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In December of 2007 I purchased a home in Henderson, Nevada, and paid an additional $600.00 for the home warranty by American Home Shield.

I purchased the so called "INSURANCE" because I was buying an older home. Upon going through the house, I noticed water damage: the roof had leaked during a recent rain, something I did not know was going to happen. I called the realtor I went through to buy the house, and asked about how to file a claim as I had not received anything from American Home Shield. She was shocked to learn they had not sent anything in line of policy information. So she contacted them to have them contact me. No one contacted me. Under my policy, the roof, the electrical, heating, air conditioner, water heater, all major appliances are covered as well as all plumbing issues are covered, or so I thought.

I never heard anything nor did I receive anything, as a result I shelled out $7500.00 to have the roof replaced, a roof that is covered under my policy. So I think all is well and I go to move a few things in and stay there over night. The outlet in the bathroom was hot.. Turns out the electrical/wiring needed to be redone. So once again I called to get the information on the policy, again nothing, so there goes $2500.00 out of my pocket to fix the electrical issues. All this was in January of 2008.

Then the locks jammed. A third call goes to try to get policy and contract information. Once again nothing, so that was yet more money, $700.00 to fix all the locks on house. THEN a plumbing issue came up, I FINALLY got a hold of someone from the American Home Shield. What happened was when I was doing a small load of laundry my mother went to use the bathroom and water backed up into the toilets, bath tubs, and in the laundry room, so I am telling the gal this, and I tell her, I am still in California, being unable to move into the home due to all of these issues and would not be in town until a few days later, and this is the beginning of May! I also inform her that at this time I had STILL not received any sort of policy related information. She sent the plumber out that day, and I received a nasty message on my voice mail from him asking why the ***
did I call for service if I had no plan to be present. I called back and tried to explain that the phone operator from American Home Shield knew that I was not there and I apologized for him being sent out like that. He snapped at me that he would have the receptionist call me back on Monday to schedule an appointment. The lady did call Monday, and was very rude, so I just scheduled for the Thursday coming up. I get to Henderson on Wednesday evening, and wake up early Thursday morning, even though the "TECHNICIAN" was not going to be there until noon. Noon rolls around, no show... so I call around 12:30 and they call the technician and he claims he called my cell phone to say he was running late but in truth, he never called because I used my cell phone to call them. SO I got mad and said why he didn’t leave a message, this is unprofessional on his part. So them I am told he is on his way and he will show in 5-10 minutes. 45 minutes go by, again nothing, so by this time I am furious and I call the plumbing company to cancel the appointment because my time may not be precious to them, but it is to me. So I am outside having a smoke when I call, and they claim the guy was at the end of the street when I called. SO I just blew up. I said really, my house IS at the end of the street and considering I was outdoors when I called and did not see him. I was basically called a liar by the company and they hung up on me.

So I called American Home Shield and basically told them that so far this policy has not paid for itself and that I refuse to deal with a company that treats their clients with so much disrespect. To this day, the middle of June, the plumbing issue has not been fixed, yet I am being charged a $50.00 service fee when their guy did not even show up! And I have been told that unless I PAY the fee, additional fees will be added. Here it is June, and I am just now moving into a home I purchased in December of 2007, and because of American Home Shields failure to provide policy information, I am out over $10, 000.00 on repairs that are covered under the policy I purchased. Look into your options, there are other companies out there that provide the same coverage's for sometimes less money and they are considerably more reliable.

  • Br
    brenda jones Mar 18, 2009

    i have tried for two summers to get my a/c replaced and no luck the fix it just enough and the tech tells us not to call unless it stops running all together, but we live in arizona nad it gets very, very hot.but to ahs as long as it it blowing even if it is barely cool air to them it is working.the tech basically told us that ahs will not put a new unit on our house and i have paid them enough money over the years i could have bought a new unit. i am going to cancel my ahs today. i think i have been ripped off long enough. brenda jones arizona

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  • To
    Tonik Feb 05, 2010

    Hi! So sorry you all have had problems with your warranty. I am a realtor and provide warranties to my clients for free so I pay out of my pocket for the coverage. As a realtor, it is our responsibility to follow up with the warranty company when there is a problem. Realtors have more strength as we sell many warranties and can switch companies at the snap of our fingers. Hopefully, none of these issues will happen to any homes I have sold. Many people I have spoken to have told me that AHS was easy to deal with except one exception. There was a realtor who bought AHS for her client, the client had a A/C problem and they would not put freeon (SP?) in as they told them that it is not in their policy. The realtor involved called other warranty companies to see if that was part of their program and when she presented to AHS that all warranties covers freeon service, AHS came out and fixed the problem. Sorry to ramble but many times, your realtor should be involved to a certain point to help as we do have more strength as a group.

