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ahs refuse to reimburse my bill

During last summer when the temperature was over 100 degrees our home Air Condition Unit went out. I called AHS who said they will call back in a couple of hours with a number for an AC repair company, but never did. I called back and the girl on the phone told me if I can find my own repair person that they will reimburse me after my AC is fixed. Well, I found a company who charged me an extra $75 for being a Sunday, but fixed the AC. I called AHS back after the repair person left to tell my bill waas $ 715!!! But they told me that I should have called first before I got my AC fixed, but I told them that their CSR told me all I had to do is find someone and get it fix and call afterwards...I even repaeted what she told me and there was noting about me calling first to get an okay. I demand AHS to listen to their so-call recordings of when I called but they they stuck to what they said. And another thing I called three other repair companies that refuse to do business with me because of AHS until I finally found one that would. I gave up trying to get my mooney back from AHS and will not recommened them to anyone.

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    unsubscribeme Apr 13, 2010

    Let me ask you this. If you owned a bank and you had someone come in and ask to borrow a million dollars, would you as a wise bank owner say "yes" with out any stipulations? No, you would not. Nor should you expect any company doing monetary business either. That's just stupid!
    No company is just going to give you carte blanch authorization to go and do repairs or replacement without knowing what the issue was. This is a home warranty. There are still stipulations.

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poor service, trying to rip off

Sat. 9/26/09 2:50 pm service request
Dispatch information service fee
Dispatch number : 158xxxxx $ 60.00
service contractor assigned
vendor name : us heating & air conditioning, inc
email : [protected]
phone : [protected]
Service item (s)
air conditioning (central-electric)

Friday 9/28/09 ushac technician arrived at 4:00. checked out a/c determined that compressor was bad. said that most likely they would replace outside (condenser) unit since unit is about 30 years old. he said they could probably do the install this thursday. great that’s not too bad. only 1 weekend and half the week with no a/c. yeah right!

Friday 10/2/09 (1 week since technician was here) called ushac spoke to nicole to check status. she said there were some non covered items condenser pad $150, tie down straps $150 and disposal fee $75 total for "non covered items $375.00 I found the pad and tie down straps locally from a supplier (yes the exact same pad that they brought to use because I didn't tell them I already bought one) for $37.02 out the door with tax! I told her about florida law stating mismatched systems 13 seer outside with older 10 seer inside unit and being noncompliant. she was going to call ahs and get back with me.

Monday 10/5/09 (90 yesterday and today) 11:45 called ushac spoke to nicole. said that she was getting with her manager.

Monday 10/5/09 called ahs spoke to naomi she had spoken to ashley at ushac who was talking to"home inspector"? I asked about cash out option at this time.

Tuesday 10/6/09 9:30 lacricia called me from ahs cash out amount $766.87 for condenser. I told them that florida law states that units can't be mismatched and must meet 13 seer efficiency standards.

Wednesday 10/7/09 (91 today) 6:25pm called ahs spoke to lindsey. she transferred to mike in contractor assistance or auth department or whatever they call it there. he stated that there was a request from ushac for an inside unit replacement.

Thursday 10/8/09 (91 again today) 11:40 called nicole at ushac. waiting to hear back from ahs. she said that she spoke to them this morning.

Thursday 10/8/09 12:50 called ahs spoke to lakita. more b. s. ahs contractor assistance is getting with ushac. they were authorized to replace condenser. now ushac wants to just replace compressor??!? ahs said they would not put a compressor in a 30 year old unit.

Thursday 10/8/09 3:10 called ushac nicole out of office checking on an order should be back in 30 min.

Thursday 10/8/09 3:45 called ushac spoke to nicole said manager is getting order together. they will call back later today to schedule. still couldn't say what was going to be done. sounds like a line of crap since"order was being put together and she couldn't tell me what was going to be done!!?

