American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]customer service

R Aug 18, 2018

Filed a claim for a broken ac unit, company sent an order out to a company to come service us. The technician inspected our unit, turned the power BACK on from our ac unit that we turned off ourselves. When the ac came on, technician left and did not fix or inspect ANYTHING. 30 minutes later, ac unit shut down again, called the company to come back out and service it again and they couldn't until 5 days later, requested AHS send a different company stated they can but only after the first company sends information to them which would take 2 days. Asked for a refund from AHS since the technician did not fix our ac the first time and we paid the 75$ service fee, to which they replied since he came to your house we cannot issue a refund. I asked for a supervisor and got hung up on. Called back and asked for a supervisor, was left on hold for 30 minutes, when I called back after being on hold THE DEPARTMENT WAS CLOSED.

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