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  • Cf
    cfojimd Aug 13, 2018

    I am rather upset with AHS. Been a customer for 12 years. Water Heater (Gas) is not functioning properly. Have called AHS about six times, they say call back tomorrow. That is a p*** Off factor. Every time I call I get another rep from Phillapines or somewhere else in the world. They speak extreme bad english. Wonder what would happen if spoke polish to them? I am besides myself. I would like to rant and rave so much more but what good would come of that?

    Read reviews including the class action lawsuits against AHS.

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don't trust them

Shaddy contractor was sent out, won't refund the full amount I paid for the warranty even though I...

lied about repairing ac

American Home Shield LIES. My AC compressor blew up on Sunday. The unit is 16 years old - my husband is disabled and undergoing radiation now - we live in Florida and it's hot and humid. They sent a man on Mon. - he had 48 hours to put in just a new motor - not a whole new compressor. We were dying of the heat - knew we needed a whole new complete unit - they refused. We had the serviceman come back and we had to pay the entire amount ($2600.00) - but he had us cool on Tuesday.

AHS is terrible - cancel them if you can.

  • Tu
    turksmom Jun 24, 2009

    I feel like a club member. AHS has been unable to find technicians to provide service in my area. Refused to pay for portions of repairs, charged me their $60 fee for scheduling what turned out to be a $20 repair, extended repairs over 2 months and multiple visits with the appliance never being repaired or replaced by AHS (I gave up and bought a new one And they do not reimburse! Never, Ever!), suspended my contract on the date the 3rd installment of my annual premium was due (wouldn't you know I'd have to call for service then?). This would mean I paid for 2/3 of a year, but was unable to use it 2 months into the renewal period until I paid with a credit card by phone. At which point they told me there was no one available in my area, could I wait? No. 4 kids and no water over the winter with a boiler heat system? Couldn't really wait so I paid AHS and paid for my own repair. Then I tried to cancel the contract and it was so much trouble, I gave up. Recently tried to schedule service again for 3 different plumbing issues. Thought I'd save myself the extra $120 by doing them all together. They scheduled 3 separate visits at 3 separate times! 2 with the same contractor! I cancelled and did it myself

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terrible company!

This company should not exist. it is nothing but a fooling. For small things such as gas leak, which normally cost you 75 dollars a service call, they, you have to pay 50 dollars. for anything more then 100, they require second opinion, which normally concludes with' your problem was inporperly installed'. After you wasted a lot of time on first opinion, second opinion, you still have to pay for total cost yourself. Forget about you big appliance, your heating system or AC, they will not send you a cent cover your repair.

You will be a lot better off without this company. Talk to your neighbors or coworkers or anyone, do not get anywhere close to this company.

  • Do
    donna Aug 14, 2008

    This company is a total ripoff. I've been trying to get my oven fixed for over 3 months now. They claim the part is being rebuilt. I was first told they order the part and now they are "rebuilding" it??????????

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not worth the paper is written on!

I have insured an AC unit with AHS for 15 years, only to have my claim for replacement denied. The AHS rep said that the unit is "dirty, rusty, and has mold growing on it." The unit is an outdoor unit that is 25 years old. It is dirty and it is rusty, but the mold is growing around the pad that the unit is sitting on, not on the unit itself. The coil is leaking not because the unit is dirty, but because the unit is 25 years old and just worn out.

Please post this complaint so that the public will know that the AHS warranty is not worth the paper is written on.

  • Un
    Unsatisfied Michigan Sep 05, 2007

    AHS (American Home Shield) has HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE customer service and contractors. They BOTH are UNROFESSIONAL! One problem with AHS is 1 problem too many, but to have 3 is absolutely rediculous. They should spend the money that is made from us...the consumers, on better warranty coverage, AHS employee professional development and better research on choosing contractors. BOTH AHS and their contractors LACK Skill, Professionalism, and Customer Service. Learn to DO YOUR JOB in an acceptable manor!

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  • Do
    Doug Peck Sep 05, 2007

    I agree AHS does not do a good job, they really are a scam. The contractors are just as bad and unprofessional. I got rid of AHS a long time ago! I am in the real estate industry and make it clear to my clients that AHS is not a good warranty company. I refuse to allow them to effect my clients, therefore I stopped recommending them years ago. I received too much negative feedback from my clients and enough was enough.