Thursday 10/8/09 4:00 called ahs spoke to daniel. I again told them about the florida law and code n1100.0.2 which states that matched systems are required and may be verified by ahri data, accredited lab, manufacturer’s letter, or letter from p. e. state of florida

Friday 10/9/09 (2 weeks since technician was here and another week of temps in the 90's with humidity to match) 11:35 call from ahs (mike?) said that both indoor and outdoor units were ok'd for replacement but there were $760.00 in non covered addition to the pad, straps and disposal for the condenser as listed 10/2/09 there were plenum modifications to "make the new inside unit work with my existing ducts", "duct work", (sounds like a double dip there to me and b. s.! ahs does cover these when needed to maintain compliant as per section e of their covered items!), and permit cost. ok 1 thing that is not covered and I don't have a problem with. funny how a permit was never mentioned before. think one would have ever been pulled?

Monday 10/12/09 11:00 called ushac nicole not available, she was on phone and had 2 more on hold waiting. left message to have nicole call me.

Monday 10/12/09 3:45 called ushac again nicole not available. person (not sure her name) said parts were ordered 10/7 but didn't know if parts were there or not or when they would be. left message again to have nicole call me.

Monday10/12/09 5:20 nicole called and left me message saying that half the parts were there and she was waiting for the other half.

Wednesday 10/14/09 4:00ish nicole called and said all the parts were there and they could do install tomorrow! great! but I work for a living and had appointments that could not be moved. I moved an appointment on friday and we set up the install to be done on friday at 10:00.

Friday 10/16/09 install day!!! looking forward to having a cool house for a change! early meeting done, drop off items to customer done, appointment done. let’s get some a/c now! as I am rushing to get home, 9:50 phone rings, I know this number it's ushac I bet they will tell me that they will be at my house in a few minutes! woo hooo! wrong!! nicole from ushac "we won't be able to do your install today. one of our installers called in sick and it is raining outside." you are kidding right? it's not raining here! I cleared my day today for this! "we can put you down for monday" no! I can't! I moved appointments from today to monday! this is a joke right? it's not raining here! looks a little cloudy but not bad out. this is b. s.! "i'll see what I can do. let me call you back."

Friday 10/16/09 10:20 nicole called. "we can be at your house in about an hour"
about 11:30 the installers arrive and get to work. everything going fine. almost done and one guy gives me paperwork to fill out and collect the money for non covered items of $760 which were to be itemized and were not. also I see it says "change out 2 ton split system" woah! I had a 2.5 ton system!!! I double checked numbers and sure enough I had a 2.5 ton and the new condenser was a 2 ton! son of a b*!!! call ushac got nicole and ask about the charges then said we have a bigger problem. the unit you put in is a 2 ton, what you took out was a 2.5 ton. she responds "according to the numbers on your old unit it was a 2 ton" stop! no it wasn't! I know the numbers and it was a 2.5 ton! she transfers me to norm (the manager?). we get the 2 ton 2.5 ton mix up handled. "ahs sent the wrong one but i'll authorize the installers to get you up and running with this unit so you can have cool air and expedite the correct condenser order" ok now what are all the "non covered" charges? well we have a new hanger kit. a what? the kit that mounts the inside unit. um no they used the one that was there! (I am looking at in the attic) now he is on the phone with the installer that's outside and I hear him say nope we were able to use the old one. ok that’s $150 off next, pad and hurricane tie downs. nope nice try I supplied them! that's another $300 off what else? disposal, I am going to dispose the old components myself. I will take to recycler. back and forth about how he can’t leave it because it has refrigerant in it blab blab b. s. it doesn’t have refrigerant in it the system is open! by the time that was all done I only owed them for the permit charge of $130.00. that is the only thing that was not covered by ahs.

Tuesday 10/20/09 ushac came out and changed out 2 ton condenser with proper 2.5 ton condenser. I asked the technician to check the heat as it seemed to not be heating that well, not like the old unit. he did a quick check and determined that the heat was coming on and it was working. I knew it was coming on but it wasn’t blowing that warm. well ok. at least I have a/c but it doesn’t seem right.

Sunday 11/1/09 while disassembling the old components to take to the recycler I discovered why the heat wasn’t working that well. I knew that the new heat strip was a 5kw strip. I wasn’t sure what was in it before. I thought it was a 5 kw but nope! it was a 10kw! that explains why it wasn’t blowing that warm!

