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American Home Provided the home warranty on my home I purchased 06/23/09. It is suppose to cover all major mechanical systems.

08/31/09 I came home to 95 degree tempetures inside my home. The next morning I call AHS to use my warranty. I was told by their service rep they contact their contracted companies and their company would contact me within the hour to make a appointment. They gave me the name and number of the company, Tri's heating and air. By the way this a/c company was 80 miles from my home.

5 hours later no call. I had to contact the a/c company and set the appointment. The sheduled me for 12 noon 0n 09/02/09. The next day 12 noon comes around no service, 1pm no service, 2pm no service. I call tri's heating and air. The rep tells me no one is coming to my house because they don't have enough repair men. Don't call me, fax me or email. Just don't come.

I call AHS and the rep contacts another company and gives me their number. I call this company and they come out within the hour to my house. Dave Broussard heating and air, I have nothing but good things to say about them, Excellent. The service tech examines the a/c unit and lets me know its the condensor and the a-coils and they need to be replaced.

30 minutes later I get a call from AHS explaining what it is and they are going to fix it By Friday. The service tech lets me know they will be out friday when the parts come in. An hour later I get a call from the tech letting me know that AHS wants a second opinion. Think about this, they don't trust their own companies they contract with.

I call AHS. They want to send out the same company that didn't show up the first time to get a second opinion. I've talked to three about 5 reps now and they all say its to protect me.

Well today is 09/03/09 at 12 noon and no contact from Tri's Heating and Air. I've called the home office and am trying to contact the President of the company, Dave Crawford. He has some type of Presidents committee to handle complaints. Called at 8 am this morning and have not received a call yet.

The labor day weekend is coming in two days, thurs today, doesn't look like I'll have a/c till next weds or thurs, because monday is a holiday.


They don't trust their own service people and don't honor your business.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 22, 2022 12:01 pm
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If you think that your water heater is covered by ahs, think again.

My water heater leaked, I made a claim, paid $100. The tech came, said that WH needs to be replaced (as if I did not know) and said that unless I pay $700(!) for some additional work/details they would not start working on it. Of course I paid, he gave me a blind copy of the invoice (said that he would send me email with explanation, which he never did).

When another tech came several days later, I noticed that the new WH is 50g when my old one was 66g. When asked, he said that that is what ahs approves. I told him to put back my broken WH and take the new one. Called ahs, they confirmed that this is what they approve. When I asked why they want to replace the bigger one on a smaller one, the person said that ahs is not obliged to explain its decisions. She also suggested that I can cash out. The amount would be $200. She said that's how much they pay for the new WH themselves. Considering $100 service fee, it would leave me with $100 compensation. In fact, the new 50g heater is around $500 in Home Depot. So, I guess, the contracting company get a small amount from ahs and gets the rest from the customer. Smart, but disgusting.

I terminated my ahs policy and looked somewhere else. So should you.

Dec 07, 2017 6:17 am

AHS is a scam for sure. They are refusing to replace my furnace. It took a week to get a repairman out the first time. He said that it needed to be replaced but AHS would not do it. He told me to wait until the contract expired and pay him $7000 to replace the furnace. I had to get my own contractor out who told me the same thing. I opened another claim for the same thing. The same guy came out. He would not even look at the furnace this time. He said to stop calling. I opened a third claim. AHS called and told me that they could not find anyone else to get a second opinion; go ahead and get it myself and they would reimburse me. I told them I already had. They said they would call back. Five days later I had to call them. I waited on hold for an hour before someone came on and told me that they never reimburse anyone for getting their own contractor. Then the woman told me that I would never get a replacement. Then she told me to stop calling unless I wanted to keep getting the same answer. I have contacted the BBB, the attorney general of my state and their state.

Oct 26, 2016 12:07 pm

They are a crooked company. My dishwaher would not drain. I had to pay a service fee of $125 and they sent people who did not know how to fix it. FIVE times they came till they figured how to fix the pump. Now the bottom plate fell off because they did not screw it on and lost the screws. I cancelled and they told me they would not deal with me if I later changed my mind. WHO WANTS THEM. IF I HAVE TO PAY $125 FOR A SERVICE VISIT I CAN PAY FOR A REPAIR GUY TO COME OM MY OWN WITHOUT PAYING THEM A MONTHLY FEE. BUYER BEWARE THEY A RE A RIPOFF.