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  • Ca
    Carol S Bradley Jul 14, 2008

    I really felt that I was dealing with a professional company until something broke. In June 2008, I contacted AHS because of a water leak. They sent someone out, I paid my $55.00 service charge. A plumber and a leak detector was sent. My contract stated that they would fix and repair, returning property to a rough finish. The results of my rough finish is 1) having expose water lines, 2) a view of the ground from behind the refrigerator and laboratory cabinets 3)the plumber broke faucets and replaced them with faucets that leak (constantly running). Handy Pro is the company that was contracted by AHS to repair the problem. They said they would return after five (5) days. They wanted to make sure that the leak was fixed. We're still waiting! Now, we're waiting on AHS to speak with Handy Pro before something is done. My home has been turned upside down and I'm still waiting. After numerous conversations with AHS, I was offered $100.00 close out. I asked what does that mean? I was told they would give me $100.00 and the job would be closed as in complete. Unbelieveable!
    Carol S Bradley

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  • Me
    Mehmet Kilic May 05, 2009

    I agree, AHS is worthless. I have AHS home warranty for almost 2 years. They are trying to find a way to not to pay for any repairs but collect $60 fee everytime. Let me give you a good example: Diswasher is not washing properly. We called for service. Answer was, "run hot water in the sink when you turn on your dishwasher" and i paid $60 for this comment. Also my AC wasn't working properly, answer was, "weed cutter damaged the condenser outside so we cannot fix it" where as weed eater did not damage my unit. I am expecting next time saying that, it rained so hard so we cannot replace your unit. I won't be surprised. DO NOT BUY AHS.

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  • Nc
    NC home owner Jun 27, 2009

    Abominable Customer Service!!! I live in a 3 yr old home that had 2 very small leaks along the water pipes in the crawl space under the home. I called to have it evaluated and fixed, again should be a very simple issue. Contractor arrived, fixed one leak (NOT TWO) and left me with no hot water. After 3 days of trying to get them back out for the original job and to fix whatever they turned off while they were here... I'm still waiting. Meanwhile, my wife and 2 young children below age 3 have not bathed in 3 days and we still have a leak. After finally getting a recall appointment for Saturday morning at 8 am, the contractor decided to cancel the appointment on Friday night. AHS told the contractor they would call me (the home owner) with the cancelation. No communication from either the Plumber or AHS until I finally get a manager on the phone midday Saturday - day 4. I have never been this angry or treated quite this poorly. I have even offered to pay the entire thing out of pocket and still can't manage to get someone out here to evaluate the original issue and fix whatever they broke when they were here the first time. What a sham!!! A warranty where you call to get one issue fixed and end up with two.

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avoid ahs at all costs!

American Home Shield of Carroll, Iowa is clearly taking advantage of its customers and avoiding paying claims by having its service agents file false reports.

My AHS coverage came with the purchase of my home. About six months after moving in, the dishwasher stopped working. AHS sent a technician, who spent about five minutes reviewing the unit. He concluded that the initial installation was faulty -- that is, that the unit have been installed with the polarity reversed and without a ground. The result, he claimed, was that the control board had burned out, even though he never removed the top panel to inspect the control board. Moreover, because the unit was improperly installed the warrant coverage would be denied. He advised that it would cost about $300 to replace the control board.

After he left I decided to look over the dishwasher myself. I did remove the bottom and top panels. I found that the unit was properly grounded and I tested the polarity, which was similarly fine. However, when I inspected the control board I found that the adjacent "thermal cutoff" fuse was not functioning. I ordered a new fuse from an online distributor for $7.00. I arrived the next business day and I replaced it in five minutes. The dishwasher resumed functioning perfectly.

The report submitted by AHS's service agent was clearly fraudulent. The intention was to have AHS deny service and then have the service agent take the job of repairing the unit for $300 (and no doubt pocketing the new control board). I called the service agent's company to complain and they seemed genuinely upset by their employee's conduct. However, AHS took the position that their agent's report was their final work and that they would not refund my $55.00 service fee.

I strongly believe that what AHS and their service agents are doing is wrong and illegal. I have sent a demand letter to the AHS legal department and a copy to the California Dept. of Insurance. Avoid these guys at all costs!

  • Be
    Belinda Joyce May 24, 2007

    My problems with AHS are beyond comprehension. I can't believe this unscrupulous company has managed to stay in business. Can someone please send me the AHS legal department address and exactly how to file a complaint with California Dept. of Insurance.

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  • Ji
    Jim Johnson Oct 16, 2007

    I fully agree with this. I have had AHS (American Home Shield) at two different houses. The first time, I had a plumbing leak and they would not cut the drywall open to find it. I have not had an issue (yet) in my current house, but I expect the same trouble if I had to call them again.

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  • No
    Norman Nailer Nov 20, 2007

    I just found out what the "improper installation" scam is all about.

    This is wrong. Same story as everyone else.

    I am so disappointed.

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insurance fraud

Ahs insurance home warranty. Sub: escalation of issue. Reference: work order no.[protected]. Reason for...

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