American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]communication and cancellation

S Mar 30, 2019

I was with AHS on a rental property I owned for 12 years why? I do not know. I guess I just wanted piece of mind. Which is ridiculous on my part since they only covered a washer in the 12 years! Well when I went to cancel on 3/25/2019 not only were the off shore company taking the calls hard to understand but they lied to me. They told me my credit card information was deleted and I would not be charged again! But they still charged me again! So I called and when I finally got very frustrated I asked for a supervisor. They tried to give me the song and dance of they bill after the month of service and not the month before service. I demanded a refund and he told me I would get a refund within 14 days. I said kindly give me a confirmation # of that he said he could not. I demanded a supervisor and he hung up on me. After calling back and requesting a supervisor again they put me on hold!
Do not do business with these crooks!

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