because I can go outside and manually turn on pool equipment, there really is no defect. I will fight them on this. The agent first tried to read me language out of the contract that said, "AHS has the sole right to determine, according to the terms of this contract, whether a covered item will be repaired or replaced." I explained that this language gives them the right to repair or replace, not to REJECT.
    Bottom line, they are dishonest, and lack inegrity in their business processes. If you have a choice, do not do business with this company.

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  • Me
    memor Feb 01, 2011

    My heater broke 10 days ago AHS sent a repair company out they looked at the unit and said yep its broken we need to order parts so I payed the service call.7 days later and may unanswered phone call later they showed used parts that did not go with this unit.Well it work for about 3hrs and now does not.AHS cant seem to find someone to come work on it now so I have to pay for more nights at a motel why don't they just spend the money to hire honest company's to do there work?

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  • Rv
    RVA Feb 11, 2011

    We just had a tech come out b/c our compressor stopped working (btw, it's 20 degrees outside at night!). The tech apparently is required to photograph certain items and turn them into AHS. One of the items is the filter. I'll admit, it had not been cleaned this month and did have some "dust" on it but it was not 100% clogged. Within and hour of the tech leaving I got a call that they are denying our claim b/c the filter was clogged and caused the compressor to burn out. When I explained to them that the compressor was approximately 12 years old (the average life span of a compressor) and that we clean the filter on a regular basis the woman told me it was our lack of maintenance that caused this problem so now we are going to be out $1300 to have a new one installed. They fix the things that are convenient for them and will look for the smallest reasons to deny your claim. I work in insurance and understand about grounds for denial and this is a company looking to take people's money and deny for anything they can find. We purchased the warranty when we moved into our house 4 years ago for piece of mind. Instead we have paid them $450 a year for nothing. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! Instead save your own money so that when they deny your claim, you're not out your premium plus the cost to do the home repairs. Lesson learned!

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  • Sa
    Saralee Feb 14, 2011

    Dont' ever use American Home Shield or Carter plumbing services which is one of their vendors. AHS partners with companies that don't want to work or provide any services. If they worke to save the insurance company money by refusing to do any work and hanging up the phone etc etc, then they shouldn't be allowed to be sent out to customers by AHS.

    Carter plumbing is AWFUL. I called to complain, and the lady was like if you don't like just go somewhere else. She can say this cause she can. They have a corporate accound dont' have to do anything to work for their money. AHS sends them out, they get 60 bucks for 2 minutes of consulting and leave and move on to the next AHS customers

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  • Ac
    ace63376 Mar 18, 2011

    i repair plumbing for ahs every day and the people that have the biggest complaint are the ones who dont read their warranty some dont cover everything and some do. and the flat rate is not true i get paid more for fixing your problems that i do for denying them, you need to understand that ahs doesnt cover it if you broke it or neglected to maintain it. call a tech it costs you 60 dollars

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  • Do
    Donna S Mar 20, 2011

    ace63376 - You are correct. Homeowners need to make sure they read their contracts carefully. There are so many different ones out there and each have their own limitations and exclusions.

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  • El
    ElmiloudiHamid Jun 04, 2011

    According to my experience of 10 years with this Company I had no problems until beginning of May 2011 when I placed a Service Call for my Heat Pump Condensor. After 2 visits from their contractor, the Condensing unit was beyond repair. Therefore AHS agreed to send a new unit to be installed while I pay the installation fee of $ 300. The unit was received by the Contractor on May 10 according to AHS. As of this writing: June 04/2011 the unit has to be installed regardless of the several calls I made to AHS and their contractor with no solution insight. Now today Saturday June 04/2011 AHS are telling me that I will not have an answer from them until next Tuesday the earliest. The Lady I was peaking with: 1/ refused to pass me to her supervisor so I can bring closure to the problem. 2/ She is referring my case to what she called: Cash in lieu and if I understood her correctly they would offer me a cash settlement to buy a unit and install it at my expense for what a cost difference would be? Is not such a breach of contract? I will have my Lawyer check on such, as well as I will be notifying BBB. If anybody reads my message and experienced similar problem, please, post the solution you arrived to. As to renewing the contract of 10 years with AHS, it would take an act of congress. Thank you all for any information you can spare.

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  • After what I read here, I am both disgusted and disappointed that my mortgage company, Wells Fargo, would continue to call trying to sell this scam. Because I have a mortgage with them, apparently that allowed them to get around the "Do Not Call" list I registered for years ago.

