American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]air conditioning

C Jul 15, 2019

Please!! I deplore you to respond to me. We have been trying to resolve an air conditioning issue for three weeks now. No one responds to our emails and calls. I was told by the last customer service person that they are not allowed to respond to us and that I must go to richetta adams. We have sent numerous emails to her and she still won't help. After three weeks, three contractors we are still back to square one - waiting for ahs to approve the repair. What they have approved is for the two unqualified repair technicians to add 5 pounds and then 10 pounds of freon at our expense because "per our policy, ahs doensn't cover freon". Why would we pay over $1500 in two weeks to replace freon that keeps leaking at such an alarming rate! Isn't that dangerous?? The one qualified technician provided a repair plan but since that would cost ahs, they won't approve. Please!! We need someone with authority at ahs to respond and help.

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