American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]air conditioning

C Aug 14, 2018

To whom this may concern. My Name Carlos E Rodriguez and my Contract Number is [protected]. I'm submitting all work orders starting with the first order 7/30/2018 W/O [protected], 08/08/18 W/O [protected], 08/13/2018 W/O [protected] and 08/13/2018 W/O [protected]. As today my Air Conditioner is not working for a couple of weeks. I have done everything as humanly possible in notifing you as to situation only to fall on death hear. What I'm getting is excuses here a couple for you. The company you been assigned no longer cover your area. We need a preauthorization to conduct a leakage test that request should be taken care of already since the visit was last week and the best one we are trying to locate a repair company that been about two days. And on and on the excuse keep piling on my regarding my issues. nothing as been done to repair a Frozen Condenser Coils located inside the home. Request that a Company with the Expertly to handle Feon leakages and can repair or replace the inside condenser coil unit. Simply put why continue to add feon only to find that there a leak in system and at cost of up $100.00 per pound of 410A Feon which may add up several hundred of dollars to add to system only to find you have a leak in system. This is not a cost effective method of checking to see you have a leakage in the system. Request you assigned a company which can handle this type of service. Please understand that I'm disabled military veteran which requires temperature control environment. Thank you in advance Carlos Rodriguez Phone [protected] and Email is [protected]

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