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  • Ha
    Harold Caudle Jun 21, 2011

    Will not respond to request for repair.

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  • Rh
    Rhonda Helms Mar 08, 2017

    @Harold Caudle American home shield is not a good company in doing business. there contracts are full of lies. do not do business here. I had to have service, after calling them, the next day I got a plumber to check my problem, there was a leaking pipe, inside the wall behind the sink, he fixed, drained, cleaned out line and I paid him. they will not pay anything on service. I have requested full refund of monies paid to them and requested it be cancelled. I replaced my atm, they can no longer debit it. now i'll wait and see if I even hear from them, chances are I won't. this company needs to be shutdown in my opinion.

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  • To
    torrence rollins Jun 21, 2011

    please please bosch nexxt dryer or no good ?washer great

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  • Fe
    Fedupcontractor Jul 01, 2011

    I am also an AHS contractor. I couldn't have written this article any better myself. Thanks for the true insight. The contractor relations reps always puts it on the contractor when your ticket is too high for the services rendered, when what you are actually doing is making the repair properly. My rep actually asked me to run some calls for free for them so I could get my average cost down!!! Right... I'm am a small company trying to make ends meet, so it just makes sense for me to run calls for a billion dollar company for free!!! LOL!!! I would rather turn down all their calls, but then the homeowner suffers because they can't get service. Its really funny when they give the calls to another contractor in the area, have them run the call, then have us go out to fix the other companies repair or give a second opinion because the homeowner didn't like the diagnosis and it wasn't covered. What a great industry we have.

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  • Ju
    Judyp1959 Jul 08, 2011

    We have had three visits already this year to repair our air conditioning. Last year, we also required multiple visits; some where the technician would come out and say he couldn't test the line because it was raining, and then we would have to pay for a repeat visit. Upon our renewal period, I told them I would not renew because we were tired of paying for the same thing to be repaired over and over. Our last repair was 32 days ago. They will not waive the service charge because it is over the 30 days, even when I told them we will NOT renew if they charge us for another repair. Each repair has been done in a very short period of time, and all have been obviously stop gap measures. I believe the servicemen deliberately do band-aid repairs in order to perpetuate the service calls. At 40+ per month, and 60 per visit, we have spent over 300 dollars on our a/c this year. We could probably have just paid an honest technician and had this done correctly on the first visit.

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  • Ru
    Russell Kilpatrick Jul 19, 2011

    On 7/12/2011, I had a service call performedunder my home warranty. The service provider was selected by the home warranty company. The service provideres name is Glenn Butts, dba U.S. Heating and Air Conditioning, 624 Douglas Avenue, Ste 1402, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714. The repair was for a garbage disposal. The service was not performed in a professional manner, it was not fixed by them, but they did collect the money for the repair. All they did was turn the motor from the bottom of the unit. I later found the problem, a rubber band had fallen into0 the unit. The service provider lied, and very rude and unprofessional. I cannotr get a reply from the Warranty compnay, so the matter goes to the Florida Department of Financial Regulations for action.

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  • Fe
    Fedup7x7 Jul 29, 2011

    Used this company 3/4 yrs ago by signing a 1yr contract for 2 AC checks & 2 Heating checks. Everytime they came out they found something wrong with my units & it would always cost $200-$300 to fix. It took 6hrs oen visit to fill the AC units with freon - I have 2 standard house units! When the contract ran out, I did not renew. They have called my home phone, sometimes 5-6 times a day, since the contract ran out 3/4 yrs ago. I have called them & asked to be removed from their list, filed many complaints with the DoNotCallRegistry & just recently sent a complaint to the BBB. They use a company outside the state to call/hound previous customers to set up a new appointment. When they call I start asking them to remove me from their list & they hang up on me; they will call back in an hour. My husband works nights & he is woke up by these calls. I refuse to change my phone number. They are harrassing me & will not stop. I'm sure this has happened to others.