Wednesday 11/4/09 so here we go again call ahs on wednesday and they dispatch to ushac. ushac called to confirm the request and they said they could come and install the 10 kw strip tomorrow if they had in stock. they would call back. it’s now 5:05 on wednesday and no call back. I wonder how long this is going to take to get this replaced now!

Saturday 11/7/09 9:30pm well no follow up or any other calls from ushac. I did get an automated call from ahs inquiring about my recent service request. typical ahs automated bs where you have to listen to the entire line of crap before putting in a number. I didn’t have time for that crap and hung up after trying to speak to a rep but just was sent to the beginning of the recorded message! also nobody has been by from ushac as the installer said they would to do their “final inspection” before the county came and did their inspection to close the permit.

  • Br
    Brenda Drake Dec 16, 2013

    I canceled my contract with AHS last month OCT 2013. I received a check back for the incorrect amount. I returned the check with a letter to the billing department in Tennessee, the address listed on the check and I have not received the check with the correct amount owed my.

    My Name is Brenda S. Drake 409 795-0158, please contact me.

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repairs still needed

Don't buy the warranty. I have an oven that needs repair for nine months and the customer service rep just sends people out to repair the oven. It works for a day, then dies. I have refused to pay anymore "service fees" (what a ripoff). Instead of simply replacing the oven, they just send someone else out to work on the oven then it still doesn't work. You would think that these brainless people would figure out that the money they have spent on repair people, they could have bought a new stove/oven and saved money.

rip off

American Home Provided the home warranty on my home I purchased 06/23/09. It is suppose to cover all major...

scheduling service

I expect more from my warranty service company in terms of scheduling service requests and follow up of same...

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unable to cancel the policy

I've been with American Home Shield (AHS) for over two years for both of my houses. I'm selling one house, so...

previous complaints..

Dear group, Looks like it pays to do your homework! I was told by a co worker about this organization. He...

terrible program

I had signed up for the home shield insurance, hoping to get honest and reliable service for my condo. However, both times when I asked for plumbing service via American Home Shield (AHS), the experiences were terrible. First time, the company Rescue Rooter came after the time window they promised, and being late to my work, I could not wait any longer. The company charged me a service call fee. AHS instead of helping me, forced me to pay their service call although I did not even see the service person. In the second time, when I asked for another plumbing service, AHS set me up with a company called Roman Sharf. I had never heard of this company so I asked for the review. AHS said there is no review, and this is the one and only one company they could send my service request to. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and the supervisor Heist said, “It is the AHS, not the customer, has the right to select the company for the service request the customer orders”. What kind of service is that? <br />
In addition, they say “We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, should you have a breakdown of your covered system or appliance.” Be ware, if you need service on a weekend for your home, they will tell you they can only guarantee the service company (which they select exclusively) to call you and set up an appointment on Monday.

  • Te
    Tex the Texan Aug 31, 2009

    and what part of your CONTRACT with AHS does not inform you of this?

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  • Em
    emaryedmonds Sep 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Right now I am dealing with a problem from one their contractors, Malogone Plumbing. My first service from them was great and the plumbers doing the work were good. However, the last time they were here, they did work that was covered by AHS and some that was not in the amount of $850.00. I did not realize until they were on the road that they had accidentally made a hole in the ceiling below the bathroom where they had been doing the work. I called right away and was told that AHS would cover the expense of repair since it was an "access hole" except that it wasn't an access hole. The ceiling below cracked from all the hammering they did above (it's over my dining room table). The plumbing people won't take care of it nor will AHS. Sandy, from AHS said that my only recourse is to sue the contractor. I really don't want to do that. But I just don't know what to do anymore. This was on May 28, 09. I just want someone to take care of this instead of foisting it back to me, the customer.

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unauthorized charges

They have 3 call centers probably paying teenagers $8.50 per hour so you never talk to the same person twice. You are constantly placed on hold and after 5 days of run around are told they do not cover that and that it will be and additional $600 to have it fixed. You're better off hiring your own reliable repair services. I wish I had checked them out here first.

  • Te
    Tex the Texan Aug 31, 2009

    "additional $600 to have it fixed" I seriously doubt it. How about the $600 was for being cleaned or non-covered charges for a new replacement that would have cost you thousands of dollars?