Feb 15, 2016 3:49 pm
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I am currently doing battle with American home shield. there is not a single business in my county that will do business with them because of previous non payment. I was given the option of finding a contactor my self and then getting reimbursed by American home shield. Well you guessed it... The are now refusing to pay because even though they never told myself or the contractor I have to purchase the dishwasher from them (ahs) instead of the contractor. This information was not disclosed until after I paid the service man $757.52. American Home Shield now says they will pay me 350.00 minus the 75.00 service fee. I actually have the Nowhere in the outside authorization instructions from AHS does it state this. I am doing a copy and paste of the actual email I received from them. I was told to expect payment in 10 to 14 days. Today is February 15, 2016 and they are still refusing to reimburse me.

Outside Authorization Instructions

Martin, Rashena ([email protected])


To: [email protected]' Cc: Martin, Rashena

[email protected]

Outside Authorization Guidelines

Date: 12/20/15

Name: Karla Mc

Contract :0000000

Trade/Item needing work: Dishwasher

Reference : [protected]

You have been given Outside Authorization to seek a licensed and insured contractor of your choice** to perform any covered repairs under your American Home Shield Home Warranty.

You will need to adhere to the following procedures:
1.The contractor must be licensed / qualified in the applicable state and trade and be adequately insured for workers compensation, third party general and automobile liability.
2.The contractor must call American Home Shield at [protected] with a complete diagnosis and estimate before any work is performed, in order to obtain authorization. The contactor will be given an authorization number and instructed to include the number on their invoice.
3.You will be responsible for paying the contractor’s charges and then must forward the contractor’s invoice to American Home Shield for reimbursement, less the service call fee.
4.The customer must send a copy of the invoice with both the reference number and authorization number written on it to:

American Home Shield

ATTN: Outside Authorizations

P.O. Box 171354

Sep 16, 2015 6:58 pm

I have been trying to get my air conditioner fixed through AHS for 3 weeks. During this period we have had 7 days at triple digits. They give you the run around blaming it on the service company and then the service people claim it is AHS. I am going to call an honest contractor tomorrow and file a suit in claims court against both parties and the judge can sort it out. Please do not get involved with this company. They are common crooks!

May 09, 2009 1:13 pm

We have been with AHS since 1996. The only reason we stayed with them was because they advertise a guarantee that they will repair/replace broken equipment. My washer/dryer is over 15 years old. They are constantly breaking down. AHS will not replace them. Instead, we have to pay $55 (now $60) fee per service and do without them for about 2 weeks while awaiting repairs. The latest repair man claimed there is an access issue and we need to pull the machine out from the wall in order for him to repair it. He was not our regular repairmen. When I asked for our regular repairman we were denied since the ticket was already open. This company is running a scam and are getting away with it. It cost $500 per year for the warranty, $60 for each service visit and a lot of time and aggravation fighting with the company to abide by their contract. There are several loop holes built into the contract. I have heard more "it's not covered" than anything else. All of my appliances are old now but I doubt that they will be replaced by AHS. They did replace my 2hp garbage disposal unit with a cheaper 1.5hp one.

Sep 06, 2009 5:38 pm

After I logged on here and saw 150 complaints about American home shield, oh and I thought I was the only one. We woke up this morning to find our water heater had blown up I called AHS oh no problem we will send a plumber out to look at it, and it is covered under your policy, 4 hours later the plumber shows up and we had removed the water heater because it was leaking water all over our hardwood floors, oh big problem once we removed the water heater it was no longer covered, because we removed it the plumber couldn't diagnose the problem, well I am no plumber and it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the water heater had blown. So I call them to argue the fact that we didn't want anymore water damage to our floors was why we removed it. Oh too bad, I asked them why they did not tell me that this morning when I called they said they would never tell a customer not to remove anything, and I said of course you wouldn't, because then you would have had to replace it. This piece of company gets away with another rip-off just the hundred and fifty before me. Well it's off to Home Depot oh and this will be covered, under my American Express.

Feb 08, 2010 4:35 pm

Major rip off, for a simple pluming problem contacted AHS they send a tech out to help me. The tech came out take a look at it, didn’t fix the problem and said it is "structural" and he needs to open the dry wall to see if there is underground leak or not, after doing that he didn’t see any leak left the wall open and never came back to fix the pluming problem or close thedry wall. After many calls to AHS the dry wall is still open. The “”Structural plumbing” problem was fixed by an independent Plummer for free it was just a lose house.

May 23, 2011 6:44 pm

Had a bad experience

I have been in the hvac business for five years. Most of the companies that deal with home warranty claims couldn't survive without them. The service is substandard. I have seen used parts installed. Most are dishonest [censor] that you can find at the local bar at noon. Here is how claims work: a company that gets out of your house with costing the warranty company the least gets the most calls. How good of workers would company A attract if the employees if they worked for half or less of the company you work for. So when a good company comes to your house on a inspection and they show you what you need and you say I have a home warranty. If your coils are dirty the claim in most cases will be denied. You will have to pay 100% to get the system back to working order.