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  • Pa
    pateln Jan 02, 2012

    i have a water heater problem since 12/24/11 and american home shield sent contractors who damage my main valve rather than fixing the problem and ahs is playing game s and i am without hot water house till now. i have complained to bbb and california consumer affairs. let see what happens. patel family, walnut, ca

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  • Mm
    mm111 Jun 10, 2012

    As a former contractor for AHS, please do not blame the poor hard working contractors for the pressure placed upon them by AHS. I worked for them for four years and refuse to continue. Pressure was placed upon me to find ways to cheat my costumers out of what they deserved. People, bottom line is that you have a factory warranty and you DO NOT NEED an extended warranty. Pay your contractor of YOUR choice his $100 or so dollars when or if it breaks.
    Owner and operator

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  • I have had AHS for 6 yrs+ and i have AC problems, after reading everyone's comments, my comments are the same. I have the AC maintained properly and they are claiming that the damages are not cover due to "no routine maintenance". they fixed my unit 5 months ago. This is a crock of Bull ... I am having the second opinion now, but I will be cancelling my contract if things are not properly resolved. Definitely not renewing it next year!

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  • Te
    terymo Jun 26, 2013

    I've had AHS for several years. They're great on garbage disposals and small things that don't cost them anything. But you will lose your religion if you have to deal with them on HVAC. They will stall, lie, deflect and do anything to keep from giving you a replacement unit. I went 31 days without air upstairs. It was 80* up there. I finally got a new evaporator coil, but I had to pay several hundred dollars for the difference between what AHS agreed to pay and the actual cost. Otherwise the hvac company wouldn't do the job. They know they have you over a barrel. I'm going through the same situation with the downstairs unit now. The air unit is rusted through and leaking water in my crawl space. They replaced the lift pump, but did nothing about the leak. I called back, but I know they'll give me the runaround to keep from replacing this 23 year old unit. The techs have admitted that they get a bonus if they avoid claims. How do you get around that? They don't deliver what they promise and will do anything to keep from replacing a unit. They always say it's because you haven't maintained your unit. Geeez, it's lasted 23 years. I must have done something right. Just BEWARE! If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't. And with AHS, IT ISN'T.

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  • Ro
    Rose Kelly Jan 29, 2014

    I was a member of American Home Shield for 8 years and we I used the services they decided not to renew my contract. I guess they want the payments, but prefer for you not to use the services. They were taking the direct deposit out every month and I called to make a service request and they told me I was canceled, so I asked why and the lady on the phone said they can cancel when they get ready. I said why are the still taking the money out of my checking account and she said send a statement to prove it, really. AHS is a rip off it you use it but it's great if you don't So keep paying but don't use it, or they will drop you.

    Rose Kelly
    AR [email protected]

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  • For two years I paid the AHS premium (in full) at the beginning of each yr ($608ea). During those two year I did not need their service until the last month before the policy was expected to be renewed for the third year. AHS failed on my first call for was a simple stoppage in a bathroom sewer line. I paid AHS the $75 service charge, but had to wait two days for the assigned plumber to show up. Once the plumber saw he was on an AHS work order he immediately proceeded to tell me all the things he couldn't/wouldn't do. After his explanation I wasn't sure why he even showed up at the property. When the AHS rep called me after the plumber left the property the rep basically repeated everything the plumber had said he couldn't/wouldn't do on the job. The AHS rep was the most immature adult male I have ever spoken to. At the end of his explanation of why the job wasn't done (and would not be done) he proceeded to say in a voice and tone (same as if a young child had been told to apologize for something - and he didn't want to it) 'Ssorrryeee'. Not once, but twice. Same as saying 'too sad'. I cannot describe my anger...too graphic. Later I researched the AHS assigned plumbing company and found it with a B rating with BBB and didn't even show up on Angie's List. Then I was left with finding plumbing company that could/would do the job. I found a top rated plumber in the Orlando area (Herrill Plumbing - A+ with BBB and with top rating with Angie's List). The plumber arrived within 3 hours of my call and in less than 30 minutes he assessed the problem, unclogged the line, and was on his way. It cost me an additional $125, but his professional attitude, expertise, attention to detail, and helpful suggestions were well worth it. One of the suggestions I have shared with my tenants is to never ever flush moist wipes (flushable or not) or Cottenelle toilet tissue down the toilet...they will not disintegrate. He said these two items have become plumbers, septic systems, and city sewer systems' biggest nightmares. Now back to AHS...the company is about as low as they come...more or less stealing for not providing service and adding the bonus ''Ssorrryeee' at the end. The $1216 (plus the $75 service charge) I spent in annual premiums would have gone a long way in plumbing or other repairs in the rental house. Needless to say...I will not be renewing the policy and will continue to warn my family and friends away from AHS. Owner/Landlord in Central Florida

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  • Ms
    msrozz Apr 27, 2014