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incompetent contractors

This summer I called AHS to place a services call for A/C repair. The unit was leaking. This is the cover letter sent to Mr. Crawford, head of AHS. I had sent pictures and a 13 page detailed report of how 3 contractors could not diagnose the leaking drain pan and how after 4 weeks and 100 degree temps needed to find my own contractor. AHS would not reimburse me the $425 for the repair.

The lack of customer service afforded to me by their reimbursement department and a declined response letter was very disappointing. They pay mostly substandard contractors a fixed rate and when the repair is more than the fixed rate these subs do the very least or nothing at all. i suggest all readers to find another company.

Dear Mr. Crawford:

Following this letter is another correspondence I sent to your AHS Reimbursement request department a few weeks ago. I received a call from the Reimbursement call center on 6/9. I have to say the scripted response and lack of customer mediation to the request could only point to absolute focus on bottom line numbers and mirrors the many negative postings on various Internet sites.

As you read the below, I can not believe 4 weeks of time and 3 A/C vendors could not diagnose a problem and correct a condensation tray leak issue. In Phoenix, where it is 100 degrees, A/C repair is vital, especially in a rental unit. I had no choice; even after a second call escalation, to hire my own company for resolution. All indications point to the prior 3 A/C contractors being able to correct the issue. These contractors most likely evaluated the flat rate they would receive as less than the cost of the repair. That should not be my issue as I have been a customer for many years.

I am contacting you to escalate resolution of the documented complaint and as such am requesting your approval for reimbursement of the following:

1. Reimbursement of $425 and,
2. The waiving of two of the service fees for these three vendors. One contractor, [name withheld] found that the unit needed Freon and that was addressed, however the original leak problem still persisted.

  • Te
    Tex the Texan Aug 31, 2009

    Sounds like your issue was a MAINTENANCE issue. You never disclosed if your Evaporator Pan leaking water was just dirty or was broken(rusted or cracked). Most of the time the problem you described is caused by a dirty evap coil pan, which is due to LACK of Proper Maintenance from one of those "better" contractors.

    By the way $425 is outrageous for cleaning a evap coil pan, if that was the problem.

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  • Un
    unsubscribeme Apr 13, 2010

    Sounds like you demanded, per your tone, a 2nd opinion when the 1st and 2nd companies did not do as you wanted them to do. You would have only paid 1 service fee if AHS offered it to you because you disagreed with the 1st company.
    With that being said, I would dismiss the rest of your claim as well.

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ahs is a bunch of cheats and liars

American home shield is a bunch of cheats and liars. Last year, my heat pump broke and AHS charged me $300 to fix it. They did a poor job and the unit broke less than a week later. They came out again and charged me another $575 and the unit broke again a few months after that. When I called the last time, I was able to get the to replace the rest of the unit at no cost to me and I finally have a completely new unit (which they were told to do the first time). Here are some suggestions on how to deal with them if you are forced to do so in the future:

1. Don't deal with them at all. If you can avoid their warranties, do so. If you have one, cancel it in the first 30 days and get a full refund. Also, be aware that they have several DBA names including Prestige Home Warranty and Service Home Guard (check the Better Business Bureau website for full information).

2. If you must call their system to request service, don't waste time entering information about your contract number or phone number or telling it what's wrong as it will NOT speed anything up. Tell the system to "get me a [censored]ing person". This will bypass much of their automated system and get you to a CS rep. WHile I don't like using abusive language with anyone, it seems to work well on their system.

3. When you do get a representative, they will ask for your name and contract number, etc... Before your give them any information, ask for THEIR last name as well and make a note of who you talked to and when you called. AHS employees are NOT required to provide their last names, but if you ask them, some of them will. If they respond, "We don't give out last names", accuse them of lying to you. Although they are not required to provide you with their last name, it is a lie to say that they do not give them out (it is more correct to state that they do not wish to provide their last name". If they still insist that they do not provide last names, then ask why some of their other employees have given out names. Furthermore, if they still refuse to provide a last name, tell them you refuse to identify to them if they will not give you their name and ask for their supervisor.