An honest tech will ask you to go along with them if you don't want to then give them your digital camera. As a tech I carry my own and seperate each stop with a photo of the invoice then the front of the house.

Read your contract: the hvac system has to be maintained. Coils have to be cleaned. If not do not expect them to cover a repair. Think of it like this, you have a new car under warranty if you don't change oil and maintain it the manufacturer won't fix it because of neglect.

Jul 06, 2010 12:33 am

To day is July 5th, 2010. I live in Phoenix Arizona. The high temperature today was 103 degrees. My AC unit is not working. I came home from work to find my house over 90 degrees in temperature. When I called AHS (my home warranty company) they said that they do not deem my Air-conditioning problem an emergency. In fact they can not even get someone scheduled today to come and look at it. They are going to call me tomorrow to get someone scheduled. After they get someone scheduled it could take up to 48 hours to have someone come and fix the problem.

I have two dogs and a cat making it very difficult to just go to a hotel for the night. I can not sleep and am starting to breakout in hives from the heat. I called them back a second time to explain the urgency of the situation and they still won't help me. If I call someone myself to fix the AC I have to pay all the fees and AHS won't cover any of it. I have already called into work tomorrow because of the lack of sleep and the fact that I won't leave my animals in the severe heat for fear that they could get heat stroke. I'm probably going to end up taking all my pets to boarding tomorrow as I can not keep my home a safe temperature for any of us.

To add to the insult, my realtor had a similar situation with a client on the 4th of July who had gone with a different home warranty company. Their home warranty company had someone out right away on the 4th of July to fix her AC. (The loss of AC in Phoenix in July is the equivalent to losing heat in the middle of winter in Alaska).

I have never been so disappointed with a company in my entire life. PLEASE EXPLORE ALL OTHER COMPANIES BEFORE USING AHS!

Mar 25, 2010 8:15 pm

I have had AHS on 2 of my houses and 2 rental properties for 10 years. I have NEVER had a problem with them. Replaced 2 heat pumps, septic system, water heater, disposal, fixed toilets, garbage disposal, washer/dryer. All the techs I had were great and only $50.00. Just had them out last week, put in work order, repairman called within 2 hours and set up a next day appointment. Maybe you just had a crummy repairman. You can report them to AHS and they will be taken off the list.

Sorry you had so much trouble, but I tell everyone about them!

Feb 18, 2010 3:39 pm

They denied my claim for leaky bathtub valves because the knobs were not on when the repairman looked at it even though I had the knobs on hand. If I am a plumber, knobs are not going to prevent me from diagnosing the problem. I even offered to turn the water on for him so he could see the malfunction. Total ripoff.

Jan 12, 2010 8:45 pm

If you're hoping for some satisfaction from AHS appliance replacement, think again. Our dishwasher had what was most likely a water valve or pump problem. They sent an incompetent technician out twice, who ended up cutting the hoses and replacing the water valve with an incorrect one from another model - not to mention damaging other parts of what was a very expensive unit.

The first tech gave up and AHS assigned a second one who looked at what had been done and condemned the unit. Now, AHS wants to replace this unit with a bottom of the line contractor grade general electric unit.

I talked my husband into purchasing a service warranty with this sorry company and ithe first time we called to have our toilet repaired (the needed part cost less than $5.00) their representative came out and told us this repair wasn't covered. This company is getting rich off of suckers every day please don't become one of us. Run and don't look back. I'd be $500.00 richer if I hadn't been stupid enough to believe their hogwash!

Sep 30, 2009 1:59 pm

I've had two claims denied by them. One plumbing. The water heater had issues the technician claimed was due to excessive water pressure in the house. I did some research and it was a faulty pressure valve which has nothing to do with house water pressure, it releases pressure on the water heater. $4.65 replacement from Lowe's. The plumber tried to charge me extra for replacing a pressure valve in the house (nothing wrong with it), again not covered by AHS. Just this past week they denied a claim on the clothes dryer stating the technician said it was too much lint inside the machine (literally taking it apart to find the lint) that burned up the engine. Claim was denied. We did more research and asked for a second opinion which they send out a different company. It was the thermostat. The technician fixed in on the spot and after 3 weeks fighting with AHS to get someone to listen, we finally had a working clothes dryer. Terrible, terrible experiences. Do your research BEFORE a technican comes out. You assume because they are the experts they know what they are talking about. Will not do business with AHS in the future.

I've had AHS for 8 years and have never had a problem with them. Replaced my heat pump, installed new garbage disposal, fix toilet flush valves, washing machine fixed, underground septic dug up and replaced, all at a cost of $50 each time to me.

Sorry you had bad service.


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