    This review is lengthy and could be longer, but this is a true, honest experience we have had with AHS. We have had this service since we bought our home in 2002 with a brief 6 months back in 2005 when we didn't have them. We have called them out every summer for 12 years, sometimes twice and have called them out in the winter time as well. They send someone to do patch work on the ac units, we have two units in our home and both have had issue but the main unit is the one that has issues constantly. This past Tuesday, we came home to a hot house. We are in Texas and its already hot here! I called AHS and spoke to a very rude agent...I was rude too afterward. I pay this bill every month for 12 years and pay every time someone comes out. They sent a company out on Wednesday. The company that came out stated it was the coils and it would need replacing as well as leaks etc. but the coils were clean. He then gave us a sales pitch for a new unit that they could install. We have kept this service for all of this time because we knew and they knew that these units are going to need replacing, not just patching up. And by the way, our electric bills in the summer run between $400 and as high as $1000 before. Our units are 1997 units. On Thursday, we received a call from AHS stating that our out of pocket will be $1500 and $600 of that is the freon, it uses R22. They stated that the company normally charges $60 per pound of freon but they saved me money by only charging $50 per pound!!! I asked them what are they paying for and how much they are paying but they claimed to not have that information. And to add salt to this, they said we could do a cash out and find our own repair person and they would pay us what they would have paid the company that gave us the estimate...that amount is $620 but you only get it when you submit the receipts showing the repairs have been done! I asked about canceling my service because I just bought all new appliance for the kitchen and laundry so I really don't need their service if they aren't going to pay for a new ac unit. They told me I would have to pay cancellation fees and contract end June 26, 2014! We have wasted so much money with this company, the rates have gone up every year and the service fees have to. I also didn't mention that we had them to come out a few years ago to replace out garbage disposal, the guy comes out. uses a broom, it worked all of 3 days, I called AHS back and they said they would not send anyone else out nor fix it! We let that slide thinking our home was otherwise protected...NOT! If an item is covered under warranty and it breaks, how can you charge for the repercussions of the non functioning item, i.e. FREON! Look all over the internet, complaint after complaint about AHS and HVAC systems and they always find a loophole to not replace!

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  • Be
    bethel7 Oct 15, 2014

    AHS sent out an AC repair man who stated he need ed to replace the AC condenser with over a thousand dollars because of so called upgrades. I dropped AHS and went with another warranty company whose AC contractor fixed everything in one day no condenser was need repairs were about one hundred and sixty dollars and now it works fine. AHS's AC contractor cost them a customer of eight years because they trusted their crooked AC contractor!

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  • Fr
    Frustrated in Mariposa Jan 15, 2015

    1/15/15 American Home Shield AHS limits coverage by transferring an item to a "Boiler" status so they only have to pay $1, 500.00 on a $4, 735. item. My Polaris Water Heater originally cost $3, 000.00. Replacement cost now is $4, 735.00 Water Heaters & Heating Units supposedly have no limits on their coverage, but AHS reclassified my Polaris Water Heater as a Boiler so they only have to pay $1, 500.00! This took 8 days and many phone calls on my part, without AHS responding in a timely manner. I have been a AHS customer for over 4 years with as many as 4 homes on the plan. I called every year and asked if my Polaris Water Heater had any coverage limitations and it was always “No”. No limits on Water Heaters or Air/Heating Units. Then why wasn’t my unit covered in full….they reclassified it….In my opinion this is fraud.

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  • Mm
    MMacDonald Jun 30, 2015

    I have had a contract for 12 years with AMS. They used to be worthwhile. Poor customer service with extensive wait time, poorly trained phone personnel, inability to speak to supervisors, and continual phone tag games to delay are just a few reasons you do not want to deal with this organization. I can't imagine what contractors would gain from wanting to associate themselves with this organization. New home buyers, and realtors beware. Mortgage companies should not recommend this organization as reputable. Needless to say, I will not be renewing my contract.

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  • Fa
    Familia Perez Aug 19, 2015

    Marvin: from Atlanta, Florida & Fort Bragg
    I am a user of their service. I had the mistake to place on three properties. Biggest mistake. You might get them on the first call to initiate a request, after that, there will be a battle. from 60 to 175 minutes on hold. Never responds to emails. Had to pay three times the deductible ($375)and NEVER got the issue corrected. Ended up paying a separate contractor for $450. PLus they keep sending me bills. I requested on another property an air conditioning check up. What ever the contractor told them was required, AHS would say no and perform something different. I ask myself, who is the expert the contractor they send or the phone consultant??? this lasted nine months and to date I will NEVER recommend or UTILIZE for any project. Their inadequate customer serveice compilied with POOR phone service and wanting to cheat contractors is NOT what they announce on radio, TV and Emails. I hope everyone that have issues with them get the courage to write something and NOT pass it off.