4. If you get a supervisor, again, ask for their last name. If they refuse, continue asking for supervisors until they say that there is no one else that they can transfer you to. Even if you can't get a last name, at this point, you have to go ahead and schedule a service request. If the request is a repeat request for something that they fixed before, request that they waive the trade service fee. If you have a supervisor on the line, they generally will waive the fee if you ask them to.

5. When scheduling the request, do not hesitate to be rude to them and use abusive language. Again, while I do not like to be rude to anyone or use bad language, it seems that this will get things done. When I was nice and polite to them, they dragged out a repair that should have taken 1-2 weeks to 6 weeks. When I started being rude to them, they acted much faster and had the unit repaired within a week.

6. If they tell you it may be a few days, call them back multiple times (preferable in the same day if possible) and complain that their conduct is unacceptable. Again, do not hesitate to be rude or to swear at them. They will ask you to "please refrain from using that language". Just apologize and say that you are sorry, but when you were nice, they dragged things out and when you started getting rude, things got done.

7. When the repair is completed, go to the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint asking for your trade service fee back (if it was not waived) and they will usually refund it as they "guarantee" your satisfaction and they will work with you until you are satisfied or they will refund the trade service fee. Do NOT use abusive language in your BBB complaint as the BBB reserves the right not to process complaints containing abusive language. If you had "non-covered" charges in your repair, ask for those to be refunded as well when you file your complaint with the BBB. Very often, AHS will refund them to you since it gets them off the hook with lawsuits. (If you accept a payment from them for this, you give up your right to sue them in the future and paying you for non-covered charges is often cheaper than dealing with lawsuits). AHS will ALWAYS respond to BBB complaints as they wish to keep their A+ rating. (They have a good rating with the BBB because they always respond to complaints, not because they are a good company). As long as you ask for a refund in your desired resolution with the BBB, the BBB will act as a mediator between you and AHS. Lastly, regardless of whether or not AHS refunds you money based on your BBB complaint, DO NOT RESOLVE THE COMPLAINT. The BBB will state that AHS has made "reasonable efforts" to address your complaint and will close it administratively, but it will not show up as resolved. If enough complaints start showing up as unresolved, people may realize that AHS is not a decent company and they may take their business elsewhere.

8. Lastly, if possible avoid doing business with other ServiceMaster (AHS's parent) companies as this may tell them that they need to improve. Other ServiceMaster companies include Amerispec (which will give your information to other companies if you use them), MerryMaids, Furniture Medic, Terminix, and Tru-Green.

Hopefully, this information that I have provided here will be of use to people. If you have questions about what I have written, please email me at [protected] (I can't promise a response, but I will try to respond to everyone that emails me.)

  • Te
    Tex the Texan Aug 31, 2009

    I have a better idea than all of those suggestions::::::

    READ YOUR F_____ING AHS CONTRACT, if you do not agree with the TERMS of the CONTRACT then do not get one.

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fraudulant practices

This is my nightmare with america home shield Take them to court!!! You can do all the paperwork...

incompetence and consumer fraud

On April 30, 2009 the kitchen sink backed up. I called American Home Shield for service. They sent out Air...

does not back warranty of covered appliances

We purchased a home in which the sellers provided a Home Warranty through American Home Shield of Florida (AHS). We had a problem with our air conditioner and the warranty company (AHS) sent out an air conditioning specialist to investigate the problem. We also had other air conditioner specialists investigate the problem in the interim. The air conditoner specialist that AHS subcontracted was from the company "Air Doctor." The technician from Air Doctor reported that the unit was 40% clogged with mold but the freon was "okay." The fact that mold was present and abundant was a great concern to me due to the fact that my wife is disabled. AHS stated nothing was covered. As I stated, other air conditioner specialists were out to assess the air conditioner and every one of the four companies said the AC unit was not working and needed to be replaced. We called Air Doctor back for a second opinion and a different service technician came out and told me in person the unit was not working properly and because of it not cycling, mold has accumulated. He told me he was going to send this report/recommendation to American Home Shield saying the unit needs to be replaced. We were contacted by an AHS representative who said again, "nothing is covered under warranty." I told the representative that the technician from Air Doctor (their contracted air conditioner specialist) told me that he was going to put in for a new unit. The representative said that this was only a recommendation and it was determined that they were not going to cover this air conditioner due to the mold issue and that the mold was what caused the unit to stop working. This was clearly the opposite of what the gentleman from Air Doctor told me. I asked the representative from AHS "...who is liable if my wifes health is compromised?" and the representative said that is not their problem. I would like to take further action against this company. Thank you, Dr. Daniel Strauss

scam and cheating

I received information in the mail today about a lawsuit against AHS... they are requesting people who had...

