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B Sep 19, 2019


I have been a long time customer of AHS and really support your company based on experience. However, over the past several months the company that you have sent to fix my refrigerator has been a disaster. In June a tech came out and seem like he did not want to thoroughly look into the problem. I tried to point things out to him and he neglected to address. We had to call him back out 2 more times. He replaced a hose in the back and that hose burst and water got in our walls and under our floor. Basically, our whole kitchen had to be rebuilt. After going through all of that our refrigerator is still not working right. It continues to freeze stuff in a section of the refrigerator. They sent a senior tech out to replace a component inside the refrigerator but that did not work. We had him come back out again. This time he replaced another component. That did not work. I just made another request for him to come out. Please check the records to see all the times he has been out. My concern is at what point will AHS uphold their commitment to the customer /contract. I do my part by paying my monthly fees for coverage so I expect AHS to do the same for what their responsibility is to the customer. What I am getting at is I think this refrigerator cannot be fixed and it comes to a point where AHS should have it replaced instead of wasting their money and mines on bandages. Please hear my voice and reply ASAP. I would greatly appreciate it.

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