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  • Al
    aldante pines Sep 01, 2015

    AC went out in August. 90+ degrees. Called AHS and they had one of their contractors (Rudd Mechanical in Denver) come out and immediately identified the problem as a condenser. They notified AHS who in part was suppose to order a 3.5 ton AC unit. Two weeks later the supposed unit arrived and Rudd came out to install it. They basically removed and replaced the unit. When they left the AC was working but had trouble keeping the temp. down. Three hours to lower it from 74 to 73 degrees. Worse, at about 1am every night the fan stop working and I would wake up sweating. We called and text Rudd Mech. and they never responded. After 4 nights of this I called another AC company who found the following issues: Instead of a 3.5 ton AC unit they put in a 5 ton unit. This apparently requires a different orifice, which is why the coils were a block of ice not allowing air to pass thru them. Also, there is a filter that is supposed to be changed whenever you replace the compressor, which was not done. And one last thing, the circuit breaker at the unit was worn so bad it was barely making a connection. After it is all said and done I will be paying an addition $1400 dollars plus the $335 Rudd Mech. charged. My conclusion is that AHS is not worth the supposed peace of mind it was supposed to give us. I will continue to write these scathing reports until AHS changes there ways.

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  • So
    SOCR 03 Sep 06, 2015

    My dryer broke and I called American Home Shield, I was told it would be two weeks before the technician could fix the problem. Okay that seems a litle excessive but I went with it. I was also told that the tech would be at my house between the hours of (8 am to 5 pm) That is not going to work as I and most pepole work full time jobs and if you are not there you do not get paid. I call American Home Shield and tell them this and I was told that the tech would call me on my cell phone when he was one hour out. I pull into my drive way around 3:45 pm and the guy is in his van getting ready to leave. He gets out and tells me he has been trying to call me I ask him what number he gives it to me and it is the home phone no wonder he can get a hold of me I am not at home but at work. He comes into the house and looks at the dryer he does not have all the parts to fix it, the dryer is approx 12 14 years old. He calls American Home Shield and ask's to replace it the total bill to fix this 12 yaer old dryer is 723.12. American Home Shield tells him to fix it. He orders the parts and tells me he will not be able to be out here for two more weeks. So I will have been with out a dryer for a little over a month. I paid around 300 dollars for this dryer 12 or so years ago it will cost almost 800.00 to fix it. The technicians service was outstanding but the customer service from American Home Shield was no doubt subpar. I could go on but this is enough. I am not a business man but I do know that if it will cost 723.00 dollars to fix an item but that same item will cost between 300, 500 dollars to replace with a new one then I will take the latter. It is amazing that with this type of logic that AHS is applying that they can even turn a profit or stay in business. I paid for a service and did not get the service that I paid for. But they AHS still got thier money. If I had to rate this business it would no doubt be a negetive 10.

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  • Cd
    cdavid395 Sep 08, 2015

    My dad has been 3 days without his AC they told us the person would be out this morning at 9 am . When 11 am came around we called AHS they said they "make a mistake" and they people are coming out tomorrow at 9am. what are they odd they come out and fix it the first time ? from everything i am reading about american home shield takes more then one time out to fix it .. my dad cat is panting its so dam hott . FYI to anyone looking to get this service just like everything else in life it all about money . They sure dont care about the customer !!!

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Burke Oct 21, 2015

    This definitely is a SCAM! My hot water tank sprung a leak in my finished basement and my appraiser was scheduled to come within 48 hours. I had to call a plumber immediately before everything was ruined. My plumber came and resolved the problem by disposing and replacing the hot water tank within 3 hours of calling. I submitted the invoice and AHS was not willing to work with me at all!!! Their representative even admitted that they probably would not have been able to respond as quickly as my plumber and the representative admitted that the price was more than reasonable. I tried to email AHS twice about the claim denial and never received a response. I finally obtained a number from my realtor and still received poor customer service. This company will not even work with you even in an emergency. DO NOT USE!!!

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