bad service, devious practices

I called American Home Shield (home warranty) about a plumbing leak. I called and explained to the CS rep...


Last week I called American Home Shield because of a plumbing stoppage. A plumber was sent out and hi...


The service you receive is not necessary what you pay for.
I had a leak in a pipe which was easily visible to a child. They (AHS) had sent out Resuce Rooter who agreed there was a leak/hole in the pipe. I had a friend (who knows of these things) there to talk with them, show them, etc. Anyway, I was told by my friend the most it should cost me is $250 -$300. So I was expecting a reasonable quote. I had to leave the house for a minute and got a phone call from AHS who said Rescue Rooter said some equipment was installed backwards and had caused the pipe to rust. Now they did not mention this to me while I was there or my friend (engineer) was there. They were on their way to get the parts but when I get to my destination 20 minutes away I get the phone call from AHS that something was installed backward and the warranty does not include the leaks in that case and that the pipe (not over ten feet long) was rusted all the way through and for a cost of $962.00 they could fix all. Well, I was forturnate and blessed with a good friend who got the parts for approximately $30.00 and fixed it in less than two hours. We cleaned off the mud (which looked like rust) from the pipe and checked for rust. I was blessed with good friends who knew what was happening. Please beware of AHS/Rescue Rooter.

  • An
    anonymous Jun 03, 2009

    I worked for AHS for several years and I sympathize with you. There are many good people that work there that would have questioned Rescue Rooter more because that diagnosis sounds like a bunch of bull. Unfortunately Rescue Rooter is their sister company so they're stuck working with them and Servicemaster doesn't seem to care that Rescue Rooter/ARS is horrible and there are some not-so-smart people working at AHS. I don't know why I still feel responsible for some of the things that happen there but it's hard to completely lose that loyalty, I guess.

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  • Pr
    Prometheus Von douchbag Jul 18, 2010

    [censor]. AHS and RR are Owned By ServiceMaster.
    They have been Ripping off the Poor People for years

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fraud and scam

My mother had things go wrong with her air cond as well as her air handler upstairs. To sum it all up they don't fix anything, charge the service charge rig it then send someone out the next month to rig it again. They have enough small print in there contract to cover absolutely NOTHING. Our experience with them and the customer service was absolutely horrible. If you are thinking of using them find someone else's or believe me you will be better off paying out of pocket when something breaks. My mom paid them for 8 years 500$ a year for ABSOLUTELY nothing to be fixed when needed. They feen on elderly and people wanting the piece of mind thinking they have ins in case of a major break down. My friend works for a major electrical co and his company will not even deal with them being so crooked. They find co. that are desperate that just want that 60$ service charge to lie and move on to the next customer. IT IS SICK!!!

  • Ki
    Kim Jan 28, 2009

    I have filed report with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and my local department of Consumer Affairs on AHS. This company is committing consumer fraud.

    My hot water heater and furnace are both 16 years old. Recently they both went on the blink. AHS sent a technician to look at the furnace. He 'fixed' the auxiliary limit and told me my furance was in its 'senior year.' A few days later it is 18 degrees outside and my heat still was not working. AHS sends the technician back and he then says my evaporator coil is dirty and that is a maintenance issue. AHS refused service. I had an independent, well respected, accredited BBB company come out and look at my furnace. They said I need a new furnace.

    I called AHS and they said they would send someone for a second opinion. I had to call back twice to see what happened. The first time, they said they canceled the request, and the second time they said the company didn't get my fax. Stall tactics, because they did not expect me to get a second outside opinion. Christmas is tomorrow. This company that is so 'caring' doesn't give a hoot about denying me heat. AHS says if the technician finds that it is a maintenance issue again, I have to pay another service fee. Over my dead body. I am not giving them a dime, and if they try to take it from my bank account they will be in big trouble.

    With regard to my hot water heater, I contacted AOSmith the company that makes the heater. They said the life span of my heater is 7-13 years. At 16 mine has done its job. Why would I be maintaining something beyond its service life?

    AHS hires low grade service companies. Their MO is to say it is a maintenance issue, and even if your item has been maintained, they say your service company was incompetent or did the work wrong. Anything to get out of replacing the item.

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  • To
    TOM Apr 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    AHS does not CARE about customer Service!!
    I have been with them for over 11 years and I have learned - throught experience - a lot of how they operate.

    As I just said -THEY DON'T CARE!!

    Not only do they NOT want to replace anythiong - when they repair something - guess where the vendor gets the parts that they need for the repair??
    AHS supplies the vendor with the part!! I have had the dish washer repairman out three times. The first time they vendor did not know anything about repairing a dishwaqsher!! So, I had to get another vendor - at my expense. AHS's policy is to give the 'rotten' vendor another chance to screw it up again. That is a very, very poor policy and not 'customer friendly'.

    The vendors that they choose -= for you - are not trustworth!! They hire them because they are cheap.
    AND, you have NO say-so with them. Because if they rule in your favor AHS will terminate the contract with them! ANOTHER GREAT SERVICE POLICY.

    I had three different policies with AHS. I have already cancelled two of them. My last on expires this month - and they are out of here!

    I don't know how they stay in business. But, I applaud all of you that take the time to file a complaint with the FTC or the BBB. That's what you have to do - take them to court. AND, good luck!

    And, don't worry about them reading any of these comments - they won't!!

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  • De
    Denver Williams Aug 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i signed up with ahs in may 2011 . I have had 9 service calls since then and finally convinced them to replace my air conditioning unit. They replaced it with a much cheaper unit and it has stopped cooling already in 5days. they have been out here almost every wk and nothing has been resolved.
    I have put in a request 5 times today and noone has called yet.Thhe hold time is 1 1/2-2hrs long to speak to a service rep.
    I would never recommend them to anyone.

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  • Ma
    Marc Bochner Dec 15, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It seems their business model is to collect premiums and then deny coverage. Ive had so many of their contractors come out, make false claims about the repair so that AHS denies the coverage. Then after denied the contractor puts in an obscenely high bid for the repair on their own. AHS has an appeals process, but it too seems to be a farce as they have you jump through hoops and then never respond to the appeal.

    Lately as bad as customer service was, it got way worse, now plan on sitting on hold for between 60 and 90 minutes to get one of their terrible agents on the phone. As I sit here writing this I was on hold for 78 minutes on hold about them denying yet another repair and then placed back into the on hold cue by a supervisor after finding out they are charging me the service fee even though the work was never done.

    Ive been with AHS for 10 years now... so why havent I left this horrible company yet? well because they are the only ones who cover multiple units and sometimes they actually do the repairs. Today was the last straw, Im back on hold waiting to cancel my account.

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awful company

American Home Shield is a disgraceful company. My microwave/hood broke and I waited 3 weeks, having to make numerous calls to even get someone out to look at the thing. The technician said that it looked like there may have been a power surge, he wasn't sure but could be, maybe. He also said that since it was from 1991 it is a wonder it was still working at all, so could have also just broke due to age, not power surge. I paid him the $60 "service" fee. I then get a call the next day denying my claim because they did not cover power surges. I said I wanted to dispute the denial of the claim and the "customer service" woman on the line said that is fine, they could send someone back out, but if they found the same thing I would have to pay ANOTHER $60 service fee! I then asked to speak to a manager and the "Manager" gave no better service and said the same. I said you mean to tell me I have paid $40+ dollars every month for the last 4-5 years, a $60 service fee, I had to make numerous calls just to get someone out, the tech could not even say for sure that the reason it broke was due to a power surge but you are going to deny the claim? Yeah that is what she was saying, so now I am looking for a new home warranty company until I can get more money into savings and fire them all.

  • Ri
    Rita Jan 21, 2009

    I bought my first place three months ago. Pretty much all of the major appliances were new with the exception of the furnace (18 years old). I tried to get the seller to replace, but they refused, so we compromised with a 1 year homeowners warranty.

    Luckily or unluckily last Tuesday I came home to a 40 degree home. The furnace had blown. Everything I read in AHS's warranty said they would service within normal business hours - I was worried I would not get my heat turned on that night, so I called the company that the seller had used to service the unit prior to me moving in. He came that evening and told me I needed a new furnace, which would cost $2400. He reset my furnace, and said that would give me heat temporarily, but it was only a matter of time before it stopped working again. (It shut-off within the hour).

    I then called AHS, they said I should have called them first and they needed one of their vendors to come look at it. The next day was Christmas Eve - so I set up the appointment for Friday (3 days later). Their vendor showed up, did the same thing the initial company had done (reset the furnace), and said the internal temperature was 20 degrees to high and that's what was causing the problem. Well, surprise, surprise, the furnace stopped working again shortly after he left.

    I was given a 30 day warranty on his work, so the same guy came back the next day. He looked at my furnace for 30 mins. before telling me that now he thought the problem was that all of the units in my building were sharing the same chimney - and it wasn't big enough and that was causing a backdraft.

    First of all, why hasn't that been an issue for 18 years? Second of all, I live on the first floor, warm air rises, wouldn't that create the biggest problem for the top floor unit? He said he couldn't verify if that in fact was the cause, so he would need a service manager with more experience to come out and verify.

    This was Saturday afternoon, his service manager couldn't come out until Monday afternoon. (Keep in mind I still don't have heat in December in Chicago). I made the service tech stay with me while I called AHS customer service and had them attempt to explain to me why it was acceptable to go 48 more hours without heat and even the potential for a proper diagnosis. They gave me the run around about the vendor needing to report it to authorization before anyone could move forward. Finally, I let the service guy go.

    Immediately after he left I returned a call I had from the previous day (800.469.0892) where AHS had asked me to answer a satisfaction survey for my service call. I spoke with someone else who I notified that I was extremely dissatisfied with their service thus far. A. I already had a technician tell me I needed a new furnace. B. They were making me wait 48 more hours before they would diagnose, etc. etc. I asked if I could be transferred to a different vendor since I was clearly making no progress with the current one. Ultimately she asked to put me on hold while she spoke with her manager. Her manager agreed to allow my service request to be transferred to a new vendor, that would come see me that night!

    He arrived, and after less than 5 mins. said 'well the good news is you're getting a new furnace'. But he told me not to get too excited b/c it still needed to be authorized from AHS. His boss came out the next morning, confirmed what the other guy had found, and said he would do his best to get AHS to authorize.

    Luckily I got a call later that day that authorized replacing my furnace. the owner of the heating company said he was surprised it was authorized so quickly. I told him I had been very persistent with AHS on my side. And he said sometimes it helps to have people coming at them from both sides. As of right now it is supposed to be installed tomorrow morning. I will let you know how that goes.

    Honestly, I trust AHS 0% - Given all I have read I think it was a case of me getting lucky, persistence, the squeaky wheel getting the grease, and the fact that I already had a second opinion saying I needed a new furnace.

    I'm sure the furnace AHS will give me tomorrow is a piece of crap, but it will be better than no heat, and hopefully last me a few years. My advice to anyone out there that is already stuck with an AHS warranty is get all of your transactions in writing, call AHS frequently, I've probably called them 15 times since this started, and if your claim is ultimately denied contact a lawyer.

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  • Sa
    Sandra Lee Finney Feb 23, 2009

    I totally agree with a scam from this company. I dealt with them also back in 2004. My husband and I had just purchased a house and the hot water tank blew up like a pressure cooker. He was over in the desert serving in the military at the time and AHS along with the plumber was refusing to cover the hot water tank under warranty. Needless to say it also took at least 5 days for them to fix the claim. I complained like a banshee and called the mortgage broker I purchased the house from. They ended up replacing the tank but was not happy